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Building the Great Pyramids


Author Howard West provides an impressive amount of evidence that goes beyond today’s simple understanding of Mythology of ancient Egypt
Offering a whirlwind trip into the past to reveal science with in Myths of Great Pyramid of Giza. Modern rationalist believe in using Occam ‘s Razor: “the shaving of a narrative into its simplest terms.”Nevertheless, Howard West’s,Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets:proves that the stories of the Riddle Lords of the Ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids were intentionally encrypted to give two concepts; one in simple terms for their enemies and the common folk, the other locked away; treasure hidden for their heirs. Therefore, the Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids stories today are thought to be, easily understood narratives to entertain the childlike.

The Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt have always baffled the Haughty: However, the haughty hold themselves to be the Gatekeepers of Wisdom. These gatekeepers, therefore, have relegated those stories of the Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids to the status of fairy tales: stories such as of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The same was true about Homer’s works, and his great poems that described a civilization of chariots, fleets of ships, warriors, and palaces, which once flourished on the Greek mainland. For years the Haughty of the Scholarly World had discounted Homer’s story of the expedition to Troy; all these stories have thought to have been colossal and compelling pieces of fictions, on the same lines as today’s writers of fiction as Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, and Ann Rice.

Even so, the Wise knew perfectly well that those story form riddles, myths and legends of ancient Egypt contained deeper meanings. Aristotle (in his Metaphysics, x. 8) admits, with regard to those story form riddles hidden with in mythology, that “much Wisdom had been lost”, and much “added after the mythical style,” while some knowledge, “may have been preserved to our times as the remains of ancient wisdom.” Polybius a Greek historian of the Mediterranean, and world famous for his book called. “The Histories”; in which he covered in detail the period of 220-146 BC; he also confesses, changes in those riddles hidden with in myths and legends were recognized as a “necessary means to (the Gatekeepers) political ends.” Michael Neander (1529-1581) a German astronomer says that the connections between the constellations of the night sky and the ancient legends and riddles were “the fragments of a tradition, which transmitted the knowledge of divine things possessed in the earliest times.” The Myths of ancient Egypt and of Great Pyramid of Giza have now become reality as complex as Minotaur’s Labyrinth. These discoveries present the students of history with a maze of literary and archeological connections that as of yet has no path that satisfies everyone. Think of this book as a ball of thread similar to the ball thread that Ariadne gave Theseus, a ball thread that lead Theseus out of the darkness of Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

The videos below use a computer generated voice because she does a better job with the materials than Howard West. Therefore, if that is your only complaint? A hard cover of this material is available: that way you can hear the information read to you in a voice that is more to your liking.


Princess Entiu-ny


The Egyptians had a belief that if they would place a pool of ink into the hollow of their hand they could see the future (Chiromancy)1: but it was not always ink, no in the distant past it was a pool of Quicksilver (Mercury). That shiny molten liquid metal in their hand would make a mirror, and a face would gaze back at the seer. In ancient Egyptian the word “Hor2 translates to face, in English In the distant past a reflection of one’s face? Yes, the all Seeing Eye of Hor-aspis, the Dweller on the horizon (Horus-ion)3. Harpokrate: the infant Horus the baby sun4 the reflection of the sun in a magic mirror. A papyrus from Thebes produced in the Twenty-first Egyptian Dynasties known as, The Judgment of the Princess Entiu-ny5. This is depicting a scene in ancient Egypt. A young woman is standing before a scale and is presenting three eyes in her hand. Those Eyes are three messages that she received that are depicted at the top of that papyrus.


The three messages all end with an Eye denoting that a mirrored shield sent them from the location depicted by the larger symbol that she is facing above. The messages are quite similar to each other though the message that was from The Hawk (Horus) from atop the Great Pyramid6 is somewhat longer than the others. The little fellow (the baboon) that is sitting on the top of the scales is Egyptian representation of Thoth7 (aka Mercury)8. As he sits on the scales, he has the power to change the outcome of the trial by shifting his weight. The court Jester, Thoth or Mercury, was the real judge in this picture.9

Light Codes

The hardware was available to the people of Greece and to those of the Middle East of more than four thousand years ago. But what did they use for a code system? The Traditions of the Gatekeepers of the Scholarly World, tell us that transcribe-able communication is just a few thousand years old. That they evolved from picture-grams and hieroglyphic, which lead to our modern phonic alphabets of today. Nevertheless, it is the transitional system of Cuneiform and other similar forms with their roots in the ancient heliographic communications systems is where those modern alphabetic systems have their point of origin.

The Book of Enoch10 speaks of several nonhuman beings that gave Mankind certain pieces of knowledge (not all good)11. Some examples are the manufacturing of mirrors with the implication that those mirrors were clad with liquid metal, quicksilver and a written language. Tradition says the Being that gave that written language to Mankind had many names, Thoth, according to Egyptian legend; we are told that at the temple of Hermopolis housed fragments of the Cosmic Egg were found . Thoth himself as one of “The Eight” and was a divine Ibis, that had hatched from that Cosmic Egg. The Egg Souls of Thoth were also called Ogdoad or The Eight”. Thoth was said to be a Martian priest that left Mars prior to its destruction and moved to Khem 12(Egypt) where he founded a new civilization based on the higher knowledge of the Martian society13.

It is a tradition that Thoth gave the Egyptian their form of writing. The Assyria’s Nebo, appropriated the stylus like the Egyptian Thoth and, was the divine scribe. Nibiru (“Nebo Ur”) means the Prophet-Planet and is the ancient name for the planet Mercury in the Neo-Babylonian empire14. In Hindu astronomy the usual name for the planet Mercury was Buddha. Among the descriptive epithets applied to Mercury in India, were Buddha-“mind, spirit, intelligence”,15 “sarvagna” all-knowing,”shadhabhigna-” Possessor of the Six Sciences,” advayavadi–eloquent, unequalled in speech”.16 The Aramaic text called him Hermoni 17 the Greeks called him, Hermes or Armers for the morning star.18 The early culture of Mexico his name was Quechua19, to the ancient Chinese, Fu-his20 The Babylon’s Nabu21 a contraction of what Enoch called him Penemeu and the Roman version of Thoth, Mercury, this god of thought was somewhat androgynous in nature. A symbol of magic and intelligence.

Mercury was associated with quicksilver, the element mercury, and the planet closest to the sun. Mercury was known as the morning star.22 However, the evening star, Mercury was known as Apollo from the Greek prefix Apo:23 “from” and root and “ollumi24: meaning destroyer. Apuleius25 also, asserts that Mercury and Apollo were alternate names for Stilbon,26 “The Gleaming One”, the planet Mercury27. The ancient Germans spoke of their love for the demigod Mercury in a speech by Saxon envoys to Britain c. 450 A.D. Odin (Mercury) a god of strife and war, magic and death. Odin’s worship involved human sacrifices, who were generally hung from trees or crosses. “they worship Mercury, and count it no sin to win his favor on certain days by human sacrifices”.28

Tacitus’s, Germania IX,

“Deos patrios, scilicet Saturnum,Jovem atque ceteros, qui mundum gubernant,

Colimus, maxime autem Mercurium, quem lingua nostra Voden apellamus.”

“We worship the gods of our fathers, that is, Jupiter, Saturn, and the rest of those that rule the world,

but most of all we worship Mercury above all “29

The symbols for Nibiru or Mercury are universal: they are a reed or stylize to form Cuneiform30, winged shoes to denote speed that his messages are delivered, his traveling hat the Petasos31 which has a low crown with a wide brim or wings turn it on its side and it is the silhouette of a Sun Disk, or the Egyptian Eye of Osiris, the udjat. This written language was the Trinary Heilographic Code system known as Cuneiform.32 The symbols are called , Cuneus: (Latin, wedge-form) the symbols used to make this code. These symbols where formed on soft clay tablets or tables with a piece of a reed also called a stylist that is either pushed or pulled in the soft clay of the table. When the message was complete, it would be transcribed onto a soft clay cylinder or roller that would then be kiln dried to harden after the roller cooled it would be painted with oil to keep the soft clay from sticking, when the cylinder was used to roll out copies of the message by placing the cylinder on damp soft clay tables, rolling the cylinder like a fancy pastry textured rolling pin. By that means transferring the message to as many tables as needed, this same system was used in the Jewish watchtowers of Isaiah:.


Prepare the tables, (clay tables) watch in the watchtowers…. O princes and anoint the shield”33

(The Sacred Anointing Oil of Mercury).

Cuneiform Flasher Code

To convert Thoth’s Cuneiform alphabet to a flasher code similar to the famous Morse code is simple. However, even as simple as Cuneiform was, after the message was transcribed, you can find a more stylized form of script for public consumption. The men that transcribed the heliographic messages used the simplest form not the later stylized form.


Notice that the point of this wedge is going left, is equivalent to a Dot. The Morse code short Dash would be an arrow that with its wedge pointing right. The Morse code long Dash, the symbol is a vertical arrow with wedge. Two long Dashes were created with a wedge at the top line of spelling the word and one wedge at the lower end would give a second long dash at the beginning of the last phase of the word’s spelling. Notice the wedge at the top wedge is going down and the bottom wedge is going up also denoting two different long dashes.



