Answers Long Misunderstood

Alternative Energy Solutions, from the Past

The problem is most of the common folk seemed to miss the point of alternative energy, which should be to construct a self-sufficient (off the Grid), New product production plants that are powered by the sun, wind, water or a combination of all of three.

It would seem that the rhetoric of the Energy Producers has tainted the public’s prospective the future of energy production. The Energy Producers want the public to chase their “Rabbit”, the need to place alternative energy production near the “Grid.” So they, the Energy Producers can distribute the power.   That is very inefficient; we currently have an electrical system that will be over loaded if we try to run all future industries on that Grid, and the cost to upgrade that system is out of the realm of possibility. So don’t. The USA can create NEW self-sufficient industries off the Grid and allow the old Grid system to maintain the rest of America’s needs. In this way eliminate the expense of building a new distribution system controlled by the Energy Producers.

Here are some simple off the “Grid” examples.

1.      Recycling metals into new products with a wall type heliostat/ mirrored solar furnace.

2.      Manufacturing facilities, which now use “AIR” Powered Tools, can convert to heliostat/ steam or wind powered air compressors.

3.      Bakeries

4.      Ice factories

5.      Food processing plants

6.      Clothes lines (which are out lawed by most home owners associations) 

The list goes on and on; the power is in Nevada, we need to use it; not inefficiently plug our power into the Grid for the Energy Producers to make the profit. The funny thing is these same simple solutions are thousands of years old. Solutions used in a different desert of northern Africa, a country then known by the Semitic name Metz-r-yim now called Egypt.

Here are a few of alternative systems disclosed in my book, Locked Gates.



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