Answers Long Misunderstood

Quicksilver Key Book Tour

Howard West

November 15, 2011

Every adventure has to start somewhere; this one begins at my tiny ranch called Pilgrim, 50 miles from the small village called Tonopah Nevada. My traveling companions are a little red covered wagon pulled by one large blue\white donkey named Blue Pegasus, who reminds me she did not hire on to this Dog and Donkey Show to stand still and Ezekiel the Austrian Shepard half of the Show.

The reason for this trip: Locked Gates book two of the Quicksilver Key series and a $4,000 BALLOON payment on the ranch due March 2012.

So to “Save the Ranch” and prove history repeats itself, my little band of intrepid pilgrims and I are going on a book tour. No need to “Saddle up” just go to and my page @LockedGates. There you will find links to my daily blog post both written and video.

Help me “Save the Ranch” and a few million people lives as History Repeats itself.  Oh yea! If you see me (I look like Santa) stop by and please tell your friends to follow my wintery wagon trek at @LockedGates. Remember, Crazy People have the most fun.

West a long time Tonopah, Nevada area resident has written for such magazines as Western Horseman, NEVADA, Golf Digest, 4 Wheeler, and Rock & Gem. On subjects as varied as Round Mountain Gold, Yucca Mountain, local sculptors  even on the Pickle Meadow Mountain Warfare Center. West has also published three  books his newest of the Quicksilver Key series Locked Gates, Quicksilver Key and The Last Grand Adventure, a six thousand mile travel log of West, Carol and their six loveable burros.

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2 responses

  1. JoAnn

    I seen you today East of Parker AZ. …. It is March now. I hope you were able to save the ranch.

    March 6, 2012 at 2:34 am

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