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The Wrath of God is Revealed From Heaven

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Christians have been trying to convince the ungodly that they are right and that the GOD of the Bible is the Sovereign God. However, Christians have tied one of their arms behind their back. Sola Scriptura 1, Christians use the Bible as the “Only True Witness” that should be used as a Reference Guide to prove God exists. I am going to untie that other arm and give you a Second Witness that agrees with the First Witness, because,



Deuteronomy 19:15 “One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sins:

at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.”

In other words you would need a Second Agreeing Witness to establish God exists and therefore, the sin of (Exodus 20:3) rejecting God. But what kind of Second Witness would be acceptable to the ungodly? Well! That Witness must be universal, available to all the people of the world and virtually unchanged over the centuries and yes, there is actually a Third Witness God’s “Name” written on the third rock from the sun. But we need to look for the Second Witness now. However, where is that Second Witness? In Law Enforcement they ask the First Witness to tells them if there are any other Witnesses?



Romans1:18 For the Wrath of God is revealed from heaven

against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men,

who hold the truth as inaccurate;

19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them;

for God has showed it unto them.

People of the computer age would rather look to “Their Screens “ for Answers. Nevertheless, Michael Neander (1529-1581) a German astronomer said that “the connections between the constellations of the night sky and the ancient legends and riddles were the fragments of a tradition, which transmitted the knowledge of divine things possessed in the earliest times.” 2 This Second Witness was used in the early Church and was called “The Way”. You may be aware of Romans 10:17, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. However, the next verse, 10:18 is where the apostle Paul shows Christian, how to reach those people who would rather look to the heavens and the stars for answers:  Paul just cited Psalms19:1-4. Telling Christians a way to give “the ungodly” a powerful Second Witness whose testimony agrees with the First Witness.


Romans 10: 17, So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”

18 But I say, Have they not heard?

Yes verily, their voice went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.



Psalms 19:1-4 “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handy work.

Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night shows knowledge.

There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

 Their voice is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world….”

The Second Witness is the night sky , God’s Story Board. (NO telescope required) However, it is understood that the modern Church “Will not” embrace the constellations of the night sky. Even in apostle Paul’s time the ungodly were corrupting the meanings behind the stars of the heavens, Astrology. However, God gave us an   interface   between the Bible and the night sky, God’s Story Board. Amos 9:6  “It is he that builds his stories in the heaven.6”   Confucius 551– 479B.C.  The Analects   “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”


Psalms 147:4 “He (God) tells the number of the stars; he calls them all by names.

Isaiah 40:26 Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things,

that brings out their host by number: he calls them all by names”


These star stories are not “Simple Connect the Dots Pictures”:  they have ancient star names that are thousands of years old. Names that have been preserved to explain the story board of the night, names that are still used by modern astronomers. There is a star picture story, The Wrath of God, one of many that has always been above the Northern Horizon Circle and is there 24 hours a day, year round, and it is not a monthly zodiacal constellation. Constellations above the Northern Horizon Circle are available for all to see any clear night of the year. This picture with its ancient star names creates a true depiction of the Wrath of God of the Scripture Genesis 3:15. Which is the pivotal point of the relationship of God to Mankind   “And I (GOD) will put enmity between thee (Subtle Serpent) and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy (Serpent) head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Read from Geneses 3:1-15 for a complete account of the First Witness.

1 e g b 57 e f

The Story of Three Constellations

The Wrath of God

This star picture is part of the Second Witness’ testimony and is at the axis of rotation of the sky and all the other stars of our sky circle around this group of stars. Where else would a creative God put evidence of his Redemptive Plan for Mankind? A billboard that covers a good portion of the sky and never sets. However, there are other groups of constellations with ancient star names that convey the same message even below the Line of the Ecliptic .

Capture a45

Ursa Minor originally known in the vernacular as the Lesser Sheep Fold. Because both Ursa Major and Minor are over head depictions of sheepfolds, stock holding pens. The line of stars, the handles are directing fences to help force the sheep into the box of stars of the sheep corral. The brightest star is called Dubheh,  flock of animals. In Arabic, Dubah, cattle (cows, goats or sheep). In Hebrew, Dohver, a sheepfold; and hence in Chaldee it meant wealth. The Hebrew Dohveh, rest or security, a sheepfold full of sheep. Al Ruccaba, the brightest star, at the point of the tail, the turned or ridden on, and is today our Pole Star. This star was called by the Greeks the “Cynosure, high in rising. The bright star closest to Thuban is Kochab, “Waiting for Him who come” and Al Pherdadain (Arabic), the young or defenseless.2  The meaning of the constellation, a corral of defenseless sheep waiting for help because the larger constellation Draco, the Serpent is starting to encircle them. Luke12:32 Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Capture b50

The Subtle Serpent

The constellation, Draco is from the Greek, trodden on as in the Septuagint of Psalm 91:13–“The dragon shalt thou trample under foot,” from the Hebrew Dahrach, to tread. In the Zodiac of Denderah, Her-fent, the serpent accursed! The brightest star of the latter coils, is named Thuban (Hebrew, the subtle) and 4,6oo+ years ago it was the Pole Star. The next star, in the head is called by the Hebrew name Rastaban, the head of the subtle (serpent). In the Arabic it is Al Waid, who is to be destroyed. The next star, Ethanin, (also in the head), the long serpent, or dragon. The Hebrew names of other stars are Grumian, the subtle; Giansar, the punished enemy. Other Arabic names are Al Dib, the reptile; El Athik, the fraudful; El Asieh, the bowed down.2


Him Who is Coming, JAH

There is a Mighty One, now known as Hercules but in the Zodiac of Denderah and ancient Hebrew his name is Bau, which means who is coming, and is evidently intended for Him to crush the serpent’s head, to rescue this flock and “destroy the works of the devil.” Professor T.G. Pinches, in his The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, speaks “of an old inscription“, which “may go back as far as 2000 B.C. This is the period at which the name Yaum-ilu, ‘Jah is god’, is found, together with references to ilu as the name for the one great god, and is also, roughly, the date of Abraham, who, it may be noted, was a Babylonian of Ur of the Chaldees.” Jah’s  name “is one of the words for ‘god’ in the Assyro-Babylonian language”3 and is connected to the Babylonian dragon/ snake story,  As much may be inferred from the symbolic references in the Bible to Jah’s victory over the monster of the deep:  “Thou brakes the head of the dragon in the deep; 4 Job 26:13″ By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens: his hand hath  wounded ( חלל ) the crooked serpent”; Isaiah 27:1 “In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish  that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the deep”. 


The constellation Bau/JAH occupies a large portion of the heavens though some what dimly and is seen bending on one knee, with his right heel lifted up as if it had been wounded. In his right hand he wields a Great Sword or Cross. In Arabic Bau is called Al Giscale, the strong one. The brightest star, in Bau’s head, Ras al Gethi, the head of him who bruises. The next, in the right arm-pit, Kornephorus,  The Branch, of fire. Branch links it to Isaiah 11 and through out the Bible referring to a redeemer Who is coming . The star in the right elbow, Marsic, the wounding, the Pole Star of 12,500 years ago: which was the time of the MeltWalterPulse1B! The star in the upper part of the left arm is named Ma’asyn, the sin-offering. While in the lower part of the right arm the star is Caiam, or Guiam, punishing; and in Arabic, treading under foot. There is no doubt as to the mighty one foretold works which the woman’s Seed should perform. From first to last Bau / JAH is seen engaged in destroying this malignant foe: the Old Serpent.” The Wrath of God is revealed from heaven. For of Him it is written– “Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder; The young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under foot.” and free His little flock from the Enemy. Psalm 91:13″Come, Lord and burst the captives’ chains, And set the prisoners free;”  


The Questions You Must Ask:

Why did these star names and constellations used by the Babylonians, Greeks, Jews, Egyptians and Arabs thousands of years before Christ incarnation match the Geneses three account? “And I(GOD) will put enmity between thee (Subtle Serpent) and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy (Serpent) head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”


Romans1:18 For the Wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth as inaccurate; 19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shown it unto them. 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:


One More Thing

Law Enforcement encourages people to put their names or drivers license numbers on valuable things. That way you can prove that you own your valuables: if there is a question of ownership. Hebrew is an old form of writing  the evidence is that the Hebrew alphabet has the same order as the northern Semite alphabet of the Hittites. The Hebrew alphabet, also mirror the early Ugaritic Cuneiform. We also know fro the  Qumran Caves, that the Hebrew alphabet has changed little in over 2200 years. So what would be the simplest form of

God’s Name in Hebrew?      Jah 5

Psalms 68:4  “Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rides upon the heavens by his name

JAH,  hiiy and rejoice before him.”