The Celtic people of Wales and Ireland used the flasher type of heliographic code in Europe. This code system is called Oghams34 and is formed by incising from one to five straight strokes above or below or both above and below the base line. Again a Trinary type of code system or flasher code system. The piece of stroke that is above the line the stroke would equal a Morris code dot .If the piece of stroke was below the line that stroke would be a Morris Code short dash. When the stroke was on both sides of the line, the symbol would be a long dash.


There are other heliographic codes of the past. However, we need to find the first thread of this Knot. So let us go back to your child hood, grade school and those code breaking handouts. How did you break those codes? First you counted the most used symbols in the text. When using the English language that was almost always the letter E. The next most often used was T followed by I, A, N, O, R, and S. The simple way to remember them is the word that they spell SENORITA35 to break the code handout was a simple matter of you filling in the blanks with the most used letter to make the message make sense. Samuel F. Morris used that same principle to make his famous Morris Code. He made the most used letters the simplest. Now you can win at HANG MAN.

The Greek and the Hebrew alphabets both have a number component to each of the letters. The Greek Ionian letter is A for one or 1 in the Greek Attic and corresponds to Aleph the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet, where the corresponding number go consecutively to the number ten, at that point by tens, ten through ninety. The next letter is one hundred and goes up by one hundred jumps. To nine hundred though some of the last few numbers are not letters in either alphabet: but a type of symbol just for that number. The chart with both alphabets and their corresponding letters, and the Greek Attic equivalents beside that are the flasher code symbols and the equation used to formulate the code.36 This Trinary code again uses the dot, dash and long dash symbols, but unlike the Morris code the symbols are stacked to form characters rather than using the linear system of Morris.

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Arithmomancy the Past and Future Told by Numbers and Light



Notice in the alphanumeric chart, that the number sixty has the same symbol for both codes: the Greek letters and the flasher code transcription. Sorry, but the letter name is Xi: it marks the spot that the two codes match code symbols. As luck (?) would have it, later in history, the ancient Xi symbol was reintroduced; a throwback to the heliographic code of the ancient past. There are many other examples of the connections between the ancient heliographic codes of the past and the Greek alphabet such as delta, however, Xi is the key that unlocks the stacked code and the numeric connection with 5 +1 times 10 value. A symbolic code that was far easier to learn than the linear type used by Morris in his code.

Samechs and Xi


The symbolize concept from


Psalms 10:5a, 25:15, 34:15 , 37:24, 103:15, 119:105, 145:14

Help, Neck yoke Circle


The Greek letter is called Xi1, and the symbol of both the heliographic and the Greek is the same. The Greek word is xio2: to make easier as in: Xulon3; which means, neck yoke. The Egyptian hieroglyph for this character is a cross or what you might call a cross member or a twin handled bar. This bar was attached to a rope allowing the men to push against the bar that was attached to the rope. This added to the ability of transferring human muscle power more efficiently to the moving of an object. When using horses it is called a single tree or in butchering the same device is call a gambrel. The Hebrew word is Samek4: to lean on, take hold, or sustain. The heliographic code is Six a short dash (5) over a dot (+1): Mercy or to make easier, over a long dash (X 10): Make known the power, which is what a lever, or neck yoke does.qum54

Sanskrit, Hebrew and  Greek

There are many other examples of the connections to the heliographic code of the ancients to the origins of systems like Sanskrit, Hebrew and the Greek, however, if you look at the comparison chart of the Arithmomancy you notice that the simplest codes are highlighted because those are the most used letters in the most ancient texts of both the Greek and the Hebrew alphabets.5 That is a tell tail sign of a designed code system that was used with a transmitted system. Additional evidence is that both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets have the same order as the northern Semite alphabet of the Hittites, the Greek and Hebrew alphabets ,also mirror the early Ugaritic Cuneiform symbol because they were all alphanumeric/ heliographic codes. These codes allowed the most used letters to have the simplest symbol that corresponds to 1, 5, 10, 2, 4, 6, 9, 50 and 100. Here is the kicker; the message would be totaled, so that when it was received a line cipher was given with the numeric total of the message or line by line, therefore, if the totals did not match up? The mismatch allowed the error to be discovered and allowing message be re-sent or corrected. There are at least two places where this principle is still used, first in computer code writing so that the errors in the written code can be found if the computer or software has a malfunction and which allows the line cipher to locate where the error is so that error can be fixed.

Then there are the Jews, who still use those number values of their alphabet to total their Holy Scriptures. This is so that, the WORD of GOD would be constant without variations in its transcriptions. The problem is that there are few vowels in Hebrew with a number value and the Hebrew alphabet has mostly constants that do have numeric values. Because a certain group of letters (a word) could have several meanings, Mazoritc Jewish scholars, therefore, would pick vowel points that they felt would best fit the context of the text, sometimes replacing the symbol, h “He” with the similarly formed symbol, x “Cheth” as in the word Messiah. Most of the time they are right, but biases work into some of those translations. The men that do the recopying work of the scriptures are still called Counters6. The reason for this name is because each letter in their sacred texts has to be counted as they transcribe each line, constantly checking to see if the line value equals the line cipher of the older text. If not the error is shown so that error can be found and corrected, if there are too many errors the new scroll must be destroyed. Other ancient alphabets have the same problem of lack of vowels as in the text such as the early Middle Eastern alphabets which caused the problem with the choice of letters in the Great King of Lights, Khatti.7

Nine Hitite sundisk Jpg

This system of line ciphers was put to the test with the discovers of Qumran, since 1948 through the 21st Century of the Christian era. The caves of Qumran have been treasure houses of ancient Hebrew documents. Hundreds of pieces of the Hebrew of the accepted, Holy Writings of the Jews (Tana”kh) have been found, scrolls that when compared to the current accepted texts have matched those modern texts with a +99% accuracy rating. This is amazing to most of the Worlds Secular Scholars, the reason for this accuracy after more than two thousand years of separation? These line ciphers that have their origins in the heliographic codes of the past. Even so, those closely matched texts have had changes with the introduction of the Mazoritc vowel points system that was adopted so that the texts would have consistency with “The Traditions of the Elders” and pronunciation. Still, those meanings of each symbol of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet can be reconstructed through the accepted Cannon of the Jews (Tanakh). These definitions have been imbedded into many texts called acrostics. Texts like Psalms 9-10, 25, 34, 37, 103, 119, 145, Proverbs 31, Lamentations 1, 2, 3, 4 and many others give the definitions to the symbolization of each letter. Using these concepts as definitions as a guide to the Hebrew heliographic code, these references shows amazing continuity with the acrostic definitions when those concepts are used to translate Hebrew into English

. hebrewc

The letters of a given Hebrew word when definition and are compared matches the Hebrew definitions found in most lexicons, though in a riddle format. Even so, there is a grammatical system that takes into account the placement of letters placed creating antonyms, to the left (sinister) side of letters like Dalth, Nun, and others that cause the concept to become antonym of the original letters meanings. Then there are the root, prefixes, suffixes and their combinations, which must be taken into account when deciphering a given Hebrew word using this method. Of course there are words that have been added to the Hebrew vocabulary from the Babylonians, Egyptians and other groups that do not use the same symbolisms of a given letter. Nevertheless, in many cases alphabetic symbolism of other ethnic groups, have similar definitions to the Hebrew heliographic code; and make this system the prototype for many modern alphabets such as Greek, Arabic, and even corresponding to some of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic symbols.


Isaiah scroll

Among the scrolls found at Qumran were found two books. Books that were written in the same self-correcting Hebrew script, however, these books, Job and Enoch contained star references to constellations that were in the wrong places in the sky when compared to where those constellations should have been if the Gatekeeper of knowledge had dated them correctly. The Book of Enoch’s co-author gave twelve monthly textual star references for the year c. 12,500 years ago,8 monthly because the constellations were below the Northern Horizon Circle, thereby enabling the constellations to set with the sun. One of these constellations has only been under the Northern Horizon Circle once in the last c. 26,000 years that was c. 12,500 years ago,9 most of that 26,000 year period the constellation could be seen year round in the northern sky at all hours of the night. In Arabic its main star was called the Yean but you know that star as Polaris our current NORTH STAR and the constellation is now called Ursa Minor. The Progression of the Equinoxes changes the North Star. Hipparchus the Greek of 161-126 years before the Christian era10 began, was the first modern man who had an idea that there was a Progression of the Equinoxes that causes the North Star to change. We now have computer programs like Starry nights and Sky Globe that can show us the skies of 12,000 years ago.


To place Ursa Minor at that location at the time that they were seen means that many changes of the North Star must have transpired since that time. Who could have known about that slow movement of Polaris in the heavens in the distant past? It currently takes a computer to run the stars back in time to even know that the Big and Little Dippers had ever been out of their current location. Historians know that Enoch11 was read and considered Holy Rite by the Jews, in the second Century before the Christian era began. The book of Enoch was known to the Egyptians before that and was placed into their graves as part of the Book of the Dead. Ancient Babylonians had cups and wine vessels that were discovered with inscriptions with the same names of demons that were written in: The Book of Enoch. Moses used one of those same demons names in the Book of Leviticus in the Coptic Text12. The Book of Enoch was referred to by Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jude, Paul, John, Luke, Matthew, and JESUS and may others. Either the writers of Enoch and Job made a very good guess without any facts to base them on, which would be a one hundred million to one shot or those writers were there at that time that those constellations were on the western horizon at sun set during the new moon of June of c. 10,500 years before the Christian era began. 13


The word Merchant has its roots in the word Mercury who was the Roman god of merchants. A merchant with a mercury clad copper or a golden heliographic mirror could use that mirror in conjunction with the Crown’s watchtower system, to contact other merchants and combine their inventories. So if one merchant had extra wheat, and another merchant was out of wheat that was miles away, the lacking merchant would know who had the wheat and could request that some could be shipped to him with a few blinks of light. This mercantilism was an aid to civilizing the world. A trace of a type of communication system that was mentioned in the 13th century of the Christian era. In the traveler, Marco Polo’s account of his visit to the Far East, the account mentions that the Emperor of China was alerted to Polo’s arrival by sunlight reflected by mercury mirrors between mountaintops along Polo’s route.14


Ahura Mazda

In the Middle East there is a Religion whose founder was a fellow by the name of Zoaster15 and this man’s work has spread all over the world even to China where this sect is known as Taoism16. In Persia, there on the Gateway wall that leads into the city of Persepolis is Ahura Mazda, Zoroastrianism god of truth, good and LIGHT. The first thing that you will notice is that he is standing in the middle of a Hittite Sun Disk. Next please note that he has what looks to be a ring in his hand, it is not a ring; but around mercury clad or a golden mirror, which would allow a person to communicate with a watchtower from almost anywhere. This type of heliographic mirror was the same type of mercury clad copper or golden disks that were found by Schiemann at his dig at Mycenae.17.


These magic mirrors were for the military, rich merchants and the ruling class of the time the equal to having a cell-phone of today. A second bas-relief at Persepolis shows Persian subjects bring Tribute to the King. The bearers of these gifts are wearing helmets shaped to look like curls. Notice the man in the middle is bringing a communication link mirror disk; this heliographic system of magic mirrors of the past gave the ancients merchants a system of communication with the use of these small heliographic mirrors.


This feat has only been equaled after the invention of the cell phone systems that are now used in the cities. The mountaintop sentinel gave instant up-dates on troop movements with communication from a single mirror with a visible range of eighty miles with a mirror of only 9-12 inches across18 many of the ancient mirrored shields were several feet in diameters. In India during the latter part of the 19th century, the British heliographs that were placed on mountaintops gave visible distances was extended over a one hundred miles19. In the later part of the 19th century a heliograph system was used in the southwestern part of the United States. A heliograph message could be sent from Prescott, Arizona to Nogal, New Mexico20, until the copper wired telegraph superseded the heliograph.

The military uses of these high ground heliographic systems of surveillance was unequaled until the invention of aircraft and wireless radio communication. The ancients with the uses of the Greek and Hebrew alphanumeric code system that allowed for code to be verified for accuracy. However, that system was used by The Greeks, Jews, Hittites, Assyrians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Celts, Chinese, and even the natives of the New World used this type of heliograph system. A beacon light at night or a large golden shield heliograph such as were constructed by Solomon were, used to broadcast the NEWS of the day over hundreds of square miles. Those blinks of light were in plain view to hundreds if not thousands of people, enabling anyone that was able to decipher the transmission to know what was happening in his world, much as the common man when he listens to the radio or goes to the internet today. Yes! The world before Christ had much of what Modern Man holds as his Greatest Accomplishments: such as lighting fast communications between cities hundreds of miles apart, personal communication devices similar to modern cell phones in the form of golden mirrors. Even wide disbursal NEW outlets for the Masses in the form of large mirrors that used up to 218 ounces of gold leaf. The reflections from the Great Pyramid could be seen in Israel.21

Even so, the end of the Golden Age of the heliograph was caused by: War22, thieves, a lack of mercury, and gold: but mostly the decline was caused by the lust for control by men like King David and King Shishank that caused the decline of the Golden age of communication. Small wars would cause the loss of equipment until too few were available for service and the system collapsed, so by the time that the Roman Empire was on the scene: the Golden Age of Light Speed Communication had mostly faded into legends and myths and the secret of the Golden age of commutation was lost for centuries, however, remnants of that Golden Age still remain.


The most impressive of all watchtowers is still standing the Great Pyramid of Giza four hundred and fifty feet tall with a platform, instead of a sharpened apex. As I have mentioned, the means of transmission was a Line of Sight system and the machines to transmit that code were mirrors and beacon fires. The word Pyramid in Greek: is broken down to pyra23 which means beacon fire or lights and mid or metronto count or measure. The Hebrew word for pyramid is Urim-middin is Urim24 which means lights and middin to measure or count. On top of The Pyramid the back of the US one dollar bill has the Eye of Osiris, the udjat, that machine was a golden mirror that would be winked with a disk or eyelid on a stick to transmit the code.


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Part Three, Water in the Desert, Ramps verses Crocodiles



There have been many books and television shows about how the Great Pyramids were built. Let us start with those theories on how to build the pyramid the hard way: Most of those theories used ramps of some kind.1 Though on the late night talk shows some guests say the lifting of the stone was done by space aliens, other theories say the lifting was done by Giant Cone headed men that hummed them into place, still others say the lifting was done by good or bad Angels. My favorite failed theory was airlifting the stones. We will talk about that theory but even that system was far too slow.

The Long Ramp Theory

The mainstream theories of the Egyptologist use ramps. The most common is the long ramp. The theory goes: that the slaves could not push a huge block of stone up a gradient of more than (ten to one) ten feet of horizontal movement2 to one-foot vertical movement. To build the Pyramid to the projected height of 480 feet tall with ramps, you would need a ramp four thousand, eight hundred feet long of material that is very hard and smooth. (Have you ever tried to push a car in sand?). The volume of materials that would be needed would be more than EIGHT MILLION CUBIC YARDS3. Nevertheless, some construction engineers say to lift all those stones; it would take FOUR of those ramps4 which would be more than THIRTY TWO-MILLION cubic yards of materials5. The Great Pyramid itself only has a little more than two-point eight million cubic yards of materials. But where did all the materials6 go that were used to build those ramps after the construction was finished?



Spiral Ramp Theory

Former professor, John Blaines of Oxford University developed a spiral ramp theory by which the Egyptians went round and round the pyramid until the stone blocks on log rollers reached the top.7 The problem is that those log rollers do not make tight turns. The blocks would fall off before they could make the turn. Unless the ramps were far beyond the foot print of the structure itself which would take almost as much materials as a straight Long Ramp.



Many Fringe Egyptologist say Edward Leedskalnin knew the secret method used to lift the stones used in the pyramid construction. Sadly, No, Ed used a large compressor and tube type truck tires as lifting bags to air lift the stones for his Corral Castle in Miami, Florida. No magic, sorry, a photo shows an air compressor in the background taken during the construction phase –simple but effective– Nonetheless, Egyptians had a much faster and easier way of moving stones.

Aesop’s Thirsty Dog

In this story, the Dog (the common or unclean) was thirsty. However, the water that he was given by the stork or Egyptian Ibis (Thoth) was in the bottom of a narrow container. Making an easy drink for the Dog impossible, Even so, the Dog solved his problem by placing stones into the container, in so doing raised the water level allowing him to drink. That problem of thirst and the solution of placing stones into a water source is the “Key Stone” to understanding the Egyptian process of stacking the stones 450 feet above the valley floor. The Geological records of the river Nile basin and the world wide sea level records (see charts8), tell us that in the later portion of the Pleistocene Epoch Earth was in a time of Great Drought. Even so, at that time of drought, (12,500 to 13,500 years ago) the Nile river level suddenly rose by hundreds of feet, an event that turned the Nile River Valley and delta into a fruitful place for man in a time the rest of the world was in a Great Drought. Then almost as suddenly eight thousand years later about 2141 years before the Christian era began the river levels dropped about the same amount.


The Geological Record of Egypt


Great Pyramids were constructed about 13,000 years ago

The Gatekeepers of knowledge will not consider the evidence that the three Great Pyramids were constructed about 13,000 years ago at the end of the Pleistocene Epoch. To have that date verified would foul up their carefully crafted “Traditions” of the development of Civilization. Verifying that there was a civilization that far advanced would cause “The Traditions” of countless Scholars to go up in “Smoke.”


Even so, there is evidence of just that construction date. The Book of Job places the Great Pyramid construction in a time when Polaris was a seasonal star of early summer, not a Pole star as it is today. Polaris only becomes a seasonal star when the Progressions of the Equinoxes moves that star below the Northern Horizon Circle. That only happens to Polaris once every 26,000 years and then only for a few years, and the last time Polaris was under the Northern Horizon Circle was 12,000 to 13,000 years ago, A time that matches the astronomer, Robert Bauva’s10 alignment of three Great Pyramids with the three stars of Orion’s Belt. Bauva determined that the three Great pyramids have the same relationship in size ratio and placement as the three stars in the Belt of Orion as they were seen from earth 12,450 years ago.11 Even the colors of those stars match the three Great Pyramids, white, red and white.

three Pyramids white

This one shall comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands

These pieces of “seemingly implausible” evidence have been rejected by the Gate Keeper of History; nevertheless, the “Spinner of Time” has locked those pieces of silk threads into place with geological records of The Nile River Valley. Geological records show the Nile River level rising hundreds of feet during a time of World Wide Drought12, a river level rise that has NO NATURAL reason to rise during a time of regional drought.

