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Q&A With Author Howard West about Book Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets

Howard, what is your book ,

Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets  about?

Myths and ancient legends that were intentionally encrypted to give two concepts; one in deceptively simple fictional stories for the Barbarians, the other concept locked away; treasure hidden in riddles. An example of that deception concept was used against the city of Troy. Three thousand years ago on the sunny shore of the Eastern Mediterranean, along the Aegean Sea, the Trojan Barbarians were safe from the Greeks behind their impenetrable gates, however the Greeks had left a key that would open their gates. Even though Cassandra tried to warned the Gate Keepers:  those Barbarians were too contemptuous  of anyone who disagreed with the Collective Concept about the Wooden Horse: therefore the city of Troy was destroyed.

Our modern Gate Keepers of knowledge are Ratio-Nihilist  and when they see someone like Cassandra who is in disagreement with their Collective Concept of Truth: the diagnosis is always, “They are just part of the Lunatic Fringe.” Our Gate Keepers of knowledge, therefore, would feel justified in the dismissing of our poor little Cassandra and her “Statements of Truth”  just like the Gate Keepers of Troy

Howard, what gates have you unlocked?

Two of the most profound deals with the riddle of the demigod, Thoth, “who  gave the Ancient Egyptians their scientific methods;” his existence was entwined within the stories of the ancients’ world wide.


Thoth was just a Myth!

How could a Myth influence Egypt?

There are many examples of the Knowledge given by this demigod, the most important were the Power of the Written Word, through a heliographic communication system  and irrigation dams.


The ancient name for the land of the Nile was, KMT. The hieroglyphic symbols are  commonly interpreted as, The Land of Black Dirt.  KMT hieroglyphics should be read, left to right: a yarn winding bobbin, a half circle, Horus  in the form of a hawk, and a dam. The meaning, the story of the rise of two sciences, communication, and irrigation dams.

What does Thoth have to do with Egypt’s rise?

Because those innovations, irrigation and  communication  are connected to the demigod, Thoth.  First as Horus stand on the backs of crocodiles in front of an image of Thoth.



This imagery is called Herupakhered and the unlocking of this  imagery was accomplished through its ancient Coptic Greek roots as heru, meaning the tool of strengths, pa, awesome accomplishment and khered, the ability to move stone. Both Osiris and young Horus stood on the backs of crocodiles and symbolized Herodotus’ Machana  that lifted the stone for the pyramid.

Didn’t the Egyptians pour the stones in forms?

The problem of the Cast  Block Theory  is the lack of an aggregate binder ,cement.  Egypt never has had an abundance of wood or coal to be used to create cement, nor is there any archeological  remnants of a large enough wood fired cement works and without that aggregate binder:   the blocks can not take the compression forces that a 450 foot pyramid would exert, however, there are in Egypt many stone block quarries.

16stone quarry pic bloxam

Didn’t Herodotus say:

“The Pyramid was twenty years in the building and the Machines to lift the stone were made of wood?

oblist barge

When you go to any common Greek Lexicon, it will say that “machana” is defined as a machine. However, those machines were boats, and if you look at Greek words with similar root forms, you will find they are defined as “ship captains and seamen.”

Why haven’t I heard of this concept before?

Traditional misinterpretation of the evidence, because, these boats were stylized in Egyptian art to look like crocodiles, large barges with segmented blocks that represent the body of a crocodile and two tow boats, bow and stern making the Oars look like swimming legs as they were seen from the lip of the valley, an image that looked like a crocodile.

 crock oneimage

How can a boat lift stone?

first kings

The first four Pharaohs solved that problem by building the great dam and their serekh shows that dam’s rising. However, Narmer, the first Pharaoh’s serekh shows his Machana  barges symbolized as catfish with only one tow boat.  However these crocodile like barges were often rotated 90 degrees and placed on columns of water in many papyrus. Which symbolizes the building of Osiris’ pyramid.


               40  life was good jpg40 b life is good jpg40 c life is good jpg



Thesecrocodile like barges, were one of the primary Low Tech Tools used to create a large irrigation reservoir, an irrigation project, that was once known as the Sea of Nun; an irrigation project through the creation of a huge dam that quickly turned the Nile river basin from a humble desert kingdom into a world agricultural power. Then that land became known by its Semitic name, Metzrayim, a name that today would be defined as River Dam.


5 jpg dam 2

The dam built with thesecrocodile like barges gave added benefits to the Pyramid builders, because, as the dam grew higher the stone masons working on the Pyramid had stone delivered to their level of construction by boat without the need for ramps and thousands of workers.

building pyramid


Where do you get the dating of this dam’s construction?

31jpg star map2

Books from the Dead Sea Collection speak of the building of the Great Pyramid. When Bootes, Ursa Major and Minor were seasonal constellations, about 13 to 14 thousand years ago, when the level of that irrigation lake,the Sea of Nun rose, behind a dam.


Job 28


After that dam’s destruction and  the draining of the Sea of Nun; the Great Pyramid rose from those receding waters. This event of draining of the sea of Nun occurred over four thousand years ago and was well documented by a Jewish historian. After that dam’s destruction that nation became known by the Coptic Greek name, Aiguptis,  Egypt. Which is derived from aigi, a sea, and ptoe , to cause to flee away.

Isn’t there more evidence than that?

There is also an anomaly in the geological record of  the Nile river valley  that agrees with the flood building of the Great pyramids. A little over 13 thousand years ago.

