Answers Long Misunderstood

Longstreet Inn – Casino




Tonight Blue, Zeck and I are being hosted by Jim Marsh, Suzie and Monica at Jim’s hotel one half mile from the border of Nevada and California.  


An Oasis in the desert

The Hotel is named for the notorious BAD MAN, Jack Longstreet who plied his trade in the southern Great Basin. Jack kept his hair long over his ears to cover his badge of distinction of his early years of being a thief, cropped ears.  Jack had a ranch in the Death Valley area just over the Funeral Mountains, another just below Table Mountain in Little Fish Lake Valley and one just above my Pilgrim Ranch in the Kowitch Mountains.

Jack had a way of doing thing that modern folk would look askance, one afternoon after a long day of rounding up wild horses, Jack was ready to corral the horses at his ranch on the high mountain meadows of his ranch. However, the stud horse of the band had a different idea. Round and round the horse wranglers would go and just as the band would enter the gate the stud would cut the mares away from the gate. The men and their horse were becoming jaded. Jack said, “One more time boys”. The wranglers fought the horse band back to the coral, where Jack was covering the escape route of the horses, Longstreet pulled his long barreled revolver and as the stud broke to run, Jack dropped the stud dead in his tracks and the mares danced happily into Jack’s meadow.  Yes, Jack had a way of doing things.

Tomorrow Death Valley Jct.


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