About that time (13,000 years ago) a man named Lemech who had a son and when he was born Lemech said of his son:

This one shall comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which the lord has cursed.”13

The son of Lemech went by many Names: Gilgamesh called him Utnapishtim,14 The Aztecs called him Coxcoxtli15, the Central Americans called him Tezcatil16, To the Brahmans he had the name Manu17. This man also authored most of the book now known as the Book of Enoch, because portions of his book were incorporated into the Book of Enoch over the centuries.


All the same, we must first deal with another member of “the family”; Great-Great-Great Grandpa Khunm (Khain) Khufu. The name Khufu meant in the ancient Semitic tongue, “to cover up.18 And in Greek, Cheops means, a well-watered garden19. Khufu built the Great Pyramid and controlled the annual flooding of the Nile River. Now how did he do his amazing feats of engineering, like controlling the flooding of the Nile? The same way the Egyptians control the annually flooding now: with an irrigation dam of course. As Sherlock Homes would say, “The Game is a foot.” The development of irrigation systems was said to be the one of the biggest factors in the civilization of man. Egypt is the birthplace of that science.20 Along the Nile, irrigation was used and Egypt became known as “Wheat Cakes.” The problem with the Nile is that the river is in flood or drought. That is one of the reasons that the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser were built, to regulate the flow of the Nile

Plateau or Valley?

The Experts say that, “The Great Pyramid is on a big flat plateau”, giving you pictures of a flat land that looks as if that plateau goes on for hundreds of miles, and that plateau does go on for hundreds of miles. Even so, the River Nile cuts a very deep valley through that plateau. Back in the country where I come from we call that kind of thinking being a “Flat Lander;” or what you might call being a two-dimensional thinker.

 74jpg Isis Dam sat zzzegypt flood zone1

The Nile river valley is hundreds of feet deep and in some places eight to twelve miles wide then narrowing to spots like where the Aswan dam is now, and behind that dam is Lake Nasser which is the Second Sea of Nun. This lake is very important in the history of the future.

Egypt Sat

These narrows in the Nile valley are called cataracts. There is a narrowing just up the river from Cairo and then the Nile River begins its delta. That narrows is a lot wider now than it was ten thousand years ago; although just a few years ago a hydroelectric dam project was canceled at that point. The reason was that dam’s lake would have covered the Great Pyramid.

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Earth Changes c. 10,500 BC



Pandora and Her Box

The Common interpretation is that plagues were released upon the opening of Pandora’s gift from Zeus. Plagues that caused no end of trouble for Pandora and her friends because, as hard as Pandora tried; she could not recapture the beasties once they were freed from their container. However, the parallel interpretation of this story it is “Wisdom” that has been locked within story riddles, knowledge that is rejected out of hand by “The Gatekeepers of the Scholarly World:” Just as Cassandra’s wisdom was rejected by the Gate Keepers of Troy. However, once those men were out of the box of the wooden horse there was no end to the frustration to the Gate Keepers after the gates of the city were open. The Earth Changes of c. 10,500 years before the Christian era is one such Pandora’s Box.


Super Storms c. 10,500 BC

Earth Changes and Super Storms seem to be on most people’s minds today. Is Man causing the changes or are those changes cyclical? To answer that question we must go back in time to a Storm that make the problems we are having today seem like a calm spring day. Fortunately, those Earth Changes and that Super Storm of 12,500 years ago have been documented in Earth’s geological record and in story riddles from around the world, stories that have been told and re-told for thousands of years. About 13,500 to 12,500 years ago Earth was in a time of sea level stagnation for 1,000 years according to the geological record.1 Suddenly sea-levels rose 26.7 feet in less than 100 years2. Then sea levels continued to rise at a rate of 1.5 inches per year for the next 4,000 years3, scientist that study this type of things call these sudden sea level rise: Melt Water Pulses.


Freezing  a Woolly Mammoth

These anomalies occurred in a geological time called the Quaternary Period which is subdivided into the Pleistocene Epoch, which was most of the Quaternary period in prehistory, and the Holocene or Recent Epoch, which is only the last c. 12,000 to 14,000 years which is the point of those Earth changes and that Super storm which saw the development of the Earth’s present-day topography relief and scenery. The climate changes during this period caused accompanying changes in the form of life now on Earth. Many large animals became extinct such as: woolly mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, saber tooth tigers, and mastodons.4 Many of these animals were quick-frozen. To freeze a woolly Mammoth the process would take ambient temperatures of 300 to 400 degrees below zero, any warmer than that, they would rot from the inside. But the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Antarctic was only 129 degrees below zero5 so how did they get frozen before their insides rotted6? The answer to that question comes from ancient books that date their texts with star references dating to 12,500 years ago when Polaris was a seasonal star for the month of June. The exact time is 12,500 years ago of “The Melt Water Pulse 1B”. Prior to proceeding, we must untie some knots first.

Rapid Sea-Level Rise

In early Holocene7

greenland glasure cover 4

Onset of Post Glacial Evolution

Of the Pearl River Delta

Delta Conference- Jan. 10-17, 2005,

Ho Chi MinhCity, Vietnam

Dr. Yongqiang Zong8

“Study Area the Pearl River Delta situates on the south coast of China, and is connected to a drainage basin. Three main rivers (West, North and East Rivers) drain into the drowned coastal basin and, during the Holocene, created two deltaic complexes the sandwich the present day.

The results show that relative sea-level ( in the Pearl River Delta) reached -25m (82 feet below the current sea-level) by c. 11,000 years BP (Before the Christian Era), possibly after a short period of stagnation. (No change in sea-level for almost 1,000 years) Shortly before 10,000 BP (BCE), relative sea-level rose to c.-17M (55.25 feet below current sea-level a rise of 26.75 feet in less than 100 years), apparently in result to the Melt Water Pulse 1B. The rate of such a relative sea-level is potentially as high as 8mm/a (3.1625 inches per year) Between 10,000 BP (BCE) and 6,000 BP (BCE), relative sea-level rose steadily for approximately 16m (to within 39 inches of our current sea-level, during that 4,000 years period ), at a rate of 4mm/a. ( 1.5 inches per year). Then the last part of that sea level rise then took almost another 8,000 years to make up that last 39 inches.

The results from the Pearl River Delta are comparable with Sea-levels reconstructed from Barbados (Fairbanks, 1989), Tahiti, and New Guinea (Bard et al., 1996) These sea-level records reveal the rapid rise in sea-level corresponding to the Melt Water Pulse-1B followed by a continuous rise MWP1B was the second of these events the first (Melt Water Pulse 1A) occurred from about c. 14,000 BCE and lasted until the Period of Stagnation in c. 11,000 BCE. This accounted for the balance of the 300 feet of Sea-level rise based on the Barbados, Pearl River, Tahiti, and New Guinea data of 12.5 feet per hundred years until c. 6,000 BCE”

So what did Dr. Yongqiang Zong and the others scientist’s research tell us?

That a Hell of a lot of ice from somewhere

Melted really fast c. 12,500 years ago”

Doing the rough estimate of that amount of fossil fuel; that would be needed to heat Earth at that time to melt enough snow and ice to cause the Melt Water Pulse 1 B and then maintain a seal level rise of twelve and one half feet every hundred years for the next four thousand years is beyond comprehension. Theoretically, to melt just one cubic foot of ice the process would take the burning of one half gallon of gasoline. Multiplying that by the number of square feet in one square mile (27,878,400) times; just the MWP1B sea level rise of 26.7 feet (during a one hundred year period); times all the square miles of the world’s oceans at that time. Because we have geological records of the one thousand years just prior that show sea-level stagnation caused by constant seasonal temperatures, just prior to the MWP1B sea-level spike. Sorry the math does not match “the Common Theories” of the melt of the last Ice Age. We know that at the same time (c. 10,500 years before the Christian era) woolly mammoths were being FLASH FROZEN9 by temperatures of over 300 degrees below zero F. This paradox can be explained, but not by the Common theories we have been expected to believe.

When Polaris was a seasonal star of early summer”

1 a d a t north stars - Copy marsic - Copy10

This is the Astronomical Time Stamp that the “Uncommon Historical Model of the Earth Changes” of 10,500 years before the Christian era starts out with an occurrence that only happens for a few years about every 26,000 years. The last time that occurred was during the Early Holocene Period11 when the Melt Water Pulse 1B was raging across planet Earth. This was when Sea Levels to rise by 26.7 feet in less than 100 years. Earth saw sudden extinctions by hypothermia and the development of most of Earth’s Topographical Relief.

The origins of these sudden Earth Changes were “Historically” known to be caused by an Interplanetary Storm with names like: “The Mighty Serpent (snake) that brought the Fatal Winter” from the Zoroastrians traditions, “The Snake that flies with an ant in its mouth” in the Riddle of Saba, “Adad” from the Gilgamesh Epic, “Vishnu” of the Brahman, The Chinese’s have their “ Azure Dragon” and then there is Sin, Luna, Aremis, Dereto, and Arargatis, Stories from around the World having one theme. These historical vignettes along with documentation from NASA own missions and astrophysical evidence from throughout the Inner Solar System are pieces of the same puzzle. Evidence that has been expunged from our Science Research Centers “Radar Screens”; evidence from the Historical Model of Earth Changes of c.10, 500 years before the Christian era that NASA hopes they can continue to ignore.

