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The Udjat , the Eye of Osiris and NASAs Golden Mirrors

From the book Locked Gates by Howard West

29 mirror 563710main_msfc-mirror-lg

NASA had a problem with solar heat gain in outer space and has developed a solar heat shield to reflect the sun’s heat away from its equipment. So unwittingly they took a page from Soloman’s play book and created the golden shields called “Space Blankets”1 , and similar reflective silvery blankets can be found at any Sporting Goods outlet; although, that heat shield is not the same as what NASA uses in space. NASA uses the best reflecting material of the Sun’s light, gold2. Even so, the gold leaf material gives a more yellow tint to the light that is reflected than quicksilver would but gold does have superior reflecting properties. One reason is because gold never tarnishes unlike silver that will oxidize or tarnish and quicksilver will evaporate way after a time. That is why the Dome of the Rock Mosque and the Statue of Liberty have a gold leaf coating on their dome and flame, consequently, they can be seen for miles during the day without the need for an outside power source and therefore, only a small amount of artificial light is needed at night. That yellow tint makes the Statue of Liberty’s torch look as if it’s aflame with fire (also known as a beacon).

14 eye and bird jpg

Golden heliographic mirrors were preferred by those who could afford them. The reason being is because constant contact with mercury brings madness, the longer you were exposed to the slowly evaporating metal, the more symptoms you would display. The first is irritability, then blackening of the finger nails (that alchemists usually have), with the eventual loss of fingernails, hair, teeth, wife and your mind. Even so, men were expendable and gold was costly. Therefore, mercury mirrors were the common heliographic type.


The 500 Golden Shields of Solomon,3 the Hittite Sun Disks,4 the Egyptian Eye of Osiris, or the Udjat that was depicted as a human eye.5 ,The Babylonian winged Utu,6 and the Four Bronze Mirrors of Taoism7 were common as far back as two thousand years before the Christian era, and even to Enoch’s time more than twelve thousand years ago. That statement is based on the texts of the Book of Enoch8 that speaks of Ursa Major and Minor being on the western horizon at sun set during the month of June 10,000 years before the Christian era began.9

18 Nine Hitite sundisk Jpg

The Golden Communication Shields or Eyes (winged sun disks) were in every city in the Middle East three thousand years ago. David was King of Israel at about that time which was about the same time that Clytemnestra and Princess Entiu-ny lived. When David would capture a city the first thing he would take as booty was the Golden Shields. He not only took the ones in the town itself, but David would also take the portable military winged units that were on the pack-horses. (Shades of Pegasus) The English translation of the Coptic Peshitta text of The Chronicles of the Kings of Israel10

And King David took the (winged sun disks) Shields of Gold that were on

the horses of the servants of Hadarezer, and brought them to Jerusalem

and likewise from Tibhath and from Berothi cities of Hadarezer.”

19jpg sundisk jpg

The loss of a city’s Golden Magic Mirrored Communication Shield was a major loss. That city was no longer able to carry on trade outside the local area or be able to request help from other cities in case of an attack. Consequently, when David took those mirrored shields the loss of communication to other cities was as though they lost both thumbs and both big toes:they were totally defeated.

The Shield of Hercules

translated by Evelyn-White

Hercules took his strong spear, pointed with shining bronze, and on his valiant head set a well-made helm of adamant, cunningly wrought, which fitted closely on the temples; and that guarded the head of god-like Hercules. In his hands he took his shield, all glittering: no one ever broke it with a blow or crushed it. And a wonder it was to see; for its whole orb was a-shimmer with enamel and white ivory and electrum (an amalgam of gold and mercury used to produce gold plate), and it glowed with shining gold;

The Shield of Achilles

The Iliad, Book 18:

The first thing he created was a huge and sturdy shield, all wonderfully crafted. Around its outer edge, he fixed a triple rim, glittering in the light…

The Hebrew words used for these glittering golden or quicksilver-coated shields are, SHALAT or SHALET that means: dominions, in power, have power or rule.11 Other words used for those types of shields are MAGEN, MAGAN or MEGILLAN,12 all means: to deliver up, present or a scroll. KYDOW a spark or blink of light.13 The Hebrews scribes who used these shields were called armor bearers, and the communications were called “saw-far14 which translate to “Collect and record with slashes or marks.”