Okay let us look at a map of the world.


jah map


To draw a map of the world  with a Hebrew Calligrapher pen

it would look like this.


jah map 2


The Ancient Name for God of the Bible



[2]Ethelbert W. Bullinger  The Witness of the Stars -

[3] Alexander Mackenzie. Myths of Babylonia and Assyria ,  citing T.G. Pinches, The Old Testament in the Light of the Historical Records and Legends of Assyria and Babylonia,  pp. 59-61.

[4] Psalms, lxxiv, 13, 14. It will be noted that the Semitic dragon, like the Egyptian, is a male.

[5]  יהוה Jah-ho-vaw is the more commonly use name now used for GOD, however, it comes from the older root   J H JAH ,  the numeric values for JAH are 10 for I and 5 for  h for a value of 15. Because that combination is the Sacred Name, the number 15 is written 9+6 טו and use by orthodox Jews and in the Torah.

[6] מעלה ma‛ălâh  the act, a literally a journey to a higher place, a story


Building the Great Pyramids


Author Howard West provides an impressive amount of evidence that goes beyond today’s simple understanding of Mythology of ancient Egypt
Offering a whirlwind trip into the past to reveal science with in Myths of Great Pyramid of Giza. Modern rationalist believe in using Occam ‘s Razor: “the shaving of a narrative into its simplest terms.”Nevertheless, Howard West’s,Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets:proves that the stories of the Riddle Lords of the Ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids were intentionally encrypted to give two concepts; one in simple terms for their enemies and the common folk, the other locked away; treasure hidden for their heirs. Therefore, the Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids stories today are thought to be, easily understood narratives to entertain the childlike.

The Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt have always baffled the Haughty: However, the haughty hold themselves to be the Gatekeepers of Wisdom. These gatekeepers, therefore, have relegated those stories of the Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids to the status of fairy tales: stories such as of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The same was true about Homer’s works, and his great poems that described a civilization of chariots, fleets of ships, warriors, and palaces, which once flourished on the Greek mainland. For years the Haughty of the Scholarly World had discounted Homer’s story of the expedition to Troy; all these stories have thought to have been colossal and compelling pieces of fictions, on the same lines as today’s writers of fiction as Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, and Ann Rice.

Even so, the Wise knew perfectly well that those story form riddles, myths and legends of ancient Egypt contained deeper meanings. Aristotle (in his Metaphysics, x. 8) admits, with regard to those story form riddles hidden with in mythology, that “much Wisdom had been lost”, and much “added after the mythical style,” while some knowledge, “may have been preserved to our times as the remains of ancient wisdom.” Polybius a Greek historian of the Mediterranean, and world famous for his book called. “The Histories”; in which he covered in detail the period of 220-146 BC; he also confesses, changes in those riddles hidden with in myths and legends were recognized as a “necessary means to (the Gatekeepers) political ends.” Michael Neander (1529-1581) a German astronomer says that the connections between the constellations of the night sky and the ancient legends and riddles were “the fragments of a tradition, which transmitted the knowledge of divine things possessed in the earliest times.” The Myths of ancient Egypt and of Great Pyramid of Giza have now become reality as complex as Minotaur’s Labyrinth. These discoveries present the students of history with a maze of literary and archeological connections that as of yet has no path that satisfies everyone. Think of this book as a ball of thread similar to the ball thread that Ariadne gave Theseus, a ball thread that lead Theseus out of the darkness of Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

The videos below use a computer generated voice because she does a better job with the materials than Howard West. Therefore, if that is your only complaint? A hard cover of this material is available: that way you can hear the information read to you in a voice that is more to your liking.

Part Two, The Power of the Sun, Mirror Mirror



History, love stories and fairy-tales of wicked queens repeat themselves though most of us are bound to miss the point every time. Take for example the fall of Troy: a good mix of love stories, history and a wicked queen. For centuries Troy was thought to be a fictional kingdom, notwithstanding, Heinrich Schliemann, a self-educated German businessman read Homer and was convinced of the fundamental truth found in Homer’s story riddles of c. 800 years before the Christian era. Then in 1870, about twenty seven centuries after Homer’s death, Heinrich began to excavate near the village of Hissarlik in Asia Minor (Turkey)1 at which time Schliemann was under the same curse of disbelief that Cassandra had been under. Even so, Heinrich was vindicated, when he found architectural remains at his site at the village of Hissarlik, this evidence was in superposed layers and a wealth of artifacts were uncovered, objects made of stone, copper, silver, and gold. This discovery quickly forced the Gatekeepers of knowledge to revise their conclusion about the Heroic Age. Schliemann named the site The City Priam2 named for Homer’s, King of Troy. After Schliemann’s death, Wilhelm Dorpfeld continued Schliemann’s work and between 1893 and 1894 found “The Sixth Settlement.” This was contemporary with the “Mycenae” epoch of early Greece and was in turn called “Troy.”

The Greek Playwright, Aeschylus also wrote an account of the fall of Troy and of two adulterous women3. First a good-looking woman named Helen, the wife of Menelmaus, King of Sparta. Helen4 had gotten the Ancient world into a twist more than three thousand years ago, when she ran off with Cassandra’s brother to Troy. This caused Agamemnon, the King’s brother and the Greek army, to go to Troy to bring Helen back to Mycenae. Even as the siege ensued, a second woman was waiting in her palace, at Mycenae for word of the battle. This wicked queen’s name was Clytemnestra5, sister in-law to Helen and the woman who would later kill our poor little Cassandra. Clytemnestra was the unfaithful wife of Agamemnon the Commander of the Greek Forces. Agamemnon had aggravated the problems with both Troy and his wife by stealing Chryemneis, the daughter of one of the priests of Troy. Back in Mycenae, Clytemnestra was more than four hundred and fifty miles from Troy by land and two hundred and fifty miles by a land-sea route. As Clytemnestra paced back and forth, she wondered how long must she wait for news of the war, trying to make sure that her husband, Agamemnon did not come home unexpectedly from the War and find her in bed with her new lover.

If Caesar Augustus’ (born 27 years before the Christian era and died in the year 14 CE) Postal System6 had been available to Clytemnestra, those postal riders would have taken four and a half days to make the trip from Troy, with an average speed of one hundred miles per day. If William F. “Buffalo Bill “ Cody’ and his co-riders of the Pony Express7 were doing the delivery, the trip would have taken three days, based on the best time from St. Joseph to Sacramento8. The carrier pigeon message system9 developed by the Arabs sometime between the seventh and the ninth century of the Christian era, would have taken two days if the little pigeon came back at all. The square sailed ships of the time just would not meet the new racing yacht specifications of today, and if the winds were contrary the Greek square sailed ships could have taken days and days and if Odyssey was in charge years,

The funny thing is that Aeschylus, the Greek dramatist10: said that Clytemnestra knew of the fall of Troy that day. But how could she know? Did space aliens tell her? NO! Was Clytemnestra a clairvoyant?11 NO! Did she have an out of body experience then? NO! Catoptromance12 (Magic Mirrors) Now you’re getting close. But where is the thread that will start to unravel this Knot? Xenophon (434-355 years before the Christian era13) the ancient Greek war hero and historian answers that question in his history of ancient Greece called Hellenica. Nevertheless, Xenophon’s words like Cassandras’ words have been rejected by the Gatekeepers of knowledge. Even so, Hellenica contains the phrase to:

Signal with a Shield”


This refers to reflecting sunlight with a mirrored shield. Those mirrors were called aspis14 the Ancient Greek word for snakes or mirrored shields. The messages that were sent by these ancient heliographs were called “aspasmos15 to “handle the shield.” Yes, they were what you would call Magic Mirrors the same kind that gave Clytemnestra the extra time needed to make sure she did not get caught with her new lover and what allowed Snow White’s wicked step mother to find The Fairest of them all.

Now why are those aspis or heliographs so important: because those Magic Mirrors gave the ancient world of the Eastern Mediterranean a system of communication equal to that of the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Think about that concept because the Gatekeepers of knowledge are blissfully unaware of that fact that thousands of years ago the cultures of the Middle East had almost instant communication between cities hundreds of miles apart. This is something that modern “Man” has only had for about one hundred and fifty years.

Aeschylus speaks of a system of dozens of beacons lights on mountaintops and watchtowers from Troy to Mycenae and Clytemnestra’s mansion. This indicates a network of beacons running at light speed more than three thousand years ago: though the Greek system was not the first of its kind. Such a system of this kind would not be instantly useable. The construction of such, a system would take time, to build watchtowers and climb mountains to find line of sight locations and a code system would also have to be developed. If this story has a hint of truth, there would have to be some remnants of that type of network, and of the code system that was used. Sorry to say, most of the skeptics will say:

fine, they were some campfires on the hills” or “It was a short-lived or one time fluke of history” or “I never heard of any such system used consistently at that time.”

9 jpg moon mirror

Lunar Laser Ranging Retro Reflector Array

Not only is there evidence of this type of heliographic system throughout history, NASA uses that same basic system today. A two-way communication system working between the Earth and the Moon, the system has a light source on Earth and a mirrored device on the Moon, a beam of light with a series of blinks that have a time sequence is sent to the Moon and light is reflected back to Earth.16

Ringed by footprints, sitting in the moon dust, lies a 2-foot wide panel studded with 100 (magic) Mirrors pointing at Earth.

It is the “lunar laser ranging retro reflector array” that Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put there on July 21, 1969,

about an hour before the end of their final moonwalk…” and it’s the only Apollo science experiment still running”17


The university of Maryland physics professor Carroll Alley was the project’s principal investigator during the Apollo years, and he follows its progress today.



“Using these mirrors,” explains Alley, “we can ‘ping’ the moon with laser pulses and measure the Earth-moon distance very precisely.

This is a wonderful way to learn about the moon’s orbit and to test theories of gravity.”18

Flashes of light from the Past are the current “craze” in computing and fiber optic communication. Light flowing through tiny silken threads of glass -short little blinks of light– traveling over hundreds of miles of cable from computer to computer. The State of the Art is light transmission of data, real High Tech 21th century science: Guess what? Most of you send hundreds of “LIGHT” speed messages every year: to thousands of people you do not even know, with just a little stick and a tap of your foot. You do this when you drive a car. A series of blinks tells folks that you are turning, or a longer dash says you are slowing down or stopping. Not so high tech now, you use blinks of light every day without thinking. You automatically know what those blinks mean and adjust your speed or location without even thinking. Paul Revere used blinks of lights in a church steeple in the American Revolutionary War. For a secure short range means of communication, The United States Navy still uses a Blinker or Flasher Light System to send messages from “ship to ship” or “ship to shore.” The system consists of a hooded light and a Venetian blind shutter19: and you thought that the Venetian’s invented that type of light baffle to keep the light out of your eyes: No. Those louvers were developed to keep the light (message) from the eyes of their enemy.

Not everyone has rejected Xenophon’s evidence of the viability of the Aspis or Bright Shields communications. William Von Graysand and Johann Gass developed a Bright Shield system in Europe20. Sadly Von Graysand and Gass did not possess an adequate code system. However, the Celts in Ireland and Wales were using a flasher code called Ogham with great success a few centuries before Von Graysand and Gass system was developed, but Von Graysand and Gass were not as successful as those who were able to overcome the problems in the desert lands, Even so, the Russians of the 19th century used a flasher system. Nicholas I (1796-1855 of the Christian era) a Tsar of Russia (1825-1855)21 governed Russia with an iron hand and a centralized administration, a good communication system was needed. Old Nick set up a beacon light system with a network of more than two hundred and twenty repeater stations that stretched from the frontier of Austria to St. Petersburg. The government was the primary user of this system; even so, that communication system22 became a boon to the Merchants between both points


Sir Henry Mance’s


In the American southwest during the 1870s and 1880s of the Christian era the Apache Indians gave23 the United States government a run for its money, when the Apache cut telegraph wires and disrupted that communication system. The Apache also had a superior communication system of their own using Capornancy (smoke signals). Nevertheless, the US army was given a new Catoptromance invention of less than thirty years, a toy really: a lady’s pocket mirror. Justus Von Liebig had just developed the process of silver on glass in the year 1853. Before that, most mirrors were made of metal although the most effective and easiest to build was a copper plate that was coated with an oily liquid metal: quicksilver. The mercury would act just like oil in a fry pan and leave a thin even finish with the excess easily wiped off, the same process that the Alchemist used in their trick of turning a copper coin silver with a little mercury. Those magic mercury mirrors are still being used today by astronomers. Some of the world’s most powerful telescopes have liquid metal surfaces, magic mirrors that allow those astronomers to travel through time millions of years into the past without leaving their offices.24

Liquid Metal Telescope


To give a perspective to how these Magic Mirrors, heliographs, or aspis worked in the distant past, we need only to go to America’s recent past of its Wild, Wild West, when telegraph lines were easily cut. General Nelson A. Miles25 turned the tables on the Apaches with steam trains, pack mules, Cyrsteloge, (telescopes) and Catoptromance (the heliograph system developed by Gauss 26). The telescopes gave the Army the ability to know the future or at least to see that future coming. The pack mules gave the troops an endless supply of food and ammunition. The heliograph was a giant step beyond the simple mirror Catoptromance system however, with this system the troops on the move, a single mirror system could not always be seen if the Sun was at the wrong angle.


Sir Henry Mance’s heliographic system added a second mirror; each of the two mirrors could be tilted or rotated. This movement allowed the lower mirror to be turned and tilted to catch the sun at the best angle and reflect that light to the top mirror. The upper mirror could then be turned to allow it to send the light to the location of the troops. The heliograph’s mirror had a telegraph type key to tip the mirror or in some cases shutters or lovers were used to allow the Magic Mirror to blink the message.



General Nelson A. Miles

Described the historic surrender of Geronimo

I (General Miles) told him (Geronimo) that we had the use of steam and could move with great rapidity.

That we also had the telegraph and the heliostat (heliograph), both superior to any of their methods of communication

I (General Miles) said to (Geronimo) ‘We can watch your movements and send messages over the tops of the mountains in the small part of a day

that would take a mounted man on a swift pony twenty days to travel”

(Geronimo) told me he had observed these flashes of light upon the mountain heights and believed them to be spirits.”

For a demonstration a heilographic message was sent to inquirer of Geronimo’s brother at Fort Bowie.

This is the response of Geronimo on the receipt of the return message as told by Miles.

This struck the savage with awe, and evidently made a strong impression upon him.

I (General Miles) noticed that he (Geronimo) said something to one of his warriors close by him,

at which the warrior quietly turned on his heel, and walked a short distance where his pony was lariated, jumped on his back

and rode rapidly back in the direction of the mountains from which Geronimo had come.”

Miles asked what Geronimo had said.

The interpreter replied: “He (Geronimo) told him to go tell Natchez that there was a power here

which he (Geronimo) could not understand: and to come in, and come quick.”

The heliograph had performed its magical God like function as it had in the centuries past

and in a few hours Natchez came down from the mountain.

The western states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, used a heliographic network of sentinels out posts in the high desert for a time in the late 19th century and the British also used a heliographic system in southern Africa and in the Sub Continent in the same era. The heliograph also provided the mobile communication element in the British service which was devised by Sir Henry Mance at Bombay in 1869. The system would be transported to high ground location on horseback. The location usually was on a high open mountaintop that was clear on all sides. This heliographic system was the forerunner of our modern satellite surveillance systems. This communication system was a huge leap forward in technology, or was it backwards?

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Star and Geological References to Dams Construction and the Sea of Egypt



The second Pharaoh was Aha and his Serekh shows the narrows near Cairo Creating a Wall and Egypt became to be known as Matsuwr1 the Wall also known as Rahab2. The Horus hawk glyph is holding a mirrored Ankh and stone which implies that Aha was the stone quarrying for the Isis Dam.



The third Pharaoh was Djer seem to be doing the construction of the Wall or Matzuwr and installing the flood gates of the Isis Dam.



Djet the fourth Pharaoh completed the Isis Dam project and officially divided the upper and lower states of Egypt a project that brought great prosperity to the land of Egypt.


Lower Egypt is symbolized by the Red Crown. The glyph of which is the a red crown with an ostrich feather a glyph symbolizing the dam and the water cascading over causing the mist to rise and a half circle with crosshatching symbolizing the masonry dam filling the narrows near the island of Roda. Upper Egypt is symbolized by the kite glyph interpreted to symbolize the speed of shipping on the Sea of Nun the Upper Egypt glyph also has the dam symbol below it. The main image is the wall the Matzuwr symbolized in three ways first the wall with water heaped up over the top second the stylized Matzuwr and thirdly the wall Serekh with a snake zig zaging to symbolize the water cascading over the stair-step dam, with Horus above


The Egyptians also called the Great Pyramid at ancient Heliopolis “Innu, the Pillar “or The Pillar of Enoch. The ancient Egyptians regarded this pillar to be the first portion of land to have forced itself free of the “Sea of NUN” that was behind the Isis Dam

Atum another name for the Pyramid spoke of itself:

When I was alone in the waters, in a state of inertness, before I was found anywhere to stand or sit,

before, Heliopolis had been founded that I might be therein3

Again speaking of Atum in the Utterance 600 of the Pyramid Text;

When you came into being you rose as a High Hill You shone as the Benben Stone in the Temple of the Phoenix4

Funny thing is the Geological records of the Nile River valley show that sudden river rise at a time of World Wide Drought


It is best if we can visualize the river barge construction method of the Isis dam. So, we will use a boat like Queen/Pharaoh Hatsheput’s Obelisk (Machana5) barge because we know that they existed and carried those types of stone: but the machana was a much earlier model.

crock 3 (2)

The uses of those craft eliminated the need for ramps or hundreds of workers to place each stone. Let us go back in time and take a little boat ride on the mighty Nile River that the Isis dam has turned into the placid Sea of Nun. We can catch a ride down the river at any one of the many stone quarries, and of course there would be oarsmen on the tow boats that pull the barge. The flow of the river would make the trip so much nicer than pushing those stone blocks on log rollers.


These machines were specialized pieces of construction equipment. Even so, these barges were most often camouflaged as crocodiles in Egyptian art and mythology. The machana was a wooden craft with lengths of up to two hundred feet. These barges were equipped with highly specialized “trim stabilizing devices” unique ballast stones that would compensate for shifting of those heavy stone blocks. These ballast stones were not inside the hull, but hung over the side, so that they would be partially submerged in the water. If the cargo shifted forwards causing the bow to drop further down into the water, the ballast stones toward the bow would also sink farther into the water in so doing lighting the barge by the amount of water that those stone now displace. (Archimedes Principle) However, that shifting of cargo would also cause the portion of the barge (the stern) to rise out of the water causing the stern ballast stones to rise out of the water increasing the ship’s weight by the amount of water that those stones had been displacing, in so doing cause the machana to stay in trim. However, there is a mystery of how these types of trim stabilizing stones have been found as far away as the towering mountains of Ararat of Turkey and Iran.

The Isis dam and the Sea of Nun had Terra-formed the desert of Egypt into lush green fields. The images above show how the Sea of Nun behind the Isis Dam caused Egypt to prosper. So, on this trip we will be going to the Dam.


As we float, we would see other barges empty of their Muck Rock from the quarry that has been thrown over the top of the dam for reinforcing: and for Rip-Rap to slow down any erosion caused by the6 millions of cubic feet of water running over the dam. This Masonry Dam was built with rock and was reinforced with limestone blocks to last eight thousand years until the Earthquake in Isaiah and his story of the Seancahos of 2141 years before the Christian era began.


Other boats would pass us filled with wheat, goats, and cattle. Who needs wheels when the Egyptians had boats and a lake to float those boats on? Around the lake the only things you can see are lush green fields irrigated with water from the lake, and below the Isis dam the delta was a Garden of Eden. Yes, Man had thrown off the curse of GOD. Maybe-maybe not, that is for later in The Earth changes of 10,500 years before the Christian era began section.

As we approach the dam which stands just one block above the water; we can see dozens of other barges unloading. You would clearly see a stylized representation of a machana and its cargo of stone for the dam and its two tow boats being lifted by the rising water behind the Isis dam as that dam grows higher. You would also see barges unloading a load of waste rock from the quarry to be used as reinforcement and rip-rap of the stone masonry dam.


Above the papyrus shows a finished dam with water going up and over the dam then down the stream to the delta. Above that is an overhead view of the dam and its flood gates system with water flowing around the ends.

1 b d z z f  Pharoh 2 (2) building pyramid

Back at the Isis Dam there are ten barges unloading block onto the dam. Some machanas will be to the right of the center and the others to the left; placing their stones in a flat stair step or fan pattern. The barge we watch has its bow high because the blocks are more aft, so the bow can slip over the lower course of stone and drop stone block closer to the proper location. This time the stone block is one of the outer layers of rock, no need to manhandle this block to the back row. The bow is on to the lower course of blocks and the block on the barge is being pushed forward: Which will give the boat a steeper angle toward the dam and allow the block to slide off.

Then, before the block is set, a fine layer of baked limestone dust is blown on the blocks that our block will fit into. This cement dust is blown on with a forge bellows device so when the water comes up, the concrete dust will seal the hairline cracks with cement. This cement would stop all leaks of the upper structure. Subterranean leaks are the nemesis of modern dams, these were plugged by using Cowboy Mud , This cowboy mud is a clay, such as bentonite, and has been used for centuries to stop leaks in water reservoirs. Egypt is known for its fine clay that is brought down each year by the flooding of the Nile. The slow construction of the dam over the twenty years of construction allowed for this mud to fill and then be compacted in subterranean cracks under the dam site that would otherwise cause the failure of the structure.


After placement of the stone the barge would be slid over by men with ropes to place the next stone block. For the outer blocks a small boat with a large rope-covered bow and very large load of muck rock is pulled by ropes by men on the top of the dam and the boat crashes into the block that was just placed. At the same time a second block on log rollers also with a rope bumper is pushed and crashed into the block locking the stones into place from two sides: Which allowed the blocks to fits together as if they were one because the stone blocks were one once. When placed too far from the edge other blocks are locked together with two rope bumper blocks on log rollers, the second to replace the little boat. The placement of one block would take less than twenty minutes. And if there were twenty barges working – ten on each side- east and west they would be able to set sixty blocks per hour. At twelve hours per day the stone masons could have built the Pyramid in less than ten years.

The problem was those stone masons were building at the same time at least three pyramids and a dam. So twenty years would be about right for the Great Pyramids completion. However, to quarry that many stones blocks would have taken more time than to set the stone. Logic dictates multiple stone quarries so that each course of stone would have its own quarry, a quarry that would be reused for later courses of blocks.

The Pyramid was built using the same basic building techniques as the dam, though the inner rooms had many more and finer details. Nevertheless, let us just deal with the most difficult problems now. The block would be set the same way, as with the dam though each block would be more precisely placed. The artificial stars like the Horpakrate and the dioptra (transit) and the measuring line could be used to catch any error before any misalignment became a problem.

34 stone sundial jpg

When the enormous stones were needed to be placed over a gaping opening, the lake level could be raised to allow the barges to float over the hole. The larger stone blocks were placed by floating them over the location and sliding the massive stone block off the barge; inflated cow skin float bags in the water of the hole under the block were used, which would slow the decent of the large block though the distance to lower the block to the lower course was only a few inches of fall. A skid block was also used to slow the decent by anchoring the huge stone being placed to a large stone that was sitting on the upper course of stone. So as the large stone descended over the hole the ropes would drag the skid block absorbing most of the kinetic energy of the large stones decent. After the stone was lowered, then the water would be lowered to allow the rest of the layer of stone to be placed around the large stone. However, filling of the hole and mounding with sand also may have been used in gable and arches.


2Ibid 7294

3Book of the Dead cited in Hancock. G, Mirrors of Heaven, Op.Cite








Earth Changes c. 10,500 BC



Pandora and Her Box

The Common interpretation is that plagues were released upon the opening of Pandora’s gift from Zeus. Plagues that caused no end of trouble for Pandora and her friends because, as hard as Pandora tried; she could not recapture the beasties once they were freed from their container. However, the parallel interpretation of this story it is “Wisdom” that has been locked within story riddles, knowledge that is rejected out of hand by “The Gatekeepers of the Scholarly World:” Just as Cassandra’s wisdom was rejected by the Gate Keepers of Troy. However, once those men were out of the box of the wooden horse there was no end to the frustration to the Gate Keepers after the gates of the city were open. The Earth Changes of c. 10,500 years before the Christian era is one such Pandora’s Box.


Super Storms c. 10,500 BC

Earth Changes and Super Storms seem to be on most people’s minds today. Is Man causing the changes or are those changes cyclical? To answer that question we must go back in time to a Storm that make the problems we are having today seem like a calm spring day. Fortunately, those Earth Changes and that Super Storm of 12,500 years ago have been documented in Earth’s geological record and in story riddles from around the world, stories that have been told and re-told for thousands of years. About 13,500 to 12,500 years ago Earth was in a time of sea level stagnation for 1,000 years according to the geological record.1 Suddenly sea-levels rose 26.7 feet in less than 100 years2. Then sea levels continued to rise at a rate of 1.5 inches per year for the next 4,000 years3, scientist that study this type of things call these sudden sea level rise: Melt Water Pulses.