Professor Tollman of the University of Vienna, Austria, speaks of an inter-planetary ice storm.12 A storm that appears to have included a chain of up to a dozen individual catastrophes, including: Earthquakes, geological deformations, vapors plume and tidal waves. Bill Naapier of the Royal Edinburgh Observatory; Dr. Duncan Steel of Space Guard Australia; and Benny Peiser of Liverpool John Moore’s University are among a growing number of scientist who propose that an interplanetary ice storm hit earth thousands of years ago.13


Middle Eastern Riddle

A Super Storm:

Tiak speaking of the god of Zoaster (Ahura Mazda)

Vendidida, Fargard I 14

And Ahura Mazda spoke unto Yima saying: Yima the Fair. (The albino) upon the material world a fatal winter is about to descend,

that shall bring a vehement destroying FROST, upon the corporeal world will the Evil of winter fallen great abundance.

“The first of the good lands and countries which I, Ahura Mazda, created was Airyana Vaejo…

Then Angra Mainyu, who is full of death, created an Opposition to the same, a mighty serpent (Leviathan)

 and snow, ten months of winter are there now two months of summer,

and these are as cold as water, cold as to the Earth, cold as to the trees…

There all-around falls deep snow; that is the direst of plagues.15

Doctor Kent Hovind16 research on how cold does the ambient temperatures need to be to freeze an elephant in conjunction with research done by Birdseye Food Inc. was rather enlightening. Did you know that if you try to freeze an elephant with the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth according to “The Antarctic Connection” the coldest temperature was recorded on Earth at 129 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.17 The folks at Birdseye said that, The elephant would rot from the inside before the process could be completed.” Even so, when woolly Mammoths are found the food in their stomach is still green. The people at Birdseye stated that:


to freeze those beasties quickly enough to keep the food fresh would take temperatures of c.300 to 400 degrees below zero F.

to complete the process to allow for that food not to rot.18

112 bitmars venus moon (2)

Prior to the point of contact with Earth the interplanetary storm’s water ice vapor would have chilled to the ambient temperatures of space c.300-400 degrees below zero F. When the ice vapor finally arrived the atmosphere was quickly cooled causing precipitation: first rain, and then snow. This snow at the Polar Regions would still be at the very cold temperature that would be needed to freeze the Mammoths. At that temperature the snow would seem like fire. This temperature of c. 300 to 400 degrees below zero F. would also allow the blood to freeze with small ice crystals that are found in those retrieved mammoths. If the temperatures were as the warmer 129 below zero F. those temperatures would make much larger ice crystals that are not consistent with the samples of mammoth’s blood.19

Book of Enoch 20

And the Angels (water vapors) shall ascend Into Space; the springs of water shall be changed

And again undergo a change, and be FROZEN.21

The Water Became Like Fire”

At the point of contact with Earth the water vapor had turned to ice vapor and had chilled to the ambient temperatures of space 300-400 degrees below zero F: the atmosphere was quickly cooled causing precipitation; “first rain then snow.” This snow at the polar region would still be at the very cold temperature that would be needed to freeze the Mammoths quickly at that temperature the snow would seem like fire. This temperature of 300 to 400 degrees below zero would also allow the blood to freeze with small ice crystals that are found in those retrieved mammoths.

These waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.”

“But when the frost, snows and cold fall upon you,

in those days you will be utterly incapable of standing before them.22

Victor Clube, an astrophysicist at Oxford University, has linked one such interplanetary storm to that same time 14,000 to 9,000 years ago. Events of sufficient magnitude to destroy all traces of MWP1A and MWP1B civilization and Sea–levels rose by 300 feet in many areas flooding any maritime cultures. As a matter of fact, an article from the Discovery Magazine 1998 states that Earth is still being bombarded with huge lumps of ice even today remnants of that super storm. Dr. Kent Hovind also states that those pieces of ice are at a temperature of c. 300 to 400 degrees below zero.23” Those chunks of ice are remnants of that Interplanetary Ice Storm of 10,500years before the Christian era.24

DISCOVER Vol. 19 No. 01

Snowballs, Flying in From Space

By Tim Appenzeller


Could Lou Frank be right after all? Twelve years ago, the University of Iowa space physicist startled his colleagues with an explanation for tiny dark spots in satellite images of the upper atmosphere. he spots said Frank, Marked places where house-size snowballs, flying in from space 20 times a minute, were expiring in clouds of water vapor underneath the satellite, briefly blocking its view of the atmosphere ultraviolet glow Explanation for tiny dark spots in satellite images of the upper atmosphere. “I don’t know how else to get that water up there unless you just put it in by hand,” says Thomas Donahue of the University of Michigan. And Robert Meier of the Naval Research Laboratory Thomas Donahue Asks; “certainly willing to acknowledge that he is observing something. And why the hell isn’t Mars inundated with water?”

An Interplanetary Ice Storm would explain The Melt Water Pulse anomalies and the Astrophysicist Professor Tollman also speaks of an inter-planetary ice stor,m. “The consequence of the impact of a comet explosion appears to have included a chain of up to a dozen individual catastrophes.25” Only one problem with this theory: Comets are NOT DIRTY SNOW BALLS. A Harvard astronomer, Fred Whipple, in the nineteen fifties developed a theory that comet’s nuclei were “DIRTY SNOWBALLS.26” On July 4th 2005 NASA lost a bet. NASA spent millions of taxpayer dollars only to have Fred Whipple’s “Dirty Snowball Comet Theory” blow up in a “cloud of dust.” NASA thought that “The Deep Impact Mission” was going to the quin-ta accentual comet “Tempel 1” to confirm that comets were “Dirty Snowballs full of water.” However, the “Impactor” drilled a dry hole!

Deep Impact Was a


Press Release No.: 05-23



Center for Astrophysics

By P. Pullian July 8, 2005


Cambridge, MA- Smithsonian astronomers watched as the “Impactor Probe” from NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft hit Comet Tempel 1 earlier this week (July 4th 2005). They monitored the impact using the ground-based Submillimeter Array (SMA) in Hawaii and NASA’s orbiting Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS). Results are still coming in, but so far the scientists report seeing only weak emission from water vapor (if it had been a dirty snowball the Deep Impact copper Impactor would have had very strong emissions of water) and a host of other gases that were expected to erupt from the impact site. The most conspicuous feature of the blast was brightening due to sunlight scattered by the ejected dust.”

Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite

Principal investigator Gary Melnick of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said.

It’s pretty clear that this event did not produce a gusher,”.

“The more optimistic predictions for water output from the impact haven’t materialized, at least not yet?”


For some strange reason NASA still clings to Fred Whipple’s


Even though the HARD DATA from the Tempel 1 Mission copper Impactor clearly shows that comets are made up of mostly rock and have very little water ice. In fact the first estimates were only one quarter inch of light snow on the surface of Tempel 1.according to my conversation with NASA’s’ Don Yeoman The data from the Submillimeter Array (SMA) in Hawaii and NASA’s orbiting Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) was a shocking surprised to NASA, an outcome that disproved Fred’s “-Dirty Snow-Ball-Theory” and many other theories based on this Dirty Snowball concept. However, Don Yeoman of NASA called me (Howard West) on July, 13, 2009 to try to convince me that the water ice recently confirmed ice on the moon was from cometary impacts. Then a strange thing happened on September 24, 2009 the L.C.R.O.S.S. Orbiter, India’s Space Agency and the SWAS’s data was released, data showing water vapor escaping over the Moon’s surface, water that the failed “Dirty Snowball Theory” cannot explain.



where did the Moon’s water ice come from? Consequently, on October, 10, 2009 when two of NASA’s space craft went crashing into the water ice-filled craters at the Moon’s south pole they did as much damage as a bullet fired into a snow drift of powered snow, NASA failed again to confirm Whipple’s dirty snow ball theory, because, a “Dirty Snow Ball Comet would have left compacted water ice not FLUFF WATER ICE. Don Yeoman of NASA was not happy when confronted with that fact on October, 10, 2009, because NASA was depending on the solid water ice as propellant to be used in thermal nuclear rockets.27


A proven nuclear water steam rocket system

Developed in the mid-1960.

A nuclear water steam propulsion system with thrust out puts which can be designed to exceed that of the Space Shuttle liquid Hydrogen oxygen rocket engines.28 These nuclear engines are much cheaper to operate because there is no need to break the bond of the water molecule to then reform that bond in an explosive combustion. Just inject the solid water ice into the chamber containing “the super-hot nuclear pile”. This nuclear heated steam system is also cheaper because, the propellant can be stored in solid form there is no need for expensive pressurized containers.


The other advantage for NASA would have been if this solid water ice had been on the Moon and comets as refueling stations However, without this solid water ice on the moon and comets NASA had to reconfigure its future of man space exploration: the reason being that the moon’s water ice is too light and fluffy (a type of water ice that cannot be from a snowball type comet impact): the ice from a snowball comet would be hard and compacted. NASA also can’t figure out why the water ice of the moon eats their probes like the cotton in a ballistic testing chamber. That was not how the Dirty Snow Ball theory said that water ice should have been deposited.

To understand where that fluffy water ice on the Moon it self came from we must first understand where the Moon came from. To find that out we need to look at the chemical analysis of lunar samples brought back by Apollo missions, which indicate that the Moon’s rocks are heavily depleted in volatile materials sodium potassium, and very little Iron, though high in Titanium and Calcium.

