Answers Long Misunderstood

NASA uses Golden Mirrors of Egypt’s Shamans



Have you ever noticed all the Golden Mirrors in Egyptian Art?


NASA did! The reason being that Gold is the best reflector of light, therefore they make the best mirrors.

Egyptologists have seen these golden mirrors for centuries and have misunderstood that they were powerful tools,  and have relegating that technology  into religious symbols, rather than the world-changing technology that they were. Most people today think of mirrors as vanity tools, so we can shave or put on make-up, never making the connection to the power that those simple mirrors can provide. H. G Wells in his War of the Worlds understood the power of mirrors, the Martians used mirrors to direct their Death Ray and the British forces used Heliographs (blinks of sunshine from mirrors) to direct artillery fire. Mirrors, however, today are being uses today as time travel devices, called telescopes and clean energy system called heliostats.

Egyptologists have become complacent and no longer search for the true meaning of the power given by those Golden mirrors. However, the Locked Gates by Howard West unlocks those secrets.


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