Freezing  a Woolly Mammoth

These anomalies occurred in a geological time called the Quaternary Period which is subdivided into the Pleistocene Epoch, which was most of the Quaternary period in prehistory, and the Holocene or Recent Epoch, which is only the last c. 12,000 to 14,000 years which is the point of those Earth changes and that Super storm which saw the development of the Earth’s present-day topography relief and scenery. The climate changes during this period caused accompanying changes in the form of life now on Earth. Many large animals became extinct such as: woolly mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, saber tooth tigers, and mastodons.4 Many of these animals were quick-frozen. To freeze a woolly Mammoth the process would take ambient temperatures of 300 to 400 degrees below zero, any warmer than that, they would rot from the inside. But the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Antarctic was only 129 degrees below zero5 so how did they get frozen before their insides rotted6? The answer to that question comes from ancient books that date their texts with star references dating to 12,500 years ago when Polaris was a seasonal star for the month of June. The exact time is 12,500 years ago of “The Melt Water Pulse 1B”. Prior to proceeding, we must untie some knots first.

Rapid Sea-Level Rise

In early Holocene7

greenland glasure cover 4

Onset of Post Glacial Evolution

Of the Pearl River Delta

Delta Conference- Jan. 10-17, 2005,

Ho Chi MinhCity, Vietnam

Dr. Yongqiang Zong8

“Study Area the Pearl River Delta situates on the south coast of China, and is connected to a drainage basin. Three main rivers (West, North and East Rivers) drain into the drowned coastal basin and, during the Holocene, created two deltaic complexes the sandwich the present day.

The results show that relative sea-level ( in the Pearl River Delta) reached -25m (82 feet below the current sea-level) by c. 11,000 years BP (Before the Christian Era), possibly after a short period of stagnation. (No change in sea-level for almost 1,000 years) Shortly before 10,000 BP (BCE), relative sea-level rose to c.-17M (55.25 feet below current sea-level a rise of 26.75 feet in less than 100 years), apparently in result to the Melt Water Pulse 1B. The rate of such a relative sea-level is potentially as high as 8mm/a (3.1625 inches per year) Between 10,000 BP (BCE) and 6,000 BP (BCE), relative sea-level rose steadily for approximately 16m (to within 39 inches of our current sea-level, during that 4,000 years period ), at a rate of 4mm/a. ( 1.5 inches per year). Then the last part of that sea level rise then took almost another 8,000 years to make up that last 39 inches.

The results from the Pearl River Delta are comparable with Sea-levels reconstructed from Barbados (Fairbanks, 1989), Tahiti, and New Guinea (Bard et al., 1996) These sea-level records reveal the rapid rise in sea-level corresponding to the Melt Water Pulse-1B followed by a continuous rise MWP1B was the second of these events the first (Melt Water Pulse 1A) occurred from about c. 14,000 BCE and lasted until the Period of Stagnation in c. 11,000 BCE. This accounted for the balance of the 300 feet of Sea-level rise based on the Barbados, Pearl River, Tahiti, and New Guinea data of 12.5 feet per hundred years until c. 6,000 BCE”

So what did Dr. Yongqiang Zong and the others scientist’s research tell us?

That a Hell of a lot of ice from somewhere

Melted really fast c. 12,500 years ago”

Doing the rough estimate of that amount of fossil fuel; that would be needed to heat Earth at that time to melt enough snow and ice to cause the Melt Water Pulse 1 B and then maintain a seal level rise of twelve and one half feet every hundred years for the next four thousand years is beyond comprehension. Theoretically, to melt just one cubic foot of ice the process would take the burning of one half gallon of gasoline. Multiplying that by the number of square feet in one square mile (27,878,400) times; just the MWP1B sea level rise of 26.7 feet (during a one hundred year period); times all the square miles of the world’s oceans at that time. Because we have geological records of the one thousand years just prior that show sea-level stagnation caused by constant seasonal temperatures, just prior to the MWP1B sea-level spike. Sorry the math does not match “the Common Theories” of the melt of the last Ice Age. We know that at the same time (c. 10,500 years before the Christian era) woolly mammoths were being FLASH FROZEN9 by temperatures of over 300 degrees below zero F. This paradox can be explained, but not by the Common theories we have been expected to believe.

When Polaris was a seasonal star of early summer”

1 a d a t north stars - Copy marsic - Copy10

This is the Astronomical Time Stamp that the “Uncommon Historical Model of the Earth Changes” of 10,500 years before the Christian era starts out with an occurrence that only happens for a few years about every 26,000 years. The last time that occurred was during the Early Holocene Period11 when the Melt Water Pulse 1B was raging across planet Earth. This was when Sea Levels to rise by 26.7 feet in less than 100 years. Earth saw sudden extinctions by hypothermia and the development of most of Earth’s Topographical Relief.

The origins of these sudden Earth Changes were “Historically” known to be caused by an Interplanetary Storm with names like: “The Mighty Serpent (snake) that brought the Fatal Winter” from the Zoroastrians traditions, “The Snake that flies with an ant in its mouth” in the Riddle of Saba, “Adad” from the Gilgamesh Epic, “Vishnu” of the Brahman, The Chinese’s have their “ Azure Dragon” and then there is Sin, Luna, Aremis, Dereto, and Arargatis, Stories from around the World having one theme. These historical vignettes along with documentation from NASA own missions and astrophysical evidence from throughout the Inner Solar System are pieces of the same puzzle. Evidence that has been expunged from our Science Research Centers “Radar Screens”; evidence from the Historical Model of Earth Changes of c.10, 500 years before the Christian era that NASA hopes they can continue to ignore.

Professor Tollman of the University of Vienna, Austria, speaks of an inter-planetary ice storm.12 A storm that appears to have included a chain of up to a dozen individual catastrophes, including: Earthquakes, geological deformations, vapors plume and tidal waves. Bill Naapier of the Royal Edinburgh Observatory; Dr. Duncan Steel of Space Guard Australia; and Benny Peiser of Liverpool John Moore’s University are among a growing number of scientist who propose that an interplanetary ice storm hit earth thousands of years ago.13


Middle Eastern Riddle

A Super Storm:

Tiak speaking of the god of Zoaster (Ahura Mazda)

Vendidida, Fargard I 14

And Ahura Mazda spoke unto Yima saying: Yima the Fair. (The albino) upon the material world a fatal winter is about to descend,

that shall bring a vehement destroying FROST, upon the corporeal world will the Evil of winter fallen great abundance.

“The first of the good lands and countries which I, Ahura Mazda, created was Airyana Vaejo…

Then Angra Mainyu, who is full of death, created an Opposition to the same, a mighty serpent (Leviathan)

 and snow, ten months of winter are there now two months of summer,

and these are as cold as water, cold as to the Earth, cold as to the trees…

There all-around falls deep snow; that is the direst of plagues.15

Doctor Kent Hovind16 research on how cold does the ambient temperatures need to be to freeze an elephant in conjunction with research done by Birdseye Food Inc. was rather enlightening. Did you know that if you try to freeze an elephant with the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth according to “The Antarctic Connection” the coldest temperature was recorded on Earth at 129 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.17 The folks at Birdseye said that, The elephant would rot from the inside before the process could be completed.” Even so, when woolly Mammoths are found the food in their stomach is still green. The people at Birdseye stated that:


to freeze those beasties quickly enough to keep the food fresh would take temperatures of c.300 to 400 degrees below zero F.

to complete the process to allow for that food not to rot.18

112 bitmars venus moon (2)

Prior to the point of contact with Earth the interplanetary storm’s water ice vapor would have chilled to the ambient temperatures of space c.300-400 degrees below zero F. When the ice vapor finally arrived the atmosphere was quickly cooled causing precipitation: first rain, and then snow. This snow at the Polar Regions would still be at the very cold temperature that would be needed to freeze the Mammoths. At that temperature the snow would seem like fire. This temperature of c. 300 to 400 degrees below zero F. would also allow the blood to freeze with small ice crystals that are found in those retrieved mammoths. If the temperatures were as the warmer 129 below zero F. those temperatures would make much larger ice crystals that are not consistent with the samples of mammoth’s blood.19

Book of Enoch 20

And the Angels (water vapors) shall ascend Into Space; the springs of water shall be changed

And again undergo a change, and be FROZEN.21

The Water Became Like Fire”

At the point of contact with Earth the water vapor had turned to ice vapor and had chilled to the ambient temperatures of space 300-400 degrees below zero F: the atmosphere was quickly cooled causing precipitation; “first rain then snow.” This snow at the polar region would still be at the very cold temperature that would be needed to freeze the Mammoths quickly at that temperature the snow would seem like fire. This temperature of 300 to 400 degrees below zero would also allow the blood to freeze with small ice crystals that are found in those retrieved mammoths.

These waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.”