However, the L.C.R.O.S.S. Orbiter,

Indiaʼs Space Agency and the SWASʼs data released

September, 24, 2009 and they showed water vapor escaping over the Moon’s surface not just at its poles.


1 sample dust cover 2

Locked Gates, the Riddle Lord’s Secrets by Howard West

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God’s Bow in the Sky


Most Christians think it was a rainbow: only that is not what the Hebrew Bible says. Oh, you can find it contemporary translations that say rainbow, but that word for bow is qasheth1 and in the Hebrew Bible qasheth is used 73 times to denote an archers bow or something to do with an archer: Only one time improperly as the term “Rainbow “ Making the Rainbow tradition. However, let us look at the end of the flood texts .

The first day of the Month”


And it came to pass in the six hundred and first year, in the first month,

The first day of the month, the waters were dried up.”

The first day of the lunar month is always the first crescent moon after the new moon The Hebrew Rosha Shauna and Islamic Ramadan holy days starts with the first waxing crescent Moon after the new moon phase ends, which the moon is in the shape of an archer’s bow in the sky. The new moon was to be set aside as an extra Sabbath for the traditional Jewish month: No work on that day. Why is that? A memory trace to the past: A time reflection of that covenant with GOD?

The Twenty Seventh Day of the Month


And in the second month, on the twenty- seventh day of the month the Earth was dry.

The 27th is a waning crescent Moon: An archer’s bow in the sky. No mention of more rain in Genesis 9:13 clouds, yes, but no rain. A SIGN of COVENANT, yes; but rain no. The prism affect takes rain to make a rainbow. So no traditional rainbow could have been in the sky. However, the text said that there was a Crescent Bow Moon in the sky.

The Book of Enoch

107 bit  mars venus moon - Copy

Chapter 58: 12

“I saw that the heavens of the heavens (Mars) shook: that it shook violently (Earthquakes);

“And the angels (angels are water vapors Chapter 66:12)thousands and thousands,

and myriadsʼ of myriadsʼ (millions of millions) were agitated (Shaken as with an Earthquake

Chapter 53 3


Being overwhelmed with hurled stones.”

108 bit mars venus moon

58:2 “For I was incapable of enduring this vision of violence, its agitation (Earth quakes), and the concussion (meteor impacts) of heaven

“the powers of the Most High.”

7″In that day shall be a separating one from another Two monsters a female, whose name is Leviathan (The Moon with its Ice vapor trail),

Dwelling in the depths (space) above the springs of water. (The Moon that caused the tidal bulges of Marsʼ Oceans)

8 The second monster Dendayen (A Disaster planet) The Snake in The Garden of Eden.

12. These two monsters are by the power of GOD prepared to become provisions,

that the punishments of GOD may not be in vain,” (That some good may come out of it.)

Chapter 58: 15 4

These waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.

108 bit mars venus moon

Chapter 66

“These waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.

But when the frost, snow and cold fall upon you, in those days you will be utterly incapable of standing before them”.

Frozen water 300 to 400 degrees below zero as the moon travels through space. Do not lick that ice: your tongue will stick.

110bit  mars venus moon

The moon that was barely removed from the orbit of Mars and then the moon slowly drifted along in a decaying orbit with the water vapor that had turned to ice vapor and had chilled to the ambient temperatures of space 300 to 400 degrees below zero. The Moon and its cloud of frozen water vapor slowly moved toward the sun and Earth: though the Moon still retained some of the orbital rotation of that Mars in relationship to the sun. On its journey to earth the Moon was bombarded by the debris tail of Dendayen (A Disaster planet). The rocks hit more one side the moon than the other because of the moon’s slow rotation. The ancients had a name for the cloud and its moon In the Far East and China “the Azure dragon,” the ancient Coptic prophet Job called it “Leviathan.”

The Moon/Leviathan5

Job spoke of the moons arrival in this manner.

Can you catch the leviathan with a hook?

The planet Dendayen,Venus did.

Or draw him out with a cord

Dendayen did with its gravitational.

Will he make supplications to you?

The Moon did for Dendayen.

“Will he make covenant with you?”

Yes. Dendayen left a bow of Covenant

“Or will you count him as a servant forever?”

Tides: twice a day.

114mars venus moon twelve

These were the tidal forces that are used by man. The similitudes go on and on. And who knows the time that journey took for the moon to arrive here. The time frame is unknown, and the journey may have taken tens of thousands of years. The texts are unclear but at Leviathan’s (the Moon and its water vapor) arrival, things changed on planet Earth.

115 bit mars venus moon

The Riddle of Saba



My researches into writings of Kabalistic Jew6 revealed that those writings were filled with great wisdom; the problem was that their interpretations are Common Interpretations that have been reinforced by generations of “Traditions” of their elite teachers. Gatekeepers that reject large portions of the accepted Torah of the First Century before the Christian era, therefore, I will give you some insights into this Riddle or mash / chiydah called “The Riddle of Saba ” so that way you can try to understand the meaning of this Riddle.

One night, Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yose arrived simultaneously in Migdal Tzur. (The Watchtower of the Rock)They both planned to lodge the night there and were delighted to see each other. Rabbi Yose said, “You don’t know how happy I am to behold the countenance of the Shechina!” For while I was traveling, an old man bothered me, a donkey-driver, who plied me with questions the entire way! ” Rabbi Chaya was intrigued and asked what the questions were? The first Question he asked me was, “What was the snake that flew through the sky and went about all alone, with an ant resting between its teeth? The snake began with union and ended with separation. “ The old donkey-driverʼs Question number two:” What is the eagle that makes her nest in a tree that never was? Her children were stolen away, but not as created beings, for they were created in a place where there is no creation. When they ascend they descend, and when they descend they ascend.” The old donkey-driver’s Question number three: “Who is the beautiful maiden without eyes, whose body is concealed and revealed, who comes out in the morning and disappears during the day, who is adorned with ornaments that never were? TWO IS ONE, AND ONE IS TWO.”

Rabbi Yose continues to tell Rabbi Chiya about the strange old man he had met: “All these three questions (chiydahs or riddles) he asked me on the way, always distressed me. But now I can relax. Had we been together, we would have occupied ourselves with Torah discussions, instead of other nonsensical matters!” Rabbi Chiya asked, “This old man… Do you know anything about him?”Rabbi Yose replied, “This I know: His chatter is worthless, for had he known anything he would have begun discussing Torah, and the journey would not have been wasted!” Rabbi Chiya said, “Is the donkey-driver here? Sometimes those apparently empty-headed fellows can turn out to be a golden bell.” “Here he is, preparing food for his donkey.” said Yose. The Rabbis called him over and the old man came before them. Saba sat down before them and said, “Rabbis! Only recently did I become a donkey-driver. I was not always a donkey-driver. But I have one young son whom I sent to school. And I want him to occupy himself with the Torah. So when I meet a rabbi on my travels; I try to act as his donkey-driver. Today I thought I would hear some novel Torah insights, but I heard nothing “….

Rabbi Yose said, “Of all the things I heard you say; only one of your chiydah (riddles) surprised me. You either said it out of foolishness or because you did not know what you were talking about.”

“And what was that?” asked the old man. “The Third Riddle about the beautiful maiden.” Rabbi Yose said.

The old man began, “I am not afraid to reveal the secrets of the Torah! The Lord is with me, to help me… The LORD is with me, I do not fear – what can man do to me? It is better to rely on the LORD… How good and pleasant, cherished and lofty are the words of Torah. However, shall I proclaim them in front of Rabbis, when I have not heard a single word of Torah from their mouths? As a result, I am not able to judge whether they are indeed diligent enough of learning secrets of the Torah. However, since you had not spoken, a single about words of Torah, I must say that I am not ashamed to say words of Torah before all.”

Unraveling Saba Riddle

The Saba donkey driver sees Rabbi Yose dressed in his rabbinical robes and wishes to feel the depths of this young man’s studies dealing with nature revealed in the Torah. However, it was obvious Rabbi Yose was looking for the “Shechina, the glorious, and ostentatious presents of the well know teachers of his time. However, Saba gave the young man three well known chiydah or story riddles of nature hidden within the Torah to ponder about, but no more.

If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe,

if I tell you of heavenly things?”7

However, Saba gave Rabbi Yose the key to his riddles. Because, if you understand RIDDLE NUMBER THREE, of the Beautiful maiden you can understand the other two. That is why Rabbi Yose was most interested in the riddle of the Beautiful Blind Maiden because that held the key to the other two pieces of the riddle.

Riddle Number Three

The Moon

Who is the beautiful maiden without eyes, whose body is concealed and revealed,

who comes out in the morning and disappears during the day,

who is adorned with ornaments that never were?”

The moon has always been betrayed as a beautiful goddess of the night that is blind. Whose body is concealed and revealed? “Who is adorned with ornaments that never were,” armaments of light and shadow as the month progresses from full moon to new moon and is concealed by earth’s shadow Then from new moon to full moon is revealed by earth’s shadow diminishing. “Who comes out in the morning and disappears during the day. During part of the month when the Moon is on the daylight side of Earth the moon can be seen for only a short time then the sunlight over powers the moonlight and disappears. “Who is adorned with ornaments that never were?” Just shadows of light.

