Answers Long Misunderstood

Akhenaten Reputation Redeemed, Egypt proposes 1.8 GW Solar Energy Project.

Ancient Egyptians knew that the sun gave unlimited power. Modern Egyptians too will hopefully see solar as the way forward. Egypt is aiming to generate 20% of its energy from renewables by 2020. That translates to about 1.8GW of solar power in the framework. Saad Eddin tells local newspapers that he will be pushing solar energy in the Luxor region. Prime Minister Labib says that “there is a giant US$1 billion solar energy project in the energy pipeline.”

The pharaoh, Akhenaten knew that the sun gave unlimited power. However, his wisdom of solar power was hidden by the elite of ancient Egypt: which includes technologies, such as those found near Luxor, at the archeological site of an ancient technology promotional park known as “The city of the Horizon of Aten.”


Akhenaten’s City of the Horizon of Aten, contained a story of a tantalizing technology of ancient Egypt that was so Top-Secret that the priesthood of Amun of during the reign of the pharaoh Horemheb, dismantled that city piece by piece. Then those broken stones were shuffled and hidden within the Great Pylons of Karnack to conceal their prized technology: a stone riddle that could only be revealed by an earth quake and reassembled by modern computer wizardry. Orb of Aten, was a Low-Tech solar energy device that is only today becoming wide spread.

Akhenaten, showed Aten as a solar orb, a sun-globe with rays which end in tiny human hands holding golden mirrored ankhs. The Egyptians use sunshine and golden mirrors to create Low-Tech solar energy devices. However you may ask: “where is the Historical evidence?” All over Egypt, on its temple walls, its papyrus, its jewelry and especially Karnakh. Sadly, the process has been misinterpreted for centuries and hidden in the pharaoh, Horemheb’s pylon.


However, Henri, Chevyer started the excavationof the pharaoh, Horemheb’s pylon in 1926, finding thousands of stones that were shuffled and disjointed that had lay without a cipher for many years. The pylon had been used as a waste dump for the cleansing done by the priesthood of Amun to purge any remembrance of the city called, the Horizon of Aten. A promotional park, where the pharaoh, Akhenahten and his queen, Nefertiti, loved the pomp and ceremony: where they would bask as they showed off the power of this solar technology. Therefore, when Horemheb, became pharaoh, he took great pleasure in the disassembling of Akhenaten’s solar energy promotional park, even to the point of hiding the stones inside the Pylon of Karnack. However, centuries later an earth quake would shake and crumble Horemheb’s pylon to reveal the stones of that forgotten city, thousands of jumbled stone blocks that held a lost technology.

However, in 1965 a group of archaeologists, including R.W. Smith began a program, to reassemble a representation of that city through photographs and a computer referencing programs. A curriculum, that would reveal the secret power, that belonged to the Aten enigma. This giant jigsaw puzzle showed Aten Orb with three attributes, first light, secondly, heat and thirdly, in this case the golden mirrored ankh’s true representation. This stone jigsaw puzzle revealed a system of concentrating sun shine. An experiment that can be done by any child, by taking two mirror and redirecting their reflections of the sun to the same point: where you double that heat and light. If you keep doing that with more mirrors you can produce some real heat, consequently, you can use the power of the sun that is easily controlled with a few magic mirrors, a form of energy that is fresh and clean. Heat, which was Aten’s, second attribute. A technology that is now known as solar furnaces or heliostats.

These mirrors were made of gold or of copper with a silvery, mercury finish. Reflectors that were common in other technologies of Egypt, such as in their communication system, and these mirrored ankh were a powerful tool in Egypt’s concealed science. Miraculously, the reassembled blocks of that dismantled city showed, that the heat of the, Aten system had many uses.

However, it was an exchange student to Egypt from Syracuse, by the name of Archimedes, that would show the power of Akhenaten’s mirrored ankh’s to the world, especially the Romans. Archimedes is said to have, “single handedly defended the city of Syracuse” 212 years before Christ birth, by constructing a system that is now called solar furnaces or heliostats. Mirrors that were used to focus the Sun’s light by more than one thousand fold onto the Roman ships. Today the power of Akhenaten has gone high tech and Egypt hopes by the power of Aten Orb’s to create electricity out of thin air as if by the gods.


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