When David’s son, Solomon became king, he built watchtowers all over his kingdom and beyond. There were so many watchtowers that they were likened to “The Forest of Lebanon.” Solomon made two hundred large shields of gold and three hundred smaller shields of gold to be used in those watchtowers, each shield symbolized the heliographic connection to one of the many tribal leaders. The main warehouse and communication watchtower was called”: The House of The Forest of Lebanon.” 15

This Network of disbursed watchtowers and golden magic mirrored heliographs gave Solomon intelligence on everything in his realm. This included information on such things as: grazing conditions, water sources, availability of commodities, arrival of caravans, the location of strangers or even enemy troop movements. This intelligence went beyond King Solomon’s realm into the land of the Hittites and even into the land of Egypt, which Solomon had an alliance with. As you know, Information is SHALAT16 (power). This was the same Power that Medusa and General Miles had and used.

10 jpg US army heliograph

The watchtowers of Solomon were stationary unlike those used by General Miles troops; nevertheless, there was still the problem of making sure that the watchman was alert for any messages. The problem was also that the signal could only be seen at certain times of the day.17 This meant that they could set a time to be extra alert for a message. The Muslims still have a memory trace of that to this day. A man goes to the top of his minaret or watchtower to call the people to prayer five times a day. When direct communication between any two watchtowers was impossible because of the angle of the sun, they would use a trick that the Arab sailors would discover centuries later and tack into the wind,18 the watchman would send his message to any Watchtower that could speed his message along the way to its final destination, even if that message had to zig zag through a dozen extra watchtowers. The message would have an ending code or a line cipher that enabled the receiver to double-check the accuracy of the message.

Solomon and David were neither the first nor the last of the Kings of Israel to use the communication Shields. Saul before them used a bronze or copper shield that he anointed with a slick and oily liquid metal.19 After Solomon’s death his son Rehoboam reined, however, Rehoboam lost those five hundred magic mirrored communication aspis or shields of gold to the king of Egypt, Shishaik.


Rehoboam20 replaced the Golden shields with bronze coated with quicksilver (mercury) shields. This process was also used by gold miners of that day. The liquid metal would cling to copper and make an excellent mirror; and if small pieces of gold dust were in a copper gold pan with a mercury coating it would make the gold cling to the mercury. This is a quick, cheap, and efficient way to gold plate a mirror with the Alchemist Gold. The mercury would slowly evaporate leaving the gold locked in the matrix of the surface of the copper plate and then that gold would then be polished into the surface leaving a bright golden finish.

14 jpg Princess Egypt 2

The Egyptians had a belief that if they would place a pool of ink into the hollow of their hand they could see the future (Chiromancy)22: but it was not always ink, no in the distant past it was a pool of Quicksilver (Mercury). That shiny molten liquid metal in their hand would make a mirror, and a face would gaze back at the seer. In ancient Egyptian the word “Hor23 translates to face, in English In the distant past a reflection of one’s face? Yes, the all Seeing Eye of Hor-aspis, the Dweller on the horizon (Horus-ion)24. Harpokrate: the infant Horus the baby sun25 the reflection of the sun in a magic mirror. A papyrus from Thebes produced in the Twenty-first Egyptian Dynasties known as, The Judgment of the Princess Entiu-ny26. This is depicting a scene in ancient Egypt. A young woman is standing before a scale and is presenting three eyes in her hand. Those Eyes are three messages that she received that are depicted at the top of that papyrus.

14 Princess Egypt jpg3


The three messages all end with an Eye denoting that a mirrored shield sent them from the location depicted by the larger symbol that she is facing above. The messages are quite similar to each other though the message that was from The Hawk (Horus) from atop the Great Pyramid27 is somewhat longer than the others. The little fellow (the baboon) that is sitting on the top of the scales is Egyptian representation of Thoth28 (aka Mercury)29. As he sits on the scales, he has the power to change the outcome of the trial by shifting his weight. The court Jester, Thoth or Mercury, was the real judge in this picture.30 .


14 jpg Princess Egypt 2

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