Answers Long Misunderstood

Authors on The search for GOD

There have been countless books written about the search for GOD, the below you will find a list of some of the current authors. However, I think you would enjoy what Howard West has to say on the search for GOD; you will get a taste by watching these videos for the E-Book, Locked Gates and after that you may consider buying the inexpensive E-book, Locked Gates by Howard West.



Bernard Haisch,

 The Purpose-Guided Universe: Believing In Einstein, Darwin, and God



J. Marvin Herndon,

 Maverick’s Earth and Universe


Michio Kaku,

 Physics of the Future


Stephan Martin,

 Cosmic Conversations


Dr. Michael Shermer,

 How We Believe: Science, Skepticism, and the Search for God


Roger Nelson,

Director of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP),


Roy Varghese,

 The Wonder of the World: A Journey from Modern Science to the Mind of God



Scott Wolter,

 The Kensington Rune Stone


Bernard Haisch, J. Marvin Herndon, Michio Kaku, Stephan Martin, Dr. Michael Shermer, Roger Nelson, Roy Varghese, Scott Wolter, Einstein, Darwin, God, Earth and Universe, Physics of the Future, Cosmic Conversations, Skepticism, Search for God, Global Consciousness Project (GCP), Mind of God, Rune Stone


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