Answers Long Misunderstood

Part Four, Past and Future Collide, The Pyramid Cross Referenced to The Stars



Josephus asserts that the Pyramid originated in the family of Seth; and he says that:

‘ the children of Seth, and especially Adam, Seth, and Enoch,

that their revelation might not be lost as to the two coming judgments of Water and Fire, made two pyramids.

One of brick, and fire (Tower of Babble) the other of Stone and Water, (Great Pyramid)

describing the whole of the Predictions of the Stars upon them, and in case the brick pyramid should be destroyed,

the stone would preserve the Revelation’1


The Library at Alexandria’s destruction

is sometimes blamed on Julius Caesar in 48 years before the Christian era. Others like Edward Gibbons,a staunch atheist, would much rather blame the Christians. However, that destruction was really done by an individual named Caliph Omar. He is the one we need to give the blame to for the Library at Alexandria’s destruction. In the year 640 of the Christian era, Caliph Omar’s army took the city of Alexandria, and upon learning of “a Great Library containing all the knowledge of the world” the conquering general asked Caliph Omar for instructions. The Caliph has been quoted as saying of the Library’s holdings:

They will either contradict the Koran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous so burn them.2

So the conquering army used the Books of the Great Alexandrian library as tinder for the bathhouses of the city.3 (Shades of the Qumran discoveries) A very few books were saved from Caliph Omar. However, the Greek Language was the Universal written and spoken language of the then known world of the First Century of the Christian era just as English is the accepted world language of today. In fact more people spoke, wrote and thought in Greek than ever set eyes on that country. Amazingly, as far back as 309 years before the Christian era4 the Greek language had found a foothold in every country of the known world even to Egypt and Israel5 To the extent that a special version of the Hebrew Torah had to be translated into Greek called the “Septuagint” or the LXX (70).

“The “Septuagint” translation took seventy translators

to copy the scriptures into Greek at Alexandria, Egypt.6 Alexandria had become the Publishing Capital of the world, because, papyrus was the preferred foundational medium for document transcription at that time, and Egypt was the biggest producer of papyrus paper in the known world. Therefore, Alexandria became a sort of Mecca for the scribes that loved the exactness of the Greek writing system, and Egypt also had the legendary school for scribes of the Greek language, Alexandria’s Catechetical School Most of the elite scribes of Greek language of that Second and Third centuries of the Christian era, were trained at the Alexandria’s “Ca Tech Etical School.”

Catechetical School

The school was ran by Clement ( of the Christian era. 180-220) and later by Origen (185-254) these two men and their students put a large portion of the copies of the books into the Neo-Library at Alexandria such books as Clement’s Courbus Hermis” (Gift of Thoth ) Under Origen’s leadership the school flourished his knowledge of Platonic thought and with his bedrock in Jewish Messianic Theology. This diversity gave Origen’s writing a mass appeal to Christian and Greek alike. In fact there was a saying of that time that: “The Egyptian Christians could not be without their Scriptures”7 and that the secular Greek readers were also enthusiastic consumers of Origen’s work

Books copied by that school were in Church leader’s libraries and those Churches were all over the Mediterranean and in so doing saving much of the ancient knowledge of Egypt. Now much of that wisdom has been lost to mankind in the Vatican Archives, because those sources of knowledge have a very limited availability because of the Vatican Gatekeepers limit access to those documents. However, we still have some of that history of Egypt through “Manetho” a Greek speaking Egyptian Priest of the third century before the Christian era began, kept safe through Josephus’ work, Epitome, or summary, of Manetho’s work, though some of the churches kept these works safe from the narrow minded Gatekeepers, like the Vatican and Caliph Omar: Gatekeepers who want to control what the Common Folk understand.

Manetho was a priest8

from Sebennytos recorded Aigyptiaka (History of Egypt), however, Manetho name has been speculated to have originally meant “Gift of Thoth” Mercury, (“Courbus Hermis9 in Greek), Thoth was also known as or Hermes or Armers, the root source where we get the English word armies from. In the earliest fragments (The Carthage inscription), the first century of the Christian era historian, Flavius Josephus writes Manetho’s name as Manethôn, so the rendering of his name as Manetho10 Manetho’s works on the history of Egypt had been compiled, from native sources, a systematic record of his people, with lists of kings, and lengths of their reigns, covering the entire historic period and extends to the legendary rule of gods on the Earth. Flavius Josephus was able save Manetho’s work by paraphrasing it in his Epitome. Manetho’s work was created by divided up the history of Egypt into thirty dynasties: despite Manetho’s errors, his garbled names of kings, his double listing of kings due to the upper kingdom using one name for a king and the lower kingdom using a different name for the same king that ruled both Upper and Lower Egypt at the same time and, the gaps in his knowledge of Egyptian History. This work has been preserved outlining Manetho’s dynasties and a few significant details, of which modern historians of Egypt are still engaged in largely expanding this outline.11