82 a Geo record jpg.  JPG

Couldn’t an increase in precipitation cause that rise?

NO! Because Africa was in a one thousand year drought. A drought that was confirmed by the geological records to that same time period, the  river Nile rose by hundreds of feet during a Devastating Drought. A rise of the river Nile that had no natural reason to occur.

Sea Level Geological Record

82 B mwp1b two jpg

Only a man-made dam at the narrows of Cairo at the island of Roda  could account for such a sudden rise of the river Nile. Funny thing is the Egyptians recently considered putting a dam at the narrowing of the Nile near Cairo at the island of Roda:


First Pharoh      Narmer  1

Why,  isn’t  there a  dam there now?

The Egyptians thought better because the water would cover the Pyramids  and part of Cairo  so they put a dam shaped hotel there.

island of Roda

Theories are a dime a dozen.


The  thing is that by using this theory  as a template; I have been able to find an impressive amount of historical and scientific evidence to collaborate that concept of the building and revealing of the Great Pyramid and its intended function.


Why hasn’t any one else seen this?

karnack map isis osiris

Egyptian mythology was encrypted, here is one of the most beloved story that implies the dam building concept,  that of Osiris and Isis, who were deeply in love.  However, there was a problem in the kingdom, Osiris’ brother Set, coveted the throne. So Set through deception was able to capture, and then kill Osiris. Set cut our hero into pieces and carefully hid the dismembered pieces in the Nile.  Isis was distraught with grief over the loss of her husband and the emptiness of her womb. Consequently, Isis took up the gruesome task of finding Osiris’ missing pieces.

isis search


Eventually, Isis located most of the dismembered body.  Which she then wrapped in green and black  in so doing cocooning her husband.


mummy isis


Because, of Isis’ great devotion and love for Osiris, he was resurrected, A gift to allow the couple to couple?  However, Isis had not found all of her husband’s missing pieces; furthermore, that one piece was a very Important Piece, if you wanted children. Somehow Osiris was up to the task and Isis was given a son which she called Horus. A son that would take the part of his father’s Missing Piece?

Isn’t that a little “KINKY” ?

The Egyptians knew that their  enemies, the Barbarians loved kinky stories, and that “kinkiness” would help to keep the story told and retold throughout the generations, A stratagem which the Egyptians knew that the barbarians would be unaware of. Let’s start with the common tradition surrounding: Isis,  first Isis wears a strange crown, which the common tradition  calls a throne,  even so, that stair stepped triangle is depicted in many papyri as a dam. Furthermore, the hieroglyphic symbol for Isis implies just that concept.




The  Glyph for Isis is an oval symbolizing a body of water,  above that is a half circle symbolizing rising. Then to the left,  a stair step triangle, the dam symbol, the meaning?

Isis, water rising behind a dam.


What do we know about Osiris?

osiris 22

 Osiris’ glyph show an eye behind the dam symbol.

Next Osiris was cut into pieces, then those pieces were hidden in the Nile.


What about the mummification of Osiris?

Leave a stone in the Nile and it will soon grow green algae and black slime.


But Osiris was resurrected,

How do you explain that?

Funny thing is many stories of Egypt speak of the Great Pyramid rising out of the Sea. Next Osiris was missing an important piece  The Great pyramid is also missing a part its apex.


35 jpg pyramid

I don’t get how did Horus

Replace his fathers missing piece?

Pull out a one dollar bill what tops its Pyramid?  An Eye, which was One of Horus’ symbol , the Udjat.

dollar pyramid

Horus replaced the thirty feet of stone work which would have been needed to complete the “Apex” of the great Pyramid.

But what did that Eye symbolize?

bird blinks

The Book of the Dead’s, Coffin text, speaks of Horus as a communication device in the shape of an eye, a golden mirror that flashes sun light as a Morris like code as far as the Horizon.


Pyr eye horus

How does that communication device’s code

Lead us back to

 Thoth’s written language system?

cuneaform symbols

Like cuneiform it was written on soft clay tablets, like the  scratching of an Ibis bird, Thoth’s second icon. And just as the Osiris story said! Horus was the completing part of the Pyramid, but not as “kinky” as the common interpretation. This new interpretation of the story of Osiris and family leads us back to the rise of Egypt, KMT and implies a dam was created and the rising of the lake was the means which was used to build the Great Pyramid and the missing apex was intended as a communication hub.  

5 jpg dam 2


and just like Isis, the water of the rising lake cocooned the outside of the Pyramid with green algae and black slime; until the Great Pyramid rose out of the water of the receding lake.

mummy isis



Such a major event why isn’t there

Historical documentation of that event?


There is however, the ancient Egyptians wanted the traditions of the  Barbarians  to hold sway rather than the Truth. However, Isaiah 19  gives an account of the draining of the Sea of Metzrayim and the arrival of the Jews and their construction of a great city around the great Pyramid called the city of Heliopolis.

Your telling me that

The Jews are connected to the Great Pyramid

boat pits


Atum was another name for the Pyramid that spoke of itself and its arrival:

“When I, Atum was alone in the waters, in a state of immobility, Before I was found anywhere to stand or sit, Before Heliopolis had been founded that I might be there in.”


If this is true

There must be overwhelming evidence?

Which there is! A book full, here are a few more examples. The historians Josephus, of the first century and a ninth century Arab Masoudi, also confirms that the flooding of the Nile Valley was used in the pyramids construction. Much more can be found in the hard cover  book Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets , by Howard West- available at



cover 4


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