“But when the frost, snows and cold fall upon you,

in those days you will be utterly incapable of standing before them.22

Victor Clube, an astrophysicist at Oxford University, has linked one such interplanetary storm to that same time 14,000 to 9,000 years ago. Events of sufficient magnitude to destroy all traces of MWP1A and MWP1B civilization and Sea–levels rose by 300 feet in many areas flooding any maritime cultures. As a matter of fact, an article from the Discovery Magazine 1998 states that Earth is still being bombarded with huge lumps of ice even today remnants of that super storm. Dr. Kent Hovind also states that those pieces of ice are at a temperature of c. 300 to 400 degrees below zero.23” Those chunks of ice are remnants of that Interplanetary Ice Storm of 10,500years before the Christian era.24

DISCOVER Vol. 19 No. 01

Snowballs, Flying in From Space

By Tim Appenzeller


Could Lou Frank be right after all? Twelve years ago, the University of Iowa space physicist startled his colleagues with an explanation for tiny dark spots in satellite images of the upper atmosphere. he spots said Frank, Marked places where house-size snowballs, flying in from space 20 times a minute, were expiring in clouds of water vapor underneath the satellite, briefly blocking its view of the atmosphere ultraviolet glow Explanation for tiny dark spots in satellite images of the upper atmosphere. “I don’t know how else to get that water up there unless you just put it in by hand,” says Thomas Donahue of the University of Michigan. And Robert Meier of the Naval Research Laboratory Thomas Donahue Asks; “certainly willing to acknowledge that he is observing something. And why the hell isn’t Mars inundated with water?”

An Interplanetary Ice Storm would explain The Melt Water Pulse anomalies and the Astrophysicist Professor Tollman also speaks of an inter-planetary ice stor,m. “The consequence of the impact of a comet explosion appears to have included a chain of up to a dozen individual catastrophes.25” Only one problem with this theory: Comets are NOT DIRTY SNOW BALLS. A Harvard astronomer, Fred Whipple, in the nineteen fifties developed a theory that comet’s nuclei were “DIRTY SNOWBALLS.26” On July 4th 2005 NASA lost a bet. NASA spent millions of taxpayer dollars only to have Fred Whipple’s “Dirty Snowball Comet Theory” blow up in a “cloud of dust.” NASA thought that “The Deep Impact Mission” was going to the quin-ta accentual comet “Tempel 1” to confirm that comets were “Dirty Snowballs full of water.” However, the “Impactor” drilled a dry hole!

Deep Impact Was a


Press Release No.: 05-23



Center for Astrophysics

By P. Pullian July 8, 2005


Cambridge, MA- Smithsonian astronomers watched as the “Impactor Probe” from NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft hit Comet Tempel 1 earlier this week (July 4th 2005). They monitored the impact using the ground-based Submillimeter Array (SMA) in Hawaii and NASA’s orbiting Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS). Results are still coming in, but so far the scientists report seeing only weak emission from water vapor (if it had been a dirty snowball the Deep Impact copper Impactor would have had very strong emissions of water) and a host of other gases that were expected to erupt from the impact site. The most conspicuous feature of the blast was brightening due to sunlight scattered by the ejected dust.”

Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite

Principal investigator Gary Melnick of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said.

It’s pretty clear that this event did not produce a gusher,”.

“The more optimistic predictions for water output from the impact haven’t materialized, at least not yet?”


For some strange reason NASA still clings to Fred Whipple’s


Even though the HARD DATA from the Tempel 1 Mission copper Impactor clearly shows that comets are made up of mostly rock and have very little water ice. In fact the first estimates were only one quarter inch of light snow on the surface of Tempel 1.according to my conversation with NASA’s’ Don Yeoman The data from the Submillimeter Array (SMA) in Hawaii and NASA’s orbiting Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) was a shocking surprised to NASA, an outcome that disproved Fred’s “-Dirty Snow-Ball-Theory” and many other theories based on this Dirty Snowball concept. However, Don Yeoman of NASA called me (Howard West) on July, 13, 2009 to try to convince me that the water ice recently confirmed ice on the moon was from cometary impacts. Then a strange thing happened on September 24, 2009 the L.C.R.O.S.S. Orbiter, India’s Space Agency and the SWAS’s data was released, data showing water vapor escaping over the Moon’s surface, water that the failed “Dirty Snowball Theory” cannot explain.



where did the Moon’s water ice come from? Consequently, on October, 10, 2009 when two of NASA’s space craft went crashing into the water ice-filled craters at the Moon’s south pole they did as much damage as a bullet fired into a snow drift of powered snow, NASA failed again to confirm Whipple’s dirty snow ball theory, because, a “Dirty Snow Ball Comet would have left compacted water ice not FLUFF WATER ICE. Don Yeoman of NASA was not happy when confronted with that fact on October, 10, 2009, because NASA was depending on the solid water ice as propellant to be used in thermal nuclear rockets.27


A proven nuclear water steam rocket system

Developed in the mid-1960.

A nuclear water steam propulsion system with thrust out puts which can be designed to exceed that of the Space Shuttle liquid Hydrogen oxygen rocket engines.28 These nuclear engines are much cheaper to operate because there is no need to break the bond of the water molecule to then reform that bond in an explosive combustion. Just inject the solid water ice into the chamber containing “the super-hot nuclear pile”. This nuclear heated steam system is also cheaper because, the propellant can be stored in solid form there is no need for expensive pressurized containers.


The other advantage for NASA would have been if this solid water ice had been on the Moon and comets as refueling stations However, without this solid water ice on the moon and comets NASA had to reconfigure its future of man space exploration: the reason being that the moon’s water ice is too light and fluffy (a type of water ice that cannot be from a snowball type comet impact): the ice from a snowball comet would be hard and compacted. NASA also can’t figure out why the water ice of the moon eats their probes like the cotton in a ballistic testing chamber. That was not how the Dirty Snow Ball theory said that water ice should have been deposited.

To understand where that fluffy water ice on the Moon it self came from we must first understand where the Moon came from. To find that out we need to look at the chemical analysis of lunar samples brought back by Apollo missions, which indicate that the Moon’s rocks are heavily depleted in volatile materials sodium potassium, and very little Iron, though high in Titanium and Calcium.

However, the L.C.R.O.S.S. Orbiter,

Indiaʼs Space Agency and the SWASʼs data released

September, 24, 2009 and they showed water vapor escaping over the Moon’s surface not just at its poles.


1 sample dust cover 2

Locked Gates, the Riddle Lord’s Secrets by Howard West

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What the Moon Rocks tell us

National Geographics

V136, No. 6 Page 7911

Kenneth F. Weaver


While at NASA’s “Lunar Receiving Laboratory”, in Houston Texas Dr. S. Ross Taylor was on loan from Australian National University said


The Moon rocks are different enough from earth rocks to keep us busy for years.”

Moon stuff from the Sea of Tranquility resembles earthy basalt,

yet there are no earth rocks just like it. {The Lunar samples}

It does have the same constituents- notably oxygen, silicon, iron, aluminum, titanium, calcium, and magnesium-

but the proportions are different, for example, Dr. Ross (did a spectra analysis,)

burning the lunar dust in an electric arc; a white halo around the flame showed the presents of titanium.

Lunar basalt seem to be rich in this (titanium) and other refectory elements -those with high melting points-

and is at the same time relatively poor in (iron and) more volatile elements with low melting points such as sodium and potassium.

How the Moon

Came to Earth?

Theory I

This is NASA’s favorite which says: “Millions of years ago Earth and a second planet collided and mixed together. The Moon was part of the Earth and then the moon escaped BOOM to orbit earth.”1


The Moonʼs rocks brought by Apollo missions are of a type that is low in iron, volatile materials sodium, potassium, and high in Titanium. That is not the type of rock that Earth has,2 Because, NASA searched the world for sample rocks so that they could type them for a match. If the theory was true, some of those rocks should have matched. If the two planets had mixed together there would be some remnants of that union. NASA found no match to their Apollo samples3

Theory II4

This is NASA’s fall back theory, and the concept goes like this; “The Earth and Moon are binary planets, which formed at the same time from the same space dust cloud to form a binary system.”


Sorry wrong again with the same problem as theory one: The Moon’s rocks are of a type that is low in iron, volatile materials sodium potassium, and high in Titanium. That is not the type of rock that Earth has, and they would if they were made from the same space dust.5 Sorry they are not! In fact the rocks brought back from the moon more closely match the rocks analyzed by NASA that originated from Mars.6 Then there is that little problem of Geo-Synchronization of moons. After a time in orbit any moon will start to drift away from the host planet the moon slows down in relation to its host rotation: Just as the ice skater speed up when her arms are close to the center of her body; however, when she extends her arms she slows down. When the moon matches the speed of the host planet’s rotation that moon will become Geo-Synchronized.