Therefore, the answer to the Third Riddle is the Moon. Number One is Three

The Answer to the First Riddle

Is also the Moon

“What is the snake that flies through the air and goes about all alone,

with an ant resting between its teeth?” He began with union and ended with separation!

Enoch Chapter 58:78


In that day shall be a separating one from another two monsters a female, whose name is Leviathan (The Moon with its Ice vapor trail), Dwelling in the depths (space) above the springs of water. (The Moon that caused the tidal bulges of Mars’s Oceans)

Number Two Equals Number One.

So the second riddle must also be the Moon

And what is the eagle that makes her nest in a tree that never was?

Her children were stolen away but not as created beings,

for they were created in a place where there is no creation.

When they ascend they descend, and when they descend they ascend…”

“And what is an eagle that makes her nest in a tree that never was?…”

The moon was the eagle. Her nest in a tree: (her orbit around the Earth) that never was a tree that was (its orbit allowing the Moon to float in the sky).Her children (rain drops of the deluge) were stolen away but not as created beings, for they were created in a place where there is no creation. (Because they are continuously recreated) “When they ascend they descend, and when they descend they ascend.” (As water evaporates it rises to create clouds then the water of the cloud creates raindrops The moon/ the Eagleʼs and the rain her children)

Kabalistic Jews

The problem for the Jews is that the Torah up until the Second Century CE included the Book of Job and the Book of Enoch at which time Rabbi Simeom Ben Jochai pronounced a curse on all who believed the Book of Enoch/ Noah to be GOD inspired. The reason the book was reviled was because so many Jews believed in the Book of Enoch/ Noah were convinced through that book and by the Christians of the day that the Book of Enoch revealed Jesus as the Messiah. Therefore, how could any Orthodox Jew ever understand the Riddle of Saba when the part of the Torah that explained the riddle was not accepted? Or any Christian because they no longer accept the Book of Enoch/ Noah after the council of Laodicea and Filastrius a church father condemned it as heresy? However, the church fathers of the 2nd and 3rd century such as Origin, Clement of Alexandria and Tertuilian accepted the book as Holy Scripture,

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A Star in a Crescent Moon



Above the Plane of the Ecliptic

The Babylonians connected Venus to the most important goddess of the Sumer- Akkadian pantheon, “Ishtar” in Sumerian; “Inanna” (Lady of heaven), Daughter of the moon. Her symbol in the distant past was a star in a crescent Moon: This crescent moon and star is seen on many Muslim countries flags. A memory trace to the arrival of the moon and that Venus pulled the moon here as Venus passed by Earth. What did the Ancients Say about this much Larger Planet? The Greeks connected Venus with Aphrodite. The Greeks feared her as a powerful force in the universe that could not be denied: Though Aphrodite did not receive the respect that Venus did from the Romans, and the book of Enoch called Venus, Dendayen

Dendayen, Ishtar, Aphrodite, and Vulcan also, known as Venus: the sixth largest planet just slightly smaller than Earth. Venus is larger than Mars by about seven times. The Planets rotation is Retrograde (turning backwards: the sun comes up in the west) and Dendayen has an elliptical orbit. The first person to know that Venus was in a stationary orbit around the sun was Heraclide of Pontus in the 4th century before the Christian era began. There is some evidence that Venus was in an elliptical orbit past Mars. Just because Venus is in its present orbit now, many factors could have made Venus/ Dendayen quite different in the past.

The Analog of Nebuchadnezzar to the Planet Venus, refers to a wide spread tradition that Venus had once moved in an eccentric orbit that took it both outside the orbit of Earth and above the plain of the Ecliptic. The Greeks called the planet Venus: Phosphorus or Lucifer (the light bearer) for the morning Star and Hesperus or Vulcan (the Black smith) for the evening star.

Isaiah 141 speaks of Lucifer

Also Known as Venus

How art thou fallen from heaven Lucifer, son of the morning, for thou has said “I will ascend into the heavens. I will exalt my throne above the stars of GOD: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, I will ascend above the clouds I will be like the most high (the sun)” Yet thou shall be brought to hell, to the side of the pit. (A very slow decaying orbit toward the Sun) They that see thee shall look upon thee and say. “Is this the One? That made the Earth to tremble. That did shake kingdoms: that made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities there of.


In the distant past Venus had an elliptical orbit that took Lucifer above the ecliptic and Venus’ orbit took it through the asteroid belt where its gravitational wake sucked in a large amount of space junk (rocks).


The path at that time, that Venus took, was above and close to the north polar of Mars. Its close proximity caused a decompression of the atmosphere of Mars pulling the water and air and its moon along within its gravitational field. The pulling caused the orbit of Mars to be off set or oval. This gravitational force caused the planets magma to surge to the north causing great volcanic features to accumulate.


As Venus comes closer to Mars, Venus pulled Mars north toward Venus. Venus’ rotation was reversed as the planet Venus was turned over as the atmosphere and oceans are pulled off Mars.


Enoch 66:15

these waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.2

Who knows the time that the trip took for the moon to arrive here? The trip may have taken tens of thousands of years. Yet we do know there was a close encounter, and the Moons vapor trails contact about 15,000 years ago called the Melt water Pulse 1 A.


The texts are unclear about the time the trip took the Moon’ and its frozen water vapor to arrival but when they did: Things changed on planet Earth.

Genesis explains the conditions

On Earth at that time

That the waters were 22 feet deep on the mountains.”3

However, that water was in the form of snow, ice, tidal waves, and the Earthquakes Would Have Been off the Scale the Melt Water Pulse 1 B was not all incoming water as the Gilgamesh Epic said and A. J Anderson surmised. A large part of the flood was caused when the Moon’s gravity first got a hold of the oceans. The tidal waves must have been tremendous; the Earthquakes would have been off the scale. The tidal forces of the Moon are why so much of the Earth has changed since the Pleistocene Epoch that was in the last 10,000 to 12,000 years. However where did this water ice that the moon captured come from in the depths of space? The answer to that question will also answer two other questions. First, Tom Donahue’s “Why isnʼt Mars inundated” (with Lou Frank’s Ice balls) and secondly, how NASA’s Martian rock ALH84001 ended up in the Antarctic.4

Mars is about 5/8th the size of Earth but only about 1/10th the mass and has about 1/3rd the gravity. The Morning Star, looking from, Mars called EARTH. Ares/Thracian/Mars was the Greek god of war: though he was unpopular with the Greek gods. The goddess, Aphrodite /Venus hated Mars but had two children with him; the children were called Deimos and Phobos. Even though Mars was a god when in battles with humans Mars, the god of war sometimes lost. Nergal was the Babylonian god for Mars and of the underworld: in the Sumero-Akkalian pantheon Ne-iri-gal was also Mars, “the god of the great abode,” the Abyss?

NASA’s Rock

Called “Peace”5

Currently almost no water has been found on Mars, though NASA’s Martian Rover Spirit found a rock called “Peace” that proved that at one time Mars had lots of water. Where did all that water go? Mars is almost divided in two as far as topography goes. The old pocks marked by meteors in the south and the new lava flows of the north: Why? Then there is the problem of the tidal bulges; one on each side of the planet though Mars has no moon now: at least that is big enough to cause those bulges. Just a couple very large rocks, called Deimos and Phobos the sons of the union of the Ancient gods of Mars and Venus, so what happened? Deimos and Phobos can help answer that question. However, we will have to analyze other pieces of this riddle first.

Rock Type Found at Mars

by Staff post6

The rock, named ʻPeace,ʼ is an exposure of bedrock in the Columbia Hills within the Gusev Crater,

where Spirit landed 13 months ago (Jan04). Though appearing mundane in a black and- white image,

the rock is significant to scientists for what they’ve learned by digging into it and analyzing it with a suite of instruments.”

“This is probably the most interesting and important rock Spirit has examined,” Said Dr. Steve Squyres of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., and the principal investigator for the rovers. “This may be what the bones of this mountain are really made of….The rock provides even more compelling evidence for water playing a major role for altering the rocks in the region, Squyres said.” Peace contains more sulfate salt than any other rock Spirit has examined.” (Elements deposited by sea water)

It would seem that not so long ago and not so very far away in a solar system near you, Planets were moving like a game of nine balls. Close encounters changed the surfaces of planets leaving no trace of what did the dirty little deed. Little Mercury (Nabu/Thoth) pulled some dirty tricks and was the big offender of the last 10,000 years. The biggest offender of all time was Venus also known as Lucifer, who was the “Big Dog” in this fight.

Again the first thread to unwind this story is in that Ancient Coptic text . Enoch’s book is written in chiydahs, marshals, or story riddles, which means to put the answers into a locked form: in an Ancient text Coptic, GOD said:

This is the reason I speak to them in parables, (story riddles):

because they see and yet cannot perceive; and they hear and do not listen,

nor do they understand.”7

The book of Enoch speaks of an interplanetary billiard game in parable form. These story riddles are footnoted in the text to help unlock their message. Just as the Greek symbol “Xi” in the flasher Code or the “Eye of Osiris“, the udjat, for the surveying of the Pyramid. The key is in plain sight: but hidden. So “Where’s Waldo? “


The Cue Ball

But in this Game of Billiards it is the Planet Venus, also known as Dendayen, Lucifer and “The Morning Star of Planet Earth” the energy to move that Cue Ball was from GOD, who placed planetary bodies for this purpose. Fossil and seabed records indicate that at one time changed drastically to a point that CO2 and water levels suddenly dropped and temperatures also dropped. So that two million years ago the seas had dropped nearly one thousand feet below the Cretaceous maximum.8 So that almost two thirds of the planet lost one thousand feet of water: Gone? Turned in to snow? NO! It went off the planet and the CO2 level dropped way down, too, as if a great vacuum sweeper whisked it away. The Ancients knew that Venus had been a Disaster (in an elliptical orbit) at one time. Venus came too close to Mars and with its greater mass causing the water and atmosphere to be sucked off Mars by Venus’s gravity wave pasting by: Just as it did Earth, millions of years earlier. The Geological records show that an interplanetary body did just that.


What Does the Surface

of the Planet Mars Tell Us?


The Southern Hemisphere surface is covered by so called “old cratered terrain.”9


The Northern Hemisphere surface of Mars is by much less catering and consists of volcanic flows, especially in the Tharsis Region (110 W, 10 N) a location that is near the north pole of the planet Mars.10


Mars currently has almost no water; though NASA’s Martian Rover found a rock called “Peace” that proved that at one time that Mars had lots of water.11


There are two tidal bulges, one on each side of the planet Mars, caused by a large geosynchronous moon which at this time Mars has no moon that is big enough to cause those bulges. Mars has only a couple very small moons, a couple very large rocks, called Deimos and Phobos the sons of the union of the Ancient gods Mars and Venus: the stories of the Riddle Lords will help us to unwind this cocoon of threads.

1 a a a a c a a north stars


With ancient star references we have deduced that the writers of Enoch lived more than 12,000 years ago when Ursa Major and Minor were in the summer western sky at sun set and that the writers of Enoch were Scholars of the movements of the stars in the sky. Through that we can deduce that they were a reliable witness of that time and of the things; that were happening in that sky. In the distant past, those writers tell us that Venus had an elliptical orbit that took it above the ecliptic and its orbit took Venus through the asteroid belt where its gravitational wake sucked in a large amount of space junk (rocks).


The path at that time that Venus took was above but close to the north polar, the Tharsis Region of Mars. Its close proximity caused a decompression of the atmosphere of Mars pulling the water and air and its moon along within Venus’ gravitational field. The pulling caused the orbit of Mars to be off set. This gravitational force caused the planets magma to surge to the north causing great volcanic features to accumulate. As Venus comes closer Mars is pulled north toward and the rotation of Venus is turned over by Mars and the moon, the atmosphere and oceans are pulled away from Mars

Enoch 58: 1 12

“I saw that the heavens of the heavens (Mars) shook: that it shook violently (Earth quakes);

and the powers of the Most High“. And the angels (aka water vapors from Chapter 66:12)13

thousands and thousands, and myriads’ of myriads’ (millions of millions) were agitated14

Shaken as with an Earth quake.

According to the historian Herodotus:

“Hesiod gave the Greeks their gods”

Hesiod describes the battle as an immense catastrophe Involving the planet Mars”

“The boundless sea rang terribly around, and the ground crashed loudly: wide heaven was shaken and groaned,

and high Olympus reeled from its foundations under the charge of the undying gods,

and a heavy quaking reached Tartarus (AKA Mars)15 the cry of both armies as they shouted reached to starry heaven.

Then Zeus no longer held back His might; but straight His heart was filled with fury and He showed forth all His strength.

From heaven and from Olympus He came forthwith, hurling his lightning:

the bolts flew thick and fast from His strong hand,16 together with thunder and lightning, whirling and awesome flame.

The life-giving earth crashed around in burning, and the vast wood cracked loud with fire all about.

All the land seethed, and Ocean’s streams and the unfruitful sea. The hot vapor lapped round the Titans:17

flame unspeakable rose to the bright upper air:

the flashing glare of the thunder shone and lightning blinded their eyes; for all that they were strong.”

Job 18

The Destruction of Mars

Bildad was one of Job’s friends . In his opening lines in the vernacular

“When are you boys going to shut up? Let me know! Then I will set you all straight.

What makes you boys think we are all stupid and that you know it all? “

“He 18 (Azazyel, the “angry”, Mars) earth himself in his anger:19shall the ground be forsaken for thee?

(The grave) and shall the rock20 be removed out of his place? (“a pebble in the deep” or to expand the concept a planet in space )

Yea, the light of the wicked (Azazyel)21 shall be put out, and the spark of his fire shall not shine. (His offspring)

The light shall be dark in his tabernacle, (his home Tartarus).22 and his candle shall be put out with him.

 (His offspring) The steps of his strength shall be straightened, and his own counsel shall cast him down.

For he is cast into a net by his own feet, and he walketh upon a snare (gin) The gin 23 shall take him by the heel,

and the robber shall prevail against him. The snare is laid for him in the ground and a trap for him (Azazyel) in the way.

Terrors shall make him (Azazyel) afraid on every side, and shall drive him to his feet.

His (Azazyel) strength (offspring24) shall be hunger bitten, and destruction shall be ready at his side.

It shall devour the strength of his skin25: even the firstborn of death26 shall devour his (Azazyel) strength.

His (Azazyel) confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle, and it shall bring him to the king of terrors.

It shall dwell in his tabernacle because it is none of his: brimstone shall be scattered upon his habitation27

(Enoch C:53 “Being overwhelmed with hurled stones.”) His roots28 shall be dried up beneath, and above shall his branch be cut off.

(No live offspring) His (Azazyel)29 remembrance shall perish from the earth, and he shall have no name in the street.

(Few people have heard of the chief watcher Azazyel) He shall be driven from light into darkness, and chased out of the world.

He shall neither have son nor nephew30 among his people, nor any remaining in his dwellings.

They that come after him shall be astonished at his day, as they that went before were terrified .

Surely such are the dwellings of the wicked31 , and this is the place of him that knoweth not God.

The stories indicates and the Martian topography shows the planet Venus passed, Mars continued to travel North protecting the northern half of Mars from the meteor crating . In so doing, the debris in the tail of Venus caused thousands of rocks (meteors) to mostly hit the southern regions causing mass destruction and leaving Deimos and Phobos the sons of the union of the Ancient gods Mars and Venus behind. The tidal forces of the Moon that had been relaxed caused the tectonic plates to collapse in so doing caused the volcanoes to flow on Mars.

Enoch 53 32

Being over whelmed with hurled stones.”

Chapter 51

2 For I was incapable of enduring this vision of violence, its agitation (Earth quakes),

and the concussion (meteor impacts) of heaven “33(Also known as Mars Chapter 58: 7.)

“In that day shall be a separating one from another two monsters a female, whose name is Leviathan (The Moon with its Ice vapor trail)

Dwelling in the depths (space) above the springs of water.34

106 bit mars venus moon

The Moon that caused the Tidal bulges of Mars


8. The second monster Dendayen (AKA Lucifer) “The Snake” in The Garden of Eden.35

  1. These two monsters are by the power of GOD prepared to become provisions,

  2. that the punishments of GOD may not be in vain,” 36 (That some good may come out of it.)

About 14,000 years ago sea level records indicate a sudden sharp rise for a short time which geologist call the MWP1A after which followed a one thousand year time of drought on planet Earth. A drought or charab37 that corresponds to the Genesis 3:24’s account of God pronouncing a curse on the ground of the planet Earth that is until the Isis dam lessened the effect.

112 bitmars venus moon - Copy

Then about 12,500 years ago Earth captured the wondering Moon and its ice water vapor trail causing the Melt Water Pulse 1 B “Angles” (water vapors) shall ascend (From Mars) Into Space, the springs of water shall be changed and again undergo a change, and be FROZEN.”38 300 to 400 degrees below zero as they travel through space.

Chapter 58:39

15 These waters of judgment shall be for their healing, and for the death of their bodies.

But they shall not perceive and believe that the waters will change, and become like fire.

114mars venus moon twelve

Not all the moons water ice vapor trail was captured in the MWP1B second event occurred late which geologists call the MWP2B

mwps 3


12 December 2007

Mammoth tusks show up meteorite shower 40

“Allen West, a self-taught geophysicist based in Arizona, was looking for evidence of a meteorite that he and his colleague think caused the wipe-out of large mammals and the Clovis people in North America some 13,000 years ago. Recalling previous visits to the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, Allen says,

“A bulb went on in my head; I remembered seeing a room full of Mammoth tusks there.”


He reasoned that tusks or antlers of deer or elk might have inadvertently captured exploding meteoritic material. So he went to a motel that shows the fossils, and sifted through the tusks “I spent two or three hours looking at dirty old tusks, when suddenly there was a burnt hole,” He says, “He tested it with a small magnet, as he knew many meteorites were mostly iron.

“Bang; it stuck right to the hole,”

The myths and story riddles of the past, match the scientific evidence of the Melt Water Pulses and the Star References of Noah41 and Job date their text to the Melt Water Pulse 1 B establishes an explanation for the sudden rise in sea level of c. 10,500 years before the Christian era. NASA’s own missions and astrophysical evidence from throughout the Inner Solar System are pieces of the same puzzle: An assembled Puzzle that explains “Where the moon got its water.” Evidence that has been ridiculed and expunged from our Science Research Centers “Radar Screen” evidence from the Historical Model that NASA hopes they can continue to ignore

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