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Giants of Dendera used Tools that Carved Stone .

Giants of Dendera used tools that carves stone faster than any modern high temper steel hammer and chisel could ever hope to.


Solar Energy Discovered in the Pylons of Karnack



Ancient stone blocks found in the Pylons of Karnack, revealed the remnant of the City of the Horizon of Aten, a city which contained a technology of the ancient Egyptians that was so Top-Secret that the priesthood of Amun of during the reign of the Pharaoh Horemheb, dismantled that city piece by piece, then those broken stones were shuffled and hidden with in the Pylons of Karnack to hide their prized technology: A stone riddle that could only be revealed by an earth quake and reassembled by modern computer wizardry.

42 bit Karnak Aten

This short video will give you all the evidence you will need to begin a conversation on the solar energy used by ancient Egypt.


The non-fiction book Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets by Howard West is published in Hard Cover format and is currently available through brick and mortar book stores and online retailers including ( and  ( )

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GOD and the Great Pyramid

New Videos for Book Locked Gates By Howard West

Philip Keller of “Strange but True” interviews Howard West

 on The Great Pyramids


Albert Einstein asked. “Does GOD play dice?”

 Yes Al




History, Riddles, Silk Worms and Mummies


NASA uses Golden Mirrors of Egypt’s Shamans


Alternative Energy Solutions, from the Past


Obama’s Riddle, A good pit stop is an Asteroid


Comment on “History of Information”, NPR interview

 with James-Gleick


Wisdom Hidden in Balls of Thread


The 27th of Sivan AKA June 30


Thursday June 30 the symbol for Constantinople, that was

 appropriated by Islam was in the sky.


Break the Law of Thermo-Dynamics


for Nothing?  


Break the Law of Thermo-Dynamics = Something for Nothing?

The age old question has been “How can I break the law of thermo-dynamics and get ‘Something for Nothing?’” That is when Morpheus, Thoth, Hermes, Satan, the Drug Dealer or whatever you want call him today, steps up and says: “Take this pill and you’ll be in heaven” or “Eat this apple and you will be like GOD.” –Deception- is the name of the game. There has always been those who Know the laws of physics and human nature far better than the Common Man. Because, of that knowledge, -Deception- is easy. Just use that knowledge to prove to the Common People that you can break the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, in so doing showing yourself to be a god.


The gods of the past were just facades to hide the wisdom of these uncommon people, facades that are –now- held in place by Common Tradition.  The Gatekeepers of Scholarly World say; “The gods of the past were to keep the Common Man submissive, but there were no real gods.” Which is not true in the strictest sense and because of that misconception of the Scholarly World misses the point of why there were gods of the Ancient World. The gods were used to put a human face (a façade) on wisdom, knowledge that gave the holders of that wisdom, godlike qualities that seem to break the laws of thermo-dynamics.


The book, Locked Gates unlocks that wisdom behind the facades of the gods of the Middle East. Here are three video trailers that show how our forefathers and the current Gatekeepers of Scholarly World have been deceived into believing LIES.

Wisdom Hidden in Balls of Thread


Locked Gates deals with ancient mysteries; the wise men of the past knew transporting complex wisdom through Time was like trying to push a string.  However, if you roll that string or wisdom into a ball of knots by telling that wisdom in the form of stories of mystical beings, that ball form, allows you to push that ball, and then the ball just keeps rolling downhill though “Time” creating a life of its own.

Those riddles about mystical beings contain the secrets for everything from where we got the alphabets to where the moon came from, In the book Locked Gates, I  have taken the time needed to unravel those Time Traveling Balls of Wisdom , balls of threads like the one that lead Theseus out of the darkness of labyrinth of Minotaur

Locked Gates


Coast to Coast AM Introduction

 of Howard West