Answers Long Misunderstood

Truth that is Outside Organized Religion and Atheism

“Truth is to be searched for as fine gold.” However, Pilate asked, What is truth?”  that query is  one of the Three Fundamental Questions that all thinking men and women have pondered. Some people think, that experience and memories of past experience being used as material for the processing of analyzing enabling  a pattern of  a permanent and unvarying  reference can be used as a yard stick to hold when judging concepts and theories ”.  In most cases that is a valid yard stick, however, if  a concept is outside the experience of the one judging, they will be held captive inside the Locked Gates of those experiences. They, therefore, are with out vision of what is beyond their experience.  Many other people reason, “Truth is common opinion grounded on hearsay and habit”: the problem with that form of judgment is if concept is outside the knowledge of ones peers or people that they are depend on for guidance, therefore, if they believe an  unreliable or out of date witness’ accounts as  fact: the judgment is made void and the person judgment is subject to other’s invalid opinions. The Nazis knew if youtell an untruth often enough with conviction, peculiarly if you put it in print, people will believe that lie and would  become a wide spread tradition held as truth.”


Enoch 68

enoch (2)

from Qumran Cave 7

He (Armers) taught men to understand writing, and the use of ink and paper. Therefore, numerous have been those who have gone astray from every period of the world, even to this day… But by this their knowledge they perish, and by this also its power consumes them.

Ockham (Occam)  believed that by: shaving an argument into its simplest terms is how to find the validity  of a statement”. A concept which is made invalid if the “Truth” is deliberately hidden with in a way to throw off those who are lazy and foolish along with the enemies of the presenter of that truth. Even so, the Wise knew perfectly well that those myths and legends from around the Eastern Mediterranean contained deeper meanings.  Aristotle his  admits, with regard to Greek mythology,

Meta-Physics, x. 8


“That much Wisdom had been lost, and much added after the mythical style, though the truth may have been preserved to our times as the remains of ancient wisdom.”.

The Book of Secrets.

Cave 4 Qumran

4Q300 F1 Col 2


I shall speak out freely, and I shall express my various sayings among you for those who would understand the dark hidden secrets and conundrums,, that they propose and those who would penetrate the origins of knowledge, along with those who hold fast to the wonderful mysteries. Hidden from those who walk in simplicity as well as those who are devious in every activity of the deeds of humanity Hidden from those with a stiff neck, a hard-headed, and all the mass of the fools who reject God.


Conundrums, are the customs of the fool who reject God and the inheritance of the wise that understand their meanings. Now what good is the conundrums to you, you who search for the origins of knowledge? Why is the heart honored, for it is the dominion and understanding of the conundrums? Why is it splendid to you, for it is the key to the mysteries? Why is a prince of conundrums made an adviser of the Ruler? A man without strength, and he dominates him the ruler with a whip that cost nothing.

TrojanHorse (2)

Deception to conceal the truth as in the Wooden Horse that the Greeks used was the “Common Trick” in Eastern Mediterranean Mythology. Within their stories were hidden answers to a great number of the most puzzling aspects of their History. Answers locked away, woven into their religions, myths, and legends. The Semitic people described this concept of dissimulation, as a “Khood 1” which implied a knot or a snarl of silk thread; or the word “chiydah2”: a conundrum. The complementary word was “mashah,3 h v m ” the unwinding of a silk worm cocoon. However, to manufacture a silk piece of cloth you must first have thread. Therefore, you must find the end of the silk worm’s last strand that he had spun around himself. Then carefully unravel that last strand as the cocoon sits floating in water. Then thousands of strands per-inch were used in the manufacture of silk cloth. A process that is far more time consuming than the production of felt cloth; where you smash short unsorted fibers together to produce, a cloth for the Common Folk. The genesis of this process of silk production dates back thousands of years ago to Egypt. Though the Art was lost in antiquity, nevertheless, traces of that production can be seen in the language of the Semitic people. One of the most famous of the Hebrew leaders was a man named, Moses 4  h v m and his name was derived from that same Hebrew root word as “mashah5 h v m ” and he too was drawn up from the water of the Nile in a Cocoon of Bulrushes.

silk cocoons

The title Messiah, h y v m or The  LORD  of Mashah or Zader Yiger Mantchih: “The Silken Man”,6  also comes from that same Semitic root word as “mashah” h v m, however,  the Yod  y is added: Messiah  h y v m therefore ending with the “Sacred Name” or LORD   y h Iah  7  

The synonym for this Semitic concept of the “Mashah” h v m in the ancient Greek secular world was derived from its root words of para,8be close to or run alongside” and bolo9to be thrown off or redirected.” There are many words that have those root words, and most of which still hold true to the basic meaning of the Greek as: parallel, paraboloid, and parabolic. Even so, for some strange reason the Religious Crowd change the meaning of parable to mean,An illustration given to make a concept clear for the Common folk. Though, the “Book” that they say confirms this concept says just the opposite  and refers to the concept of a conundrum :

Isaiah 13:13 10 

imanuel isaiah

From Qumran Cave One


The reason that I speak to them in parables 11( mashah h v m ) is that seeing they will not perceive; and hearing they will not understand.

Solomon said: in Proverbs 1:5-6 12

The Wise will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel; so he can understand parables13 ( mashah h v m ) and their interpretation of the words of the wise, And their (chiydah)14 Dark Sayings.

These Conundrums or chiydah were used as a system to keep the Storytellers secrets from their Enemies and the Common Folk. This system has worked well, almost too well. The answers to those Eastern Mediterranean cultures most baffling secrets, have been pasted on from one generation to the next generation camouflaged within the essence of these stories, unchanged, and locked in myths and legends of sex, violence, gods, goddesses and the super natural. The mashah was a premise of the unwinding of threads to guide us through the maze of ignorance to the light of wisdom is a concept that was taught in the Greek story of the hero of the virgins of Athens. Theseus went to the labyrinth of Minotaur  to take those young people’s place in darkness, and to do battle with that half-man-beast. Theseus knew he had no hope of escaping the darkness of the Labyrinth, even if he defeated Minotaur. Luckily? Theseus had an admirer, the King’s daughter Ariadne; this young woman gave Theseus the key to unlock the riddle of the Labyrinth: a simple ball of thread, thread that was able to lead Theseus out of the maze of darkness into the light of day.

1 A  AlchemistJpg

So why is this Wisdom so important that we must unwind these silk threads or conundrums? Because they contain answers hidden in “Dark Sayings” (chiydah) that are outside the knowledge of the most educated people of the 21th century. Alchemy is a case in point, the Alchemists, who had learned the trick of turning Base Metals silver, loved this Game of deception through camouflage. The key to Alchemists Magic was the element mercury also known as quicksilver. This liquid metal was known in Time’s Past as an “Anointing Oil.” The eternal question has been, “How do you turn a clean Base Metal coin, silver and then golden?” This is a well-known process that has been used in the refining of gold for thousands of years; yet, the truth of the Magic of Alchemy has eluded the Common Folk. All that is needed is a drop of quicksilver that was rubbed into the clean coin in so doing the mercury quickly spreads, turning the coin silver like in appearance. The mercury would then spread out on the coin like oil on water. The coin then has a thin silver mirror finish. If you scratch the coin the mercury instantly fills the scratch, so the coin seems to be solid silver, therefore, a copper penny would seem to be a silver dime. Here in the “States” our Government has learned the Alchemist trick: our coins have a copper core and a bright silvery, finish, though not with mercury. Sadly the Common Folk here in the States value those coins as if they were solid silver. Our government has learned the value of the Alchemist trick to debase our currency and the Common Folk have not.

To turn the Alchemist silver coin to a golden one is almost as simple, though the process does require a very tiny amount of microscopic gold. The Alchemist silver coin is suspended in water and a mixture with a yellow or red sulfur to hide the tiny flecks of microscopic gold. The coin in the slurry is then agitated. This allows the stickiest of the oily quicksilver to capture the microscopic flakes of gold, which turns the coin golden with a coating, a veneer so thin that the tiny amount of gold looks solid. The Alchemist’s silver and gold are the keys to understanding many of mysteries the Eastern Mediterranean cultures of the past.

The “Gatekeepers of knowledge” of today both atheist and the organized religious crowd  understands these Dark Sayings such as Alchemy as clearly as the people of Troy understood “The Secret“ contained in that Large Wooden Horse that their Gate Keepers brought through their gates into their city. A people that could describe the Horse’s outside in great detail and could give you a long list of Common people and of the Intellectual leaders of Troy that would describe the Wooden Horse in exactly the same way, EXCEPT THAT ACCURSED CASSANDRA: and what did she get for her truthful statements? First  she was ridiculed, then rape by Ajax and finally hacked to pieces by Clytemnestra,


Even though much Truth has been hidden outside the Locked Gates of mainstream academia, much of that lost knowledge is revealed in the E-book Locked Gates By Howard West


cover 4


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