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What made Egypt Great?

So  let us allow the ancient Egyptian to speak   for themselves : by looking at a few Papyri. But, first did you know that papyrus is from the Coptic Greek: pa, means mouth and iris, means eyes ? The mouth to the eye.

> Life was good
> image_thumb.png
First these Egyptian story tellers (riddle  masters) give the most important concept first, at the bottom right. That is a boat sitting on water. With a stair-step triangle of stone. Which has a dual interpretation the first that it deals with Osiris’ tomb. Which is connected to are revealing fact that both Osiris and Horus is

that stood on the backs of crocodiles 1:


> Horus in the specific form of HeruPaKhered is depiction where young Horus is standing on the  backs of a crocodiles, (also known as stone barges push boats with oars men both front and rear).Just like our first image of the boat in the first plate. HeruPaKhered is defined from ancient Coptic Greek as Heru”: the Coptic form of the Greek word:”HER” and is defined as “the tool of strengths.”This root word is used in the Greek man/god named Hercules; Pa, mouth and some times, brag of an awesome accomplishment ; Khered meant, earth or stone moving. This papyrus has crocodile barge concept with a stone barges with push boats with
oars men both front and rear and a stack of rocks.
> image7_thumb.png
> Back to our story, The triangle stack stone is across section of a dam. (Don’t get a head of me that statement will become crystal clear in a few more images) As you must know dams are thicker at the base than at the top because of the water pressure is higher at the base. Those wavy darklines below the HeruPaKhered is water, veryimportant to understand that.


Now the next image is very strange to most people to portray a column of water that the HeruPaKhered is rising on. Sorry look at the water in the next image: the water is goes up in a similar manor to the previous image with the barge, however, when it hits the top of our stair-step triangle of stone the water then curls over the top
> Then the water continues on to give prosperity to farmers and the nation giving great stature to Egypt among other countries leaders. This stair-step triangle is a common image in Egyptian Art, however, people
have no idea what the Papris ( “The Mouth to the Eyes”) was trying to tell you. I am going to give you some more pretty pictures. But don’t stop at the pictures,t he Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom want to “talk
to your eyes ” too.
> Egypt  Serekhs  pharoah 1 and 2 kingdoms
> Before Egypt was known by the Greek name Egypt, Aigu-ptis2 which is derived from Coptic Greek not from a Egyptian temple: aigialos3 a sea (as in Aegean), and ptoeo4 to cause to flee away, Egypt’s ancient Semitic name was Metz-ra-yim5 the meaning of which is Metz6 the wall or fence or to capture, Ra7 the power, and Yim8 the river or sea.

I will let the first four Serekhs of Pharaohs of the old Kingdom from the Book Introductory Guide to the Egyptian Collections Published by the British Museum, page 246, Talk to your Eyes and explain the meaning.
> serikhs-1_thumb.jpg
> Narmer was the first Pharaoh of the First Egyptian Dynasty. This pharaoh’s Serekh illustrates the  narrows (Matsuwd9) near modern Cairo with the  island Roda and the Nile passing on each side of  the island in the middle of the between the two sets of parallel lines.
>1 b d z z f Pharoh 1 Narmer 1
Satellite Picture you can see that the Egyptian’s had rotated shape of the island it was their way of getting around using three point perspective.  When you look a images you will almost always see the in profile. But the so called catfish it is an  over head image. A stylized HeruPaKhered, with oars to look like whiskers two eyes symbolizing the two helmsmen and the tail of the fish as the loading ramps for stone.
> The second Pharaoh was Aha and his Serekh hows the narrows near Cairo Creating a Wall and Egypt became to be known as Matsuwr10 the Wall also known as Rahab11. The Horus hawk glyph is holding a mirrored Ankh and stone which implies that Ahawas the stone quarrying for the Isis Dam.
> The Stone Riddle of Aten

> Quarrying 2.3 M


million Stone Blocks
> []
The third Pharaoh was Djer seem to be doing the construction of the Wall or Matzuwr and installing the flood gates of the Isis Dam. Djet the fourth Pharaoh completed the Isis Dam project and
officially divided the upper and lower states of Egypt a project that brought great prosperity to the land of Egypt. Lower Egypt symbolized by the Red Crown. The glyph of which is the a red crown with an ostrich feather a glyph symbolizing the dam and the water cascading over causing the mist to rise and a half circle with crosshatching symbolizing the masonry dam filling the narrows near the island of Roda. Upper Egypt is symbolized by the kite glyph interpreted to symbolize the speed of shipping on the Sea of Nun the Upper Egypt glyph also has the dam symbol below it. The main image is the wall the Matzuwr symbolized in three ways first the wall with water heaped up over the top second the stylized Matzuwr and thirdly the wall Serekh with a snake zig zaging to symbolize the water cascading over the stair-step dam, with Horus above.The Egyptians also called the Great Pyramid at ancient Heliopolis “Innu, the Pillar “or The Pillar of Enoch. The ancient Egyptians regarded this pillar to be the first portion of land to have forced itself free of the “Sea of NUN” that was behind the Isis Dam . Atum another name for the Pyramid spoke of itself:

“When I was alone in the waters, in a state of inertness, before I was found anywhere to stand or sit, before, Heliopolis had been founded that I might be therein”
Again speaking of Atum in the Utterance 600 of the Pyramid Text;

” When you came into being you rose as a High Hill You shone as the Benben Stone in the Temple of the Phoenix”
> Water in the Desert, Ramps verses Crocodiles
> []
> The Legacy of Isis, Metzrayim
> []
> Resurrection of Osiris
> []
> Funny thing is the Geological records of the Nile River valley show that sudden river rise at a time of World Wide Drought. ”
> Nile-valley_thumb.jpg



Nibiru means the Prophet-Planet

Nibiru means the Prophet-Planet, however, today that planet has a different name, Mercury

Mirror Mirror, Locked Gates, The Riddle Lord’s Secrets by Howard West Copyright 2011

cover 4

History, love stories and fairy-tales of wicked queens repeat themselves though most of us are bound to miss the point every time. Take for example the fall of Troy: a good mix of love stories, history and a wicked queen. For centuries Troy was thought to be a fictional kingdom, notwithstanding, Heinrich Schliemann, a self-educated German businessman read Homer and was convinced of the fundamental truth found in Homer’s story riddles of c. 800 years before the Christian era. Then in 1870, about twenty seven centuries after Homer’s death, Heinrich began to excavate near the village of Hissarlik in Asia Minor (Turkey)1 at which time Schliemann was under the same curse of disbelief that Cassandra had been under. Even so, Heinrich was vindicated, when he found architectural remains at his site at the village of Hissarlik, this evidence was in superposed layers and a wealth of artifacts were uncovered, objects made of stone, copper, silver, and gold. This discovery quickly forced the Gatekeepers of knowledge to revise their conclusion about the Heroic Age. Schliemann named the site The City Priam2 named for Homer’s, King of Troy. After Schliemann’s death, Wilhelm Dorpfeld continued Schliemann’s work and between 1893 and 1894 found “The Sixth Settlement.” This was contemporary with the “Mycenae” epoch of early Greece and was in turn called “Troy.”

The Greek Playwright, Aeschylus also wrote an account of the fall of Troy and of two adulterous women3. First a good-looking woman named Helen, the wife of Menelmaus, King of Sparta. Helen4 had gotten the Ancient world into a twist more than three thousand years ago, when she ran off with Cassandra’s brother to Troy. This caused Agamemnon, the King’s brother and the Greek army, to go to Troy to bring Helen back to Mycenae. Even as the siege ensued, a second woman was waiting in her palace, at Mycenae for word of the battle. This wicked queen’s name was Clytemnestra5, sister in-law to Helen and the woman who would later kill our poor little Cassandra. Clytemnestra was the unfaithful wife of Agamemnon the Commander of the Greek Forces. Agamemnon had aggravated the problems with both Troy and his wife by stealing Chryemneis, the daughter of one of the priests of Troy. Back in Mycenae, Clytemnestra was more than four hundred and fifty miles from Troy by land and two hundred and fifty miles by a land-sea route. As Clytemnestra paced back and forth, she wondered how long must she wait for news of the war, trying to make sure that her husband, Agamemnon did not come home unexpectedly from the War and find her in bed with her new lover.

If Caesar Augustus’ (born 27 years before the Christian era and died in the year 14 CE) Postal System6 had been available to Clytemnestra, those postal riders would have taken four and a half days to make the trip from Troy, with an average speed of one hundred miles per day. If William F. “Buffalo Bill “ Cody’ and his co-riders of the Pony Express7 were doing the delivery, the trip would have taken three days, based on the best time from St. Joseph to Sacramento8. The carrier pigeon message system9 developed by the Arabs sometime between the seventh and the ninth century of the Christian era, would have taken two days if the little pigeon came back at all. The square sailed ships of the time just would not meet the new racing yacht specifications of today, and if the winds were contrary the Greek square sailed ships could have taken days and days and if Odyssey was in charge years,

The funny thing is that Aeschylus, the Greek dramatist10: said that Clytemnestra knew of the fall of Troy that day. But how could she know? Did space aliens tell her? NO! Was Clytemnestra a clairvoyant?11 NO! Did she have an out of body experience then? NO! Catoptromance12 (Magic Mirrors) Now you’re getting close. But where is the thread that will start to unravel this Knot? Xenophon (434-355 years before the Christian era13) the ancient Greek war hero and historian answers that question in his history of ancient Greece called Hellenica. Nevertheless, Xenophon’s words like Cassandras’ words have been rejected by the Gatekeepers of knowledge. Even so, Hellenica contains the phrase to:

Signal with a Shield”

8 jpg signal with shield 2

This refers to reflecting sunlight with a mirrored shield. Those mirrors were called aspis14 the Ancient Greek word for snakes or mirrored shields. The messages that were sent by these ancient heliographs were called “aspasmos15 to “handle the shield.” Yes, they were what you would call Magic Mirrors the same kind that gave Clytemnestra the extra time needed to make sure she did not get caught with her new lover and what allowed Snow White’s wicked step mother to find The Fairest of them all.

Now why are those aspis or heliographs so important: because those Magic Mirrors gave the ancient world of the Eastern Mediterranean a system of communication equal to that of the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Think about that concept because the Gatekeepers of knowledge are blissfully unaware of that fact that thousands of years ago the cultures of the Middle East had almost instant communication between cities hundreds of miles apart. This is something that modern “Man” has only had for about one hundred and fifty years.

Aeschylus speaks of a system of dozens of beacons lights on mountaintops and watchtowers from Troy to Mycenae and Clytemnestra’s mansion. This indicates a network of beacons running at light speed more than three thousand years ago: though the Greek system was not the first of its kind. Such a system of this kind would not be instantly useable. The construction of such, a system would take time, to build watchtowers and climb mountains to find line of sight locations and a code system would also have to be developed. If this story has a hint of truth, there would have to be some remnants of that type of network, and of the code system that was used. Sorry to say, most of the skeptics will say:

fine, they were some campfires on the hills” or “It was a short-lived or one time fluke of history” or “I never heard of any such system used consistently at that time.”


9 jpg moon mirror

Not only is there evidence of this type of heliographic system throughout history, NASA uses that same basic system today. A two-way communication system working between the Earth and the Moon, the system has a light source on Earth and a mirrored device on the Moon, a beam of light with a series of blinks that have a time sequence is sent to the Moon and light is reflected back to Earth.16

Ringed by footprints, sitting in the moon dust, lies a 2-foot wide panel studded with 100 (magic) Mirrors pointing at Earth. It is the “lunar laser ranging retro reflector array” that Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put there on July 21, 1969, about an hour before the end of their final moonwalk…” and it’s the only Apollo science experiment still running”17

The university of Maryland physics professor Carroll Alley was the project’s principal investigator during the Apollo years, and he follows its progress today.

Using these mirrors,” explains Alley, “we can ‘ping’ the moon with laser pulses and measure the Earth-moon distance very precisely. This is a wonderful way to learn about the moon’s orbit and to test theories of gravity.”18

Flashes of light from the Past are the current “craze” in computing and fiber optic communication. Light flowing through tiny silken threads of glass -short little blinks of light– traveling over hundreds of miles of cable from computer to computer. The State of the Art is light transmission of data, real High Tech 21th century science: Guess what? Most of you send hundreds of “LIGHT” speed messages every year: to thousands of people you do not even know, with just a little stick and a tap of your foot. You do this when you drive a car. A series of blinks tells folks that you are turning, or a longer dash says you are slowing down or stopping. Not so high tech now, you use blinks of light every day without thinking. You automatically know what those blinks mean and adjust your speed or location without even thinking. Paul Revere used blinks of lights in a church steeple in the American Revolutionary War. For a secure short range means of communication, The United States Navy still uses a Blinker or Flasher Light System to send messages from “ship to ship” or “ship to shore.” The system consists of a hooded light and a Venetian blind shutter19: and you thought that the Venetian’s invented that type of light baffle to keep the light out of your eyes: No. Those louvers were developed to keep the light (message) from the eyes of their enemy.

Not everyone has rejected Xenophon’s evidence of the viability of the Aspis or Bright Shields communications. William Von Graysand and Johann Gass developed a Bright Shield system in Europe20. Sadly Von Graysand and Gass did not possess an adequate code system. However, the Celts in Ireland and Wales were using a flasher code called Ogham with great success a few centuries before Von Graysand and Gass system was developed, but Von Graysand and Gass were not as successful as those who were able to overcome the problems in the desert lands, Even so, the Russians of the 19th century used a flasher system. Nicholas I (1796-1855 of the Christian era) a Tsar of Russia (1825-1855)21 governed Russia with an iron hand and a centralized administration, a good communication system was needed. Old Nick set up a beacon light system with a network of more than two hundred and twenty repeater stations that stretched from the frontier of Austria to St. Petersburg. The government was the primary user of this system; even so, that communication system22 became a boon to the Merchants between both points.

10 jpg US army heliograph black

In the American southwest during the 1870s and 1880s of the Christian era the Apache Indians gave23 the United States government a run for its money, when the Apache cut telegraph wires and disrupted that communication system. The Apache also had a superior communication system of their own using Capornancy (smoke signals). Nevertheless, the US army was given a new Catoptromance invention of less than thirty years, a toy really: a lady’s pocket mirror. Justus Von Liebig had just developed the process of silver on glass in the year 1853. Before that, most mirrors were made of metal although the most effective and easiest to build was a copper plate that was coated with an oily liquid metal: quicksilver. The mercury would act just like oil in a fry pan and leave a thin even finish with the excess easily wiped off, the same process that the Alchemist used in their trick of turning a copper coin silver with a little mercury. Those magic mercury mirrors are still being used today by astronomers. Some of the world’s most powerful telescopes have liquid metal surfaces, magic mirrors that allow those astronomers to travel through time millions of years into the past without leaving their offices.24

To give a perspective to how these Magic Mirrors, heliographs, or aspis worked in the distant past, we need only to go to America’s recent past of its Wild, Wild West, when telegraph lines were easily cut. General Nelson A. Miles25 turned the tables on the Apaches with steam trains, pack mules, Cyrsteloge, (telescopes) and Catoptromance (the heliograph system developed by Gauss 26). The telescopes gave the Army the ability to know the future or at least to see that future coming. The pack mules gave the troops an endless supply of food and ammunition. The heliograph was a giant step beyond the simple mirror Catoptromance system however, with this system the troops on the move, a single mirror system could not always be seen if the Sun was at the wrong angle.

twin heliograph

Sir Henry Mance’s heliographic system added a second mirror; each of the two mirrors could be tilted or rotated. This movement allowed the lower mirror to be turned and tilted to catch the sun at the best angle and reflect that light to the top mirror. The upper mirror could then be turned to allow it to send the light to the location of the troops. The heliograph’s mirror had a telegraph type key to tip the mirror or in some cases shutters or lovers were used to allow the Magic Mirror to blink the message.

General Nelson A. Miles described the historic surrender of Geronimo and the Magic Mirror connection is as follow:

I (General Miles) told him (Geronimo) that we had the use of steam and could move with great rapidity. That we also had the telegraph and the heliostat (heliograph), both superior to any of their methods of communication

I (General Miles) said to (Geronimo) ‘We can watch your movements and send messages over the tops of the mountains in the small part of a day that would take a mounted man on a swift pony twenty days to travel” (Geronimo) told me he had observed these flashes of light upon the mountain heights and believed them to be spirits.”

For a demonstration a heilographic message was sent to inquirer of Geronimo’s brother at Fort Bowie. This is the response of Geronimo on the receipt of the return message as told by Miles.

This struck the savage with awe, and evidently made a strong impression upon him. I (General Miles) noticed that he (Geronimo) said something to one of his warriors close by him, at which the warrior quietly turned on his heel, and walked a short distance where his pony was lariated, jumped on his back and rode rapidly back in the direction of the mountains from which Geronimo had come.”

Miles asked what Geronimo had said.

The interpreter replied: “He (Geronimo) told him to go tell Natchez that there was a power here which he (Geronimo) could not understand: and to come in, and come quick.”

The heliograph had performed its magical God like function as it had in the centuries past and in a few hours Natchez came down from the mountain.

The western states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, used a heliographic network of sentinels out posts in the high desert for a time in the late 19th century and the British also used a heliographic system in southern Africa and in the Sub Continent in the same era. The heliograph also provided the mobile communication element in the British service which was devised by Sir Henry Mance at Bombay in 1869. The system would be transported to high ground location on horseback. The location usually was on a high open mountaintop that was clear on all sides. This heliographic system was the forerunner of our modern satellite surveillance systems. This communication system was a huge leap forward in technology, or was it backwards?


Locked Gates (The Riddle Lord’s Secrets)

The non-fiction book Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets by Howard West is published in Hard Cover format and is currently available through brick and mortar book stores and online retailers including

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Q&A With Author Howard West about Book Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets

Howard, what is your book ,

Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets  about?

Myths and ancient legends that were intentionally encrypted to give two concepts; one in deceptively simple fictional stories for the Barbarians, the other concept locked away; treasure hidden in riddles. An example of that deception concept was used against the city of Troy. Three thousand years ago on the sunny shore of the Eastern Mediterranean, along the Aegean Sea, the Trojan Barbarians were safe from the Greeks behind their impenetrable gates, however the Greeks had left a key that would open their gates. Even though Cassandra tried to warned the Gate Keepers:  those Barbarians were too contemptuous  of anyone who disagreed with the Collective Concept about the Wooden Horse: therefore the city of Troy was destroyed.

Our modern Gate Keepers of knowledge are Ratio-Nihilist  and when they see someone like Cassandra who is in disagreement with their Collective Concept of Truth: the diagnosis is always, “They are just part of the Lunatic Fringe.” Our Gate Keepers of knowledge, therefore, would feel justified in the dismissing of our poor little Cassandra and her “Statements of Truth”  just like the Gate Keepers of Troy

Howard, what gates have you unlocked?

Two of the most profound deals with the riddle of the demigod, Thoth, “who  gave the Ancient Egyptians their scientific methods;” his existence was entwined within the stories of the ancients’ world wide.


Thoth was just a Myth!

How could a Myth influence Egypt?

There are many examples of the Knowledge given by this demigod, the most important were the Power of the Written Word, through a heliographic communication system  and irrigation dams.


The ancient name for the land of the Nile was, KMT. The hieroglyphic symbols are  commonly interpreted as, The Land of Black Dirt.  KMT hieroglyphics should be read, left to right: a yarn winding bobbin, a half circle, Horus  in the form of a hawk, and a dam. The meaning, the story of the rise of two sciences, communication, and irrigation dams.

What does Thoth have to do with Egypt’s rise?

Because those innovations, irrigation and  communication  are connected to the demigod, Thoth.  First as Horus stand on the backs of crocodiles in front of an image of Thoth.



This imagery is called Herupakhered and the unlocking of this  imagery was accomplished through its ancient Coptic Greek roots as heru, meaning the tool of strengths, pa, awesome accomplishment and khered, the ability to move stone. Both Osiris and young Horus stood on the backs of crocodiles and symbolized Herodotus’ Machana  that lifted the stone for the pyramid.

Didn’t the Egyptians pour the stones in forms?

The problem of the Cast  Block Theory  is the lack of an aggregate binder ,cement.  Egypt never has had an abundance of wood or coal to be used to create cement, nor is there any archeological  remnants of a large enough wood fired cement works and without that aggregate binder:   the blocks can not take the compression forces that a 450 foot pyramid would exert, however, there are in Egypt many stone block quarries.

16stone quarry pic bloxam

Didn’t Herodotus say:

“The Pyramid was twenty years in the building and the Machines to lift the stone were made of wood?

oblist barge

When you go to any common Greek Lexicon, it will say that “machana” is defined as a machine. However, those machines were boats, and if you look at Greek words with similar root forms, you will find they are defined as “ship captains and seamen.”

Why haven’t I heard of this concept before?

Traditional misinterpretation of the evidence, because, these boats were stylized in Egyptian art to look like crocodiles, large barges with segmented blocks that represent the body of a crocodile and two tow boats, bow and stern making the Oars look like swimming legs as they were seen from the lip of the valley, an image that looked like a crocodile.

 crock oneimage

How can a boat lift stone?

first kings

The first four Pharaohs solved that problem by building the great dam and their serekh shows that dam’s rising. However, Narmer, the first Pharaoh’s serekh shows his Machana  barges symbolized as catfish with only one tow boat.  However these crocodile like barges were often rotated 90 degrees and placed on columns of water in many papyrus. Which symbolizes the building of Osiris’ pyramid.


               40  life was good jpg40 b life is good jpg40 c life is good jpg



Thesecrocodile like barges, were one of the primary Low Tech Tools used to create a large irrigation reservoir, an irrigation project, that was once known as the Sea of Nun; an irrigation project through the creation of a huge dam that quickly turned the Nile river basin from a humble desert kingdom into a world agricultural power. Then that land became known by its Semitic name, Metzrayim, a name that today would be defined as River Dam.


5 jpg dam 2

The dam built with thesecrocodile like barges gave added benefits to the Pyramid builders, because, as the dam grew higher the stone masons working on the Pyramid had stone delivered to their level of construction by boat without the need for ramps and thousands of workers.

building pyramid


Where do you get the dating of this dam’s construction?

31jpg star map2

Books from the Dead Sea Collection speak of the building of the Great Pyramid. When Bootes, Ursa Major and Minor were seasonal constellations, about 13 to 14 thousand years ago, when the level of that irrigation lake,the Sea of Nun rose, behind a dam.


Job 28


After that dam’s destruction and  the draining of the Sea of Nun; the Great Pyramid rose from those receding waters. This event of draining of the sea of Nun occurred over four thousand years ago and was well documented by a Jewish historian. After that dam’s destruction that nation became known by the Coptic Greek name, Aiguptis,  Egypt. Which is derived from aigi, a sea, and ptoe , to cause to flee away.

Isn’t there more evidence than that?

There is also an anomaly in the geological record of  the Nile river valley  that agrees with the flood building of the Great pyramids. A little over 13 thousand years ago.

82 a Geo record jpg.  JPG

Couldn’t an increase in precipitation cause that rise?

NO! Because Africa was in a one thousand year drought. A drought that was confirmed by the geological records to that same time period, the  river Nile rose by hundreds of feet during a Devastating Drought. A rise of the river Nile that had no natural reason to occur.

Sea Level Geological Record

82 B mwp1b two jpg

Only a man-made dam at the narrows of Cairo at the island of Roda  could account for such a sudden rise of the river Nile. Funny thing is the Egyptians recently considered putting a dam at the narrowing of the Nile near Cairo at the island of Roda:


First Pharoh      Narmer  1

Why,  isn’t  there a  dam there now?

The Egyptians thought better because the water would cover the Pyramids  and part of Cairo  so they put a dam shaped hotel there.

island of Roda

Theories are a dime a dozen.


The  thing is that by using this theory  as a template; I have been able to find an impressive amount of historical and scientific evidence to collaborate that concept of the building and revealing of the Great Pyramid and its intended function.


Why hasn’t any one else seen this?

karnack map isis osiris

Egyptian mythology was encrypted, here is one of the most beloved story that implies the dam building concept,  that of Osiris and Isis, who were deeply in love.  However, there was a problem in the kingdom, Osiris’ brother Set, coveted the throne. So Set through deception was able to capture, and then kill Osiris. Set cut our hero into pieces and carefully hid the dismembered pieces in the Nile.  Isis was distraught with grief over the loss of her husband and the emptiness of her womb. Consequently, Isis took up the gruesome task of finding Osiris’ missing pieces.

isis search


Eventually, Isis located most of the dismembered body.  Which she then wrapped in green and black  in so doing cocooning her husband.


mummy isis


Because, of Isis’ great devotion and love for Osiris, he was resurrected, A gift to allow the couple to couple?  However, Isis had not found all of her husband’s missing pieces; furthermore, that one piece was a very Important Piece, if you wanted children. Somehow Osiris was up to the task and Isis was given a son which she called Horus. A son that would take the part of his father’s Missing Piece?

Isn’t that a little “KINKY” ?

The Egyptians knew that their  enemies, the Barbarians loved kinky stories, and that “kinkiness” would help to keep the story told and retold throughout the generations, A stratagem which the Egyptians knew that the barbarians would be unaware of. Let’s start with the common tradition surrounding: Isis,  first Isis wears a strange crown, which the common tradition  calls a throne,  even so, that stair stepped triangle is depicted in many papyri as a dam. Furthermore, the hieroglyphic symbol for Isis implies just that concept.




The  Glyph for Isis is an oval symbolizing a body of water,  above that is a half circle symbolizing rising. Then to the left,  a stair step triangle, the dam symbol, the meaning?

Isis, water rising behind a dam.


What do we know about Osiris?

osiris 22

 Osiris’ glyph show an eye behind the dam symbol.

Next Osiris was cut into pieces, then those pieces were hidden in the Nile.


What about the mummification of Osiris?

Leave a stone in the Nile and it will soon grow green algae and black slime.


But Osiris was resurrected,

How do you explain that?

Funny thing is many stories of Egypt speak of the Great Pyramid rising out of the Sea. Next Osiris was missing an important piece  The Great pyramid is also missing a part its apex.


35 jpg pyramid

I don’t get how did Horus

Replace his fathers missing piece?

Pull out a one dollar bill what tops its Pyramid?  An Eye, which was One of Horus’ symbol , the Udjat.

dollar pyramid

Horus replaced the thirty feet of stone work which would have been needed to complete the “Apex” of the great Pyramid.

But what did that Eye symbolize?

bird blinks

The Book of the Dead’s, Coffin text, speaks of Horus as a communication device in the shape of an eye, a golden mirror that flashes sun light as a Morris like code as far as the Horizon.


Pyr eye horus

How does that communication device’s code

Lead us back to

 Thoth’s written language system?

cuneaform symbols

Like cuