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The Stone Riddle of Aten



The Egyptologist, Howard Carter, in the year 1922, opened a tomb and made, Tutankhamen the most renowned Pharaoh of Egypt. However, that boy king started his reign with a purge, to remove anything related to, Aten, a god like technology. A cleansing, that ended with the removal of every thing King Tutankhamen’s childhood adviser, Horemheb, could find of the technology once called, Aten orb, a science, that produces a clean energy, a technology that would be resurrected over three thousand years later in the twentieth, century.


The boy king’s advisers, the priesthood of Amun, seemed to have had a problem with the Pharaoh, Akhenahten, and his flagrant display of this field of engineering through the creation of a city dedicated to that technology. This city included outside displays of the magical powers of Aten. A power that was well known centuries prior to that city’s building.


Tutankhamen’s, adviser, Horemheb, had convinced the boy King that all the displays of this technology needed to be removed.


A Cleansing that began with the purging of the city, called, the Horizon of Ah-ten, in which the Pharaoh, Akhenahten, and his queen Nefer,titi, loved the pomp and ceremony where they would bask in as the queen Nefertiti, showed off the power of this technology, therefore, when Horemheb, became pharaoh, he took great pleasure in the disassembling of the city’s displays, even to the point of hiding the stones inside the Pylon of Karnack . However, centuries later an earth quake would shake and crumble Horemheb’s pylon to reveal the stones of that forgotten city, thousands of jumbled stone blocks that held a lost technology. Henri, Chevyer started the excavation of the Horemheb pylon in 1926, even so, those thousands of stones remained disjointed without a cipher for many years. Karnack  stones

However, in 1965 a group of archaeologists, including R. W. Smith began a program, to reassemble a representation of that city through photographs and a computer referencing programs.

Karnack  stones  photos

A curriculum, that would reveal the secret power, that belonged to the Aten enigma


This giant jigsaw puzzle showed Aten with three attributes, first light, secondly, heat and thirdly, in this case the Ankh’s true representation, a simple mirror. Mirrors that were used to reflect the light of the sun: and when those mirrors were used in conjunction and their reflected light was redirected to the same point, it produced, heat, which was Aten’s, second attribute,

Aten 2

A technology that is now known as solar furnaces, these mirrors were made of gold or of copper with a silvery, mercury finish. Reflectors that were common in other technologies of Egypt, such as in their communication system, and these mirrors were a powerful tool in Egypt’s concealed science. The city of, Aten was a problem for, the priesthood of Amun, the city, revealed too much knowledge that belonged to Egypt’s elite .

30 Aten Jpg

Orb of Aten


Miraculously, the reassembled blocks of that dismantled city showed, that the heat of the Aten system had many uses.

42 bit Karnak Aten

However, it was an exchange student to Egypt from Syracuse, by the name of Archimedes, that would show the power of Aten to the world, especially the Romans. Archimedes is said to have, “single handedly defended the city of Syracuse” in 212 BC, by constructing a system that is now called solar furnaces. Mirrors that were used to focus the Sun’s light by more than one thousand fold onto the Roman ships. Today the power of, Aten has gone high tech and is used too create electrical power out of thin air. 6 heliostat

However, it was in the quarries of Egypt that the Aten technology really showed off its power. The Egyptian stone quarries have been, an enigma, how did a copper age society cut millions of stone blocks with just copper tools: even with today’s iron tool, the process would take far too long.

44 bit cutting stone  9


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