However, sound evidence can be found to dispute that Time-line of Egypt’s History. An example of that conflicting evidence is found in the 19th through the 20th Dynasties are the same as the 26th through the 30th. That evidence is known from other non-Egyptian sources such as Plato’s work, Timaeus, in 22 c-d,12 and, the Ipuwer Papyrus that was translated by Sir Alan Gardiner in 191613, a work also known as “the Admonition of an Egyptian Sage.” This document also has a c. 500-year adjustment to Flavius Josephus paraphrase or Epitome of Manetho’s time line. The Admonition of an Egyptian Sage speaks of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt14 at the close of the Middle Kingdom that began the Second Intermediate Period. This is a major adjustment to Manetho’s time line, there are other anomalies in the accepted chronological order of Egypt’s Pharaohs and therefore it’s History, for example the ordering of the Serekhs of the rulers of Egypt. The Old Kingdom’s last rulers have a basic format for their Serekhs. A basic format that suddenly ends at the beginning of the First Intermediate Period about the year 2141 before the Christian era, then suddenly that old style of Serekhs re-appears hundreds of years later in a new dynasty with one of those rulers having the name Tahutmes III. Whose rule was accompanied by the appearance of the Eye of Thoth in the sky and disasters equal to those described by Manetho of the beginning of the First Intermediate Period.

To untie that snarl of Egypt’s past, we must first find the starting thread to begin to unravel this “mashal or riddle;” so again we must look to the Great Pyramid or GOD’S divine message which is what D. Davidson called it back in the year 1937 of the Christian era.15 Josephus of the First Century, the Jewish historian for Rome called the Great pyramid

A pillar of the knowledge of GOD in stone in the land of Sirius16, Egypt.

The Coptic Text of Isaiah17

“An Altar to the LORD and in the midst of the land of Egypt and a Pillar to the LORD and it shall be a Sign and a Witness to the LORD.”

Khunm (Khain) Khufu Called the Great Pyramid “The Pillar of Enoch18

Doctor Sprenger, in his Appendix to Vyse’s Pyramids of Gizeh ” volume II observes that:19

The traditions of the Ancient Egyptians were preserved by their descendants the Copt,

who were held in great esteem by the Arabs…

It may be remarked that the Arabian authors have given the same account of the Pyramids,

with little or no variations. For above a thousand years; and that they appear to have repeated the traditions of the ancient Egyptians,

mixed up with fabulous stories and incidences, certainly not of Maomeran inventions’”20

The account of Masoudi

(his death was recorded in the year 957 of the Christian era.), in the Arabic manuscript of Akbar-Ezzeman, at Oxford, states that

“Surid…. One of the kings of Egypt before the Flood building of the TWO great pyramids.”21

A flood after the Pyramids building that was so disastrous that those flood waters caused the down fall of the Old Kingdom and started the First Intermediate Period and revealed the Great Pyramid. In this narration Masoudi affirms in:

The Akbar-Ezzemae

King Surid from a Coptic modern history22

He (King Surid) also ordered the priest to deposit within them(the pyramids)

written accounts of their wisdom and acquirement’s in the different arts and sciences.

(The west pyramid) With the writings of the priests containing all manner of wisdom,

the names and properties of medical plants, and the science of arithmetic and geometry,

that they might remain as a record, for the benefit of those who would comprehend them.“23


In the Eastern Pyramid (The Great Pyramid) were inscribed the heavenly spheres,

the figures representing the stars and their cycles; together with the history and chronicle of time past,

of that which is to come, and very future event? That will take place in Egypt.”24

Manuscript of Makrizi states that.

