Answers Long Misunderstood

Bug Out Vehicle Was A Covered Wagon


I am the last person to move to Nevada in a covered wagon after a 6,000 mile Grand Adventure : about twenty years ago, my wife had a hankering to be a wagon gypsy. We had two burros. Which was not enough to haul enough water for desert travel, so I got four more and a wagon and a way we went? Not by a long shot!!! Most people can’t get ONE Jack Ass to do what they want let alone SIX. You can read all about that at

The point is: if you are waiting for the SHTF  you will be the “S” in the SHTF. And I don’t care if you are driving a SUPER CHARGED HUMM VEE. The signs are all about you! There will come a time when you won’t be able to buy or sell with out the MARK! That means that there will not be a total collapse. Yes! there will some very bad things happening, however, they  will be eating and drinking and marry and be given in marriage. Where will you run to? Better to be there NOW!!


We are about to get millions of Muslims as refugees after Egypt, Mecca and Medina are destroyed. Obama knows what he is going to do to make that happen. If you don’t know?  Read are you wise as Serpents or dumb as Mushrooms  . 


If you are already at your retreat? Here is a great  way to tell Friend from Foe. After the children of Israel  had a battle with a bunch of Pervert Lovers: the men of Israel were holding a river crossing and the pass word was simple. They even told the Perverts what the Pass Word was:

Judges_12:6  Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth ( the branch of abundance, Jesus) : and he said Sibboleth (the burden, Jesus) : for he could not frame to pronounce it right. Then they took him, and slew him at the passages of Jordan: and there fell at that time forty and two thousand.


That is right if you don’t know that JESUS is where your provisions come from? That is because YOU are the  ENEMY.


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