Answers Long Misunderstood

Title Index

GOD and the Great Pyramid

New Videos for Book Locked Gates By Howard West

Philip Keller of “Strange but True” interviews Howard West

 on The Great Pyramids


Albert Einstein asked. “Does GOD play dice?”

 Yes Al




History, Riddles, Silk Worms and Mummies


NASA uses Golden Mirrors of Egypt’s Shamans


Alternative Energy Solutions, from the Past


Obama’s Riddle, A good pit stop is an Asteroid


Comment on “History of Information”, NPR interview

 with James-Gleick


Wisdom Hidden in Balls of Thread


The 27th of Sivan AKA June 30


Thursday June 30 the symbol for Constantinople, that was

 appropriated by Islam was in the sky.


Break the Law of Thermo-Dynamics


for Nothing?  



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