“The first (the Great) Pyramid was especially dedicated to the history and astronomy;25

Tohfat Aalabib states that the Great Pyramid contains

 Plans of the stars and historical and prophetical records.26

To understand this interface between the stars and the Great Pyramid we must go back to the year 2141 before the Christian Era, Sesonchosis (the Season of Chaos) September 21st and go through the entrance of the Great Pyramid and down the long passage way as the darkness engulfs us, and as we move toward a pool of water that is at the bottom. The water has flooded almost to the opening to the well shaft27; and as we continue down a small light appears out of the darkness then turning a round we see that same light behind us. We are somewhere between the star Thuman the North Star of 2141 BC, that is above us and it’s reflection on the water below us,28 a bottomless pit halfway between a star and that same star: a type of hell or a bottomless pit where up could be down and down could be up, which is a fearful of a place as drowning in a dark sea. A place where a wrong step or a passing cloud will plunge you into total darkness without a star to guide you, “We know that we can escape. Can’t we?” As we quickly walk back up toward the entrance, a star picture appears, that of the constellation Draco (The snake of the North Star Thuman of 2141 years before the Christian era,)29 it was a time Egyptian Archeologist call “Sesonchosis ( the Season of Chaos)” The Snake star picture is trying to encircle other star pictures of the sky, especially Ursa Minor and our current North Star Polaris then known as Yean. There is one Star picture that Draco cannot encircle, and that is the picture of The Mighty One, who is kneeling down with one foot on Draco’s head as the snake tries to strike his foot. The Mighty One has a club in his hand beating the Snake with it and the shape of that legendary olive branch club is a Cross.30

The Coptic text of Job explains this Fight in this way: 31

HE garnishes the heavens and with His hand slew the fleeing Serpent


Moreover, Moses wrote of this star picture as a prophecy 32 .

“I will put Enmity (Snake) between you and the woman, and between your posterity and her Posterity:

and her Posterity shall tread your head under his foot, and you shall strike in his heel”

Who is this Mighty One?

That occupies a large portion of the heavens? Who is seen bending on one knee, with his right heel lifted up as if it had been wounded, while his left foot is set directly over the head of The Great Dragon? A mystical Hero who in his right hand he wields a great olive branch club or cross, in the Denderah (the ancient Stone Star Chart of Egypt) which was recovered during Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt in 1798-1802 at which time the French also found the Rosetta Stone, the block of stone that acts as an interface to writings of the past.


There on the Denderah Star Chart,

we have a human figure, in the same position in the night sky as our old friend Hercules again with a club. His name is Bau, which means “Who is to come”, and is evidently intended for Him who is to come to crush The Serpent’s head, and “destroy the works of the devil.”33 In Arabic Hercules or Bau of the northern night sky is called Al Giscale, The Strong One. There are 113 stars in this constellation. The brightest star, in his head, is named Ras al Gethi, and means the head of him who bruises. The next, in the right armpit, is named Kornephorus, and means The Branch, (Nazarene in Hebrew) plus, kneeling. The star in the right elbow is called Marsic, The wounding. The star in the upper part of the left arm is named Ma’asyn, the sin-offering or the protector in Hebrew34. While in the lower part of the right arm is Caiam, or Guiam, punishing; and in Arabic, treading under foot.35 Many of these star names have Arabic or Hebrew origins dating to hundreds of years before the Birth of MY LORD JESUS CHRIST and the definitions are not redefined terms to fit a Christian theology. In fact most “SO CALLED” Christian experts are afraid to look at the night sky. Afraid that someone will think: “they believe in the Zodiac.” However, the early Church called the stars of the heavens “The Way” and did not use the stars for personal predictions. Those constellations acted as interface or story boards to pass down their stories using the constellations as their text and the star names to unfolding story hidden in the stars of the night sky.

Upon the walls were written the mysteries of science,astronomy, geometry, physics,

and much useful knowledge, which any person who understands our writing”36

Masoudi affirms in the Akbar-Ezzemae text that he wrote his account of King Surid from a Coptic modern history”37

He (King Surid) also ordered the priest to deposit within them (the pyramids),

written accounts of their wisdom and requirements in the different arts and sciences.

To understand the History of Egypt we must go back to The Pyramid Time Line, the Bottomless pit as we walk down the tunnel darkens. Soon we will notice Scored Lines on the walls of the Bottomless Pit. Those Scored Lines are the alignment with the star Alcyone in the Pleiades or also known as the Seven Sisters of the constellation Taurus and the Descending Passageway with The North Star, Alpha Draconis Thuman of September 21, 214138 before the Christian era began. The time of Sesonchosis (Season of Chaos) and the Pyramid rising out of the receding Sea of Nun The starting point or marker of the time line of the Pyramid, which is the point the time line is calculated from, which is chronicled with the simple inch39. Each inch symbolizes one year in the time line.

The Inch Measurement

The length of your thumb from tip to the first joint.

You could call that inch “The Rule of Thumb.” The inch was standardized by mandate of an Egyptian Pharaoh to within a hairs-breath of the British and American inch of today and has nothing to do with “The Metric System.” This measurement locked to the simple inch was re-discovered by Sir, Flindes Petrie (1853-1942), a man that was “Edwards Professor of Egyptology” at the world renowned University of London (1892-1933) and professor emeritus from 1942. a man who was converted through his Pyramid work from atheism to Christianity Petrie’s worked on the time line of the “Hall of Record of the Great Pyramid” measuring nearly every inch of that structure. Now his conclusions about that structure are disregarded by Main Stream Archaeologists. Which is very strange because they regard him as the “Father of Modern Archaeological Methods” yes, the same curse that plagued Cassandra is still being used by the Gatekeepers of Knowledge to discredit sound wisdom and that wisdom is spun to show that sound research as foolishness, however, the Time-Line of the Great Pyramid written in stone is still linked to the stars.


Back to the bottomless pit

at 658 40 inches(years) away from the Scored Lines we see another chance of escape. In the time line of ancient history that is an important year, the Exodus of the Hebrew nation from Egypt and Moses giving the Israelites GOD’S Law the year 1483 before the Christian Era41 before The Mighty Oneʼs appearance. The time was the end of the Middle Kingdom period of Egypt’s history and the beginning of the Second Intermediate Period. However, there had been a granite plug in the way of the passage. That was before The Caliph Al Mamaun and his minions came through and they just smashed their way around that stone in their way in 840 of the Christian era.( So like many people that want to dismiss GOD’s laws.) So they could continue, on up into “The Hall of Truth in Darkness”: which is an Egyptian parable from the Book of the Dead for this passageway.42 This symbolizes the Golden age of The Hebrew nation.


This is not the passageway for a full-grown man.

The ceiling is low and one has to stoop as under a heavy load (the Law of Moses) to go through this passage, a load spoken of by John Bunyan in his Pilgrims Progress. This passage continues up at a fairly steep angle until the Hall of Truth in Darkness meets The Well Shaft where the smoke from the brush fires opens 1479 (years) inches43 up from the entrance of The Hall of Truth in Darkness. The opening to the passage to The Woman/Queens chamber or New Birth which are Egyptian allegories from The Book of the Dead for this passageway, a few inches farther. “The Hall of Truth in Light44 also an allegory from The Book of the Dead is just beyond. All of these passages intersect at a time about two thousand years ago in the life of one herculean man.45

The Hall of Truth and Light

A time-line that corresponds to the birth of The Mighty One

spoken of in Isaiah 11:10 that was foretold of being of being rejected by the Jews and whose birth would beginning of the Christian Era. The passageway continues to ascend though The Hall of Truth in light has a high ceiling and is much wider and open, traveling in an upward direction until you get to The Great Step. Davidson’s book speaks of many things that transpire in the time line of the Hall of Truth in Light.46


The secular time line

The Well Shaft

The descending  well passage and secular  history are linked  by the small differences in the passage way itself still linked to each other by the one inch per year time line. The Great Step of the year 1840 of the Christian Era or 1,840 inches from the entrance into the Hall of Truth in Light, which is explained by the vertical rise of technology by the explosion of knowledge for mankind, at the top of The Great Step, the time then changes from an inch to the year to inch to a month and the starting of the First World War. The time line is easy to follow with the Great depression and the Second World War.47

This is the point that things start to get fuzzy. D. Davidson has a four volume set that nails down the dates thousands of years ago until the First World War using every seam in the pyramid even to dating the widespread use of the Gutenberg’s printing press. The Prophecies of the pyramid are like the ones in the Bible, you won’t understand them until they are past, sometimes long past, this is where many authors on the Historical Pyramid Time Line “Jump the Gun” and tried to project their incorrect assumptions of Future events by the Great Pyramid time line: soiling their prior exemplary work of referencing historical facts to the Great Pyramid. The paradox of this structure is that though world changing event are dated by the Great Pyramid those events are not described. So who to say what will happen next is not revealed by the Great Pyramid. However, there are those who wish creating those future events.

Most of the people who read or hear of this book

Will discount its accuracy.

The Common Folk that believe in fairytale will say “That is not what those stories mean.” And those who think those stories were only myths to control the Common Folk will say. “Those Ancient Stories were just Fairy Tales: nothing more.” However, I have put the  final section of this book in as a test for my accuracy. Knowing full well that I will be treated as a Cassandra, Schliemann, Noah, Xenophon, and many others who were never believed by their Enemies or the Common Folk, strangely that rejection did not prove those Visionaries wrong. Sadly, when this last section comes to pass, it will be too late for millions of people to be saved. Their Future safety is now in your hands.

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