Answers Long Misunderstood

The Banning of Cassandra = Destruction

Three thousand years ago on the sunny shore of the Eastern Mediterranean, along the Aegean Sea, lived a priestess named Cassandra, a young “Paul Revere” who was telling the people of Troy that:


The Greeks are coming and the Wooden Horse they left is a trick to allow them to breach our impenetrable walls.”


The Greek Army was using a tactic against the Trojan people that was a hallmark of Middle Eastern thought: The concept of misleading ones Enemies and the Common Folk through misrepresentation, or what is now known as camouflaging one’s real intentions.


Consider this quote from Agamemnon by Aeschylus, line 1203,

“Already I prophesied to my countrymen all their

disasters… Ever since that fault I could persuade no on.”


Sadly, even though Cassandra had been given a great Gift, the uncanny ability to unravel deception, with that Gift came a Cruel Curse. The curse that no one ever believed her, because of that disbelief, the citizens of Troy were deceived into believing a lie, a lie that would cost them their City. Consequently, as the Orators of Troy (also known as Gatekeepers) brought through the gates of Troy the large Wooden Horse, our Visionary, poor little Cassandra was being ridiculed to shame, and told:


Shut up and go home Cassandra or something ‘Bad’ might happen to you”


“BAD” did happen to Cassandra: rape,

and being hacked to death.



Today if our moderators of the internet (Gatekeepers) see someone like Cassandra who was so far out of touch with those leaders’ concept of Truth: The diagnosis would be, “She is just part of a Lunatic Fringe Religious Organization.” Our modern moderators of the internet, therefore, would feel justified in BANNING our poor little Cassandra and her “Statements of Truth” in a similar situation.

So why bother?  Because to know that there is a FIRE in the THEATER and then  just silently walking away is as bad as setting the FIRE


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