Remember, the Apollo experiment that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong placed on the Moon: the mirrors that Professor Carroll Alley used to “Measure the Earth-Moon distance very precisely?” That experiment tells NASA’s scientists that the moon is in an expanding orbit and that in a few thousand years will erase the 48 minutes a day that the moon’s orbit out paces earth which causes there to be phases of the moon, New Moon, to Full Moon, to New Moon each month, that future synchronization will causes Tidal Bulges on Earth; one on the moon side, and one on the opposite side to the moon.

Mars has those synchronizes Lunar Tidal Bulge. This is an anomaly, because Mars has no moon big enough to cause those tidal bulges that large, just two large rocks; the two sons of Mars, and Venus named Deimos, and Phobos. Our moon should also be synchronized if it had been here for millions of years but it is not.

Martian Lunar  Tidal Bulge


However, that is the “Elephant in the room” for NASA

an elephant sized problem that they DO NOT want to acknowledge. Because, if NASA’s scientists take the data from those magic mirrors on the moon and run that data back in time in just a few thousand years the moon’s closeness would cause major gravitational (Lunar tidal) disasters on earth, disasters that correspond to the geological record. However, when that data is ran further back in time we would have a collision with the moon and earth in Man’s recent past NOT MILLIONS of years ago as theory One and Two dictates.

So why is NASA pushing the two failed Theories? Because NASA has revulsion for the Alternative, Theory III and because NASA’s has other theories that are based on those failed moon theories that will also be proved invalid. Failed theories that have now cause NASA to change its direction for Man Space Exploration.

The Alternative

Theory III

The Moon came from somewhere else and was captured by Earth.7

A. J. Anderson states that: The moon was formed independently of the earth and later captured, presumably by a three-body interaction, and these events were followed by the dissipation of the excess energy through tidal friction in a close encounter.” 8 Anderson is not alone, a study of lunar paleotides has shown that “The Moon could not have been formed in orbit around the Earth” said V. Szebehely and R. McKenzie who also conclude: “The planetary origin and capture of the Moon by the Earth becomes a strong dynamic possibility.” 9 B. Chernyak,10On Recent Lunar Atmosphere,” in the journal Nature, H. Alfven and G. Arrhenius found, “Strong theoretical evidence of a considerable atmosphere on the Moon during the greater part of its history” This fact was confirmed by NASA on September 24, 2009.11 “Two Alternatives for the History of the Moon, “Science12and S. F. Singer and L. W. Banderman, “Where was the Moon Formed?” The journal, Science13

Can I Get a Witness?

Yes, several, the god and goddesses of the Moon Adad, Dereto, Artagtis, the Azure Dragon, and Leviathan are all depicted at their arrival from the heavens with long fish tails.

Sargon II’s “Display Inscription,

Lines 110 and 14614

“Since the distant days of the age of Nannaru When the gods fixed the crescent of the moon,

to cause the new moon to shine forth, to create the month, the new moon,

which was created in heaven with majesty, in the midst of heaven arose.

The Indians of the Bogota highlands in the eastern Cordilleras of Colombia relate to the time before there was a moon. “In the earliest times, when the moon was not yet in the heavens,” say the tribesmen of Chibchas.

A. J. Anderson and the Gilgamesh Epic agrees

The moon was formed independently of the earth” and its capture was

“followed by the dissipation of the excess energy through tidal friction in a close encounter.

The Gilgamesh Epic

With the first glow of dawn, a black cloud rose up from the horizon. Inside it, Adad [leviathan] thunders.

While Shullat and Hanish go from Nergal like heralds, moving over the hills and valleys while he tears out the pillars [of the Earth]

setting the Earth ablaze with their glare…Adad [leviathan] (then) turned to blackness all that had been light.

(The wide) and shattered like a (piece of pottery)…No one can see his fellow, nor can the peoples be recognized from heaven.

(Even) the gods were terrified by the Deluge, and shrinking back (in fear), they ascended to the heaven of Anu”15

Doctor Gene Scott, who received his doctorate from The University of California, said in a dissertation on “The Flood” that in Richard Andrea’s book on the Flood Records that many of the American native people insisted that the Moon arrived with the flood.

However there were many other sources that confirmed Dr. Scott16. The South American Indian tribe of the Chibas of central Colombia has a legion of a bearded man: “Bochica” his wife: “Chia” was the cause of the flood and “Bochica” changed his wife, Chia into the Moon! Thousands of miles south of Columbia; in the extreme south of South America there is a Indian Tribe the “Yamana” from Tierra del Fuego, have a flood legend. The Moon woman caused the Flood; this time was of “Great Upheaval” The Moon was filled with hatred toward human beings. Moon goddess Hunthaca of the Native South American Chibcha Indians believes that a one-time wife of one of their heroes became the moon as a punishment for causing a great flood of their land. Half way around the world the Babylonians have a mother and moon goddess associated with deluge myths: Nuah. Hey? That sounds like the name Noah.


Satapatha Brahmana chapter 2417

A certain Wise Man named Manu (aka Noah) was making his ablutions,

he found in the hollow of his hand a tiny little fish”

Vishnu the flying serpent (The Moon) has just escaped from Mars with that planet’s oceans and atmosphere.

The little fish begged Manu to allow him (the fish) to live. (Manu) Taking pity on it (the fish) He (Manu) puts it in a jar.

The next day, however it (the fish) had grown so much bigger that he (Manu) carried it (the fish) to a lake.

The size of Vishnu seemed too grown so much larger as it approached Earth.

Soon the lake was too small. (The fish said to Manu) Throw me into the sea and I shall be more comfortable.

Then he (Vishnu the growing fish) warned Manu of a coming Deluge (The Flood).

He (Vishnu) sent him (Manu) a large ship with orders to load it with two of every species and seed of every plant,

and then to go aboard himself. The Water rose and Life was blotted out except for Manu.

Vishnu appeared to Manu as a huge dragon with one horn and golden scales.

The fish (Vishnu/ Leviathan) said ʻI have saved thee; fasten the vessel to a tree that the waters may not sweep you away…

(When) Manu descended with the waters (as the waters receded) The Deluge (the Flood) had carried away all creatures and Manu remained alone.

108 bit mars venus moon

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God’s Bow in the Sky


Most Christians think it was a rainbow: only that is not what the Hebrew Bible says. Oh, you can find it contemporary translations that say rainbow, but that word for bow is qasheth1 and in the Hebrew Bible qasheth is used 73 times to denote an archers bow or something to do with an archer: Only one time improperly as the term “Rainbow “ Making the Rainbow tradition. However, let us look at the end of the flood texts .

The first day of the Month”


And it came to pass in the six hundred and first year, in the first month,

The first day of the month, the waters were dried up.”

The first day of the lunar month is always the first crescent moon after the new moon The Hebrew Rosha Shauna and Islamic Ramadan holy days starts with the first waxing crescent Moon after the new moon phase ends, which the moon is in the shape of an archer’s bow in the sky. The new moon was to be set aside as an extra Sabbath for the traditional Jewish month: No work on that day. Why is that? A memory trace to the past: A time reflection of that covenant with GOD?

The Twenty Seventh Day of the Month


And in the second month, on the twenty- seventh day of the month the Earth was dry.

The 27th is a waning crescent Moon: An archer’s bow in the sky. No mention of more rain in Genesis 9:13 clouds, yes, but no rain. A SIGN of COVENANT, yes; but rain no. The prism affect takes rain to make a rainbow. So no traditional rainbow could have been in the sky. However, the text said that there was a Crescent Bow Moon in the sky.

The Book of Enoch

107 bit  mars venus moon - Copy

Chapter 58: 12

“I saw that the heavens of the heavens (Mars) shook: that it shook violently (Earthquakes);

“And the angels (angels are water vapors Chapter 66:12)thousands and thousands,

and myriadsʼ of myriadsʼ (millions of millions) were agitated (Shaken as with an Earthquake

Chapter 53 3


Being overwhelmed with hurled stones.”

108 bit mars venus moon

58:2 “For I was incapable of enduring this vision of violence, its agitation (Earth quakes), and the concussion (meteor impacts) of heaven

“the powers of the Most High.”

7″In that day shall be a separating one from another Two monsters a female, whose name is Leviathan (The Moon with its Ice vapor trail),

Dwelling in the depths (space) above the springs of water. (The Moon that caused the tidal bulges of Marsʼ Oceans)

8 The second monster Dendayen (A Disaster planet) The Snake in The Garden of Eden.

12. These two monsters are by the power of GOD prepared to become provisions,

that the punishments of GOD may not be in vain,” (That some good may come out of it.)

Chapter 58: 15 4

These waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.

108 bit mars venus moon

Chapter 66

“These waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.

But when the frost, snow and cold fall upon you, in those days you will be utterly incapable of standing before them”.

Frozen water 300 to 400 degrees below zero as the moon travels through space. Do not lick that ice: your tongue will stick.

110bit  mars venus moon

The moon that was barely removed from the orbit of Mars and then the moon slowly drifted along in a decaying orbit with the water vapor that had turned to ice vapor and had chilled to the ambient temperatures of space 300 to 400 degrees below zero. The Moon and its cloud of frozen water vapor slowly moved toward the sun and Earth: though the Moon still retained some of the orbital rotation of that Mars in relationship to the sun. On its journey to earth the Moon was bombarded by the debris tail of Dendayen (A Disaster planet). The rocks hit more one side the moon than the other because of the moon’s slow rotation. The ancients had a name for the cloud and its moon In the Far East and China “the Azure dragon,” the ancient Coptic prophet Job called it “Leviathan.”

The Moon/Leviathan5

Job spoke of the moons arrival in this manner.

Can you catch the leviathan with a hook?

The planet Dendayen,Venus did.

Or draw him out with a cord

Dendayen did with its gravitational.

Will he make supplications to you?

The Moon did for Dendayen.

“Will he make covenant with you?”

Yes. Dendayen left a bow of Covenant

“Or will you count him as a servant forever?”

Tides: twice a day.

114mars venus moon twelve

These were the tidal forces that are used by man. The similitudes go on and on. And who knows the time that journey took for the moon to arrive here. The time frame is unknown, and the journey may have taken tens of thousands of years. The texts are unclear but at Leviathan’s (the Moon and its water vapor) arrival, things changed on planet Earth.

115 bit mars venus moon

The Riddle of Saba



My researches into writings of Kabalistic Jew6 revealed that those writings were filled with great wisdom; the problem was that their interpretations are Common Interpretations that have been reinforced by generations of “Traditions” of their elite teachers. Gatekeepers that reject large portions of the accepted Torah of the First Century before the Christian era, therefore, I will give you some insights into this Riddle or mash / chiydah called “The Riddle of Saba ” so that way you can try to understand the meaning of this Riddle.

One night, Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yose arrived simultaneously in Migdal Tzur. (The Watchtower of the Rock)They both planned to lodge the night there and were delighted to see each other. Rabbi Yose said, “You don’t know how happy I am to behold the countenance of the Shechina!” For while I was traveling, an old man bothered me, a donkey-driver, who plied me with questions the entire way! ” Rabbi Chaya was intrigued and asked what the questions were? The first Question he asked me was, “What was the snake that flew through the sky and went about all alone, with an ant resting between its teeth? The snake began with union and ended with separation. “ The old donkey-driverʼs Question number two:” What is the eagle that makes her nest in a tree that never was? Her children were stolen away, but not as created beings, for they were created in a place where there is no creation. When they ascend they descend, and when they descend they ascend.” The old donkey-driver’s Question number three: “Who is the beautiful maiden without eyes, whose body is concealed and revealed, who comes out in the morning and disappears during the day, who is adorned with ornaments that never were? TWO IS ONE, AND ONE IS TWO.”

Rabbi Yose continues to tell Rabbi Chiya about the strange old man he had met: “All these three questions (chiydahs or riddles) he asked me on the way, always distressed me. But now I can relax. Had we been together, we would have occupied ourselves with Torah discussions, instead of other nonsensical matters!” Rabbi Chiya asked, “This old man… Do you know anything about him?”Rabbi Yose replied, “This I know: His chatter is worthless, for had he known anything he would have begun discussing Torah, and the journey would not have been wasted!” Rabbi Chiya said, “Is the donkey-driver here? Sometimes those apparently empty-headed fellows can turn out to be a golden bell.” “Here he is, preparing food for his donkey.” said Yose. The Rabbis called him over and the old man came before them. Saba sat down before them and said, “Rabbis! Only recently did I become a donkey-driver. I was not always a donkey-driver. But I have one young son whom I sent to school. And I want him to occupy himself with the Torah. So when I meet a rabbi on my travels; I try to act as his donkey-driver. Today I thought I would hear some novel Torah insights, but I heard nothing “….

Rabbi Yose said, “Of all the things I heard you say; only one of your chiydah (riddles) surprised me. You either said it out of foolishness or because you did not know what you were talking about.”

“And what was that?” asked the old man. “The Third Riddle about the beautiful maiden.” Rabbi Yose said.

The old man began, “I am not afraid to reveal the secrets of the Torah! The Lord is with me, to help me… The LORD is with me, I do not fear – what can man do to me? It is better to rely on the LORD… How good and pleasant, cherished and lofty are the words of Torah. However, shall I proclaim them in front of Rabbis, when I have not heard a single word of Torah from their mouths? As a result, I am not able to judge whether they are indeed diligent enough of learning secrets of the Torah. However, since you had not spoken, a single about words of Torah, I must say that I am not ashamed to say words of Torah before all.”

Unraveling Saba Riddle

The Saba donkey driver sees Rabbi Yose dressed in his rabbinical robes and wishes to feel the depths of this young man’s studies dealing with nature revealed in the Torah. However, it was obvious Rabbi Yose was looking for the “Shechina, the glorious, and ostentatious presents of the well know teachers of his time. However, Saba gave the young man three well known chiydah or story riddles of nature hidden within the Torah to ponder about, but no more.

If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe,

if I tell you of heavenly things?”7

However, Saba gave Rabbi Yose the key to his riddles. Because, if you understand RIDDLE NUMBER THREE, of the Beautiful maiden you can understand the other two. That is why Rabbi Yose was most interested in the riddle of the Beautiful Blind Maiden because that held the key to the other two pieces of the riddle.

Riddle Number Three

The Moon

Who is the beautiful maiden without eyes, whose body is concealed and revealed,

who comes out in the morning and disappears during the day,

who is adorned with ornaments that never were?”

The moon has always been betrayed as a beautiful goddess of the night that is blind. Whose body is concealed and revealed? “Who is adorned with ornaments that never were,” armaments of light and shadow as the month progresses from full moon to new moon and is concealed by earth’s shadow Then from new moon to full moon is revealed by earth’s shadow diminishing. “Who comes out in the morning and disappears during the day. During part of the month when the Moon is on the daylight side of Earth the moon can be seen for only a short time then the sunlight over powers the moonlight and disappears. “Who is adorned with ornaments that never were?” Just shadows of light.

Therefore, the answer to the Third Riddle is the Moon. Number One is Three

The Answer to the First Riddle

Is also the Moon

“What is the snake that flies through the air and goes about all alone,

with an ant resting between its teeth?” He began with union and ended with separation!

Enoch Chapter 58:78


In that day shall be a separating one from another two monsters a female, whose name is Leviathan (The Moon with its Ice vapor trail), Dwelling in the depths (space) above the springs of water. (The Moon that caused the tidal bulges of Mars’s Oceans)

Number Two Equals Number One.

So the second riddle must also be the Moon

And what is the eagle that makes her nest in a tree that never was?

Her children were stolen away but not as created beings,

for they were created in a place where there is no creation.

When they ascend they descend, and when they descend they ascend…”

“And what is an eagle that makes her nest in a tree that never was?…”

The moon was the eagle. Her nest in a tree: (her orbit around the Earth) that never was a tree that was (its orbit allowing the Moon to float in the sky).Her children (rain drops of the deluge) were stolen away but not as created beings, for they were created in a place where there is no creation. (Because they are continuously recreated) “When they ascend they descend, and when they descend they ascend.” (As water evaporates it rises to create clouds then the water of the cloud creates raindrops The moon/ the Eagleʼs and the rain her children)

Kabalistic Jews

The problem for the Jews is that the Torah up until the Second Century CE included the Book of Job and the Book of Enoch at which time Rabbi Simeom Ben Jochai pronounced a curse on all who believed the Book of Enoch/ Noah to be GOD inspired. The reason the book was reviled was because so many Jews believed in the Book of Enoch/ Noah were convinced through that book and by the Christians of the day that the Book of Enoch revealed Jesus as the Messiah. Therefore, how could any Orthodox Jew ever understand the Riddle of Saba when the part of the Torah that explained the riddle was not accepted? Or any Christian because they no longer accept the Book of Enoch/ Noah after the council of Laodicea and Filastrius a church father condemned it as heresy? However, the church fathers of the 2nd and 3rd century such as Origin, Clement of Alexandria and Tertuilian accepted the book as Holy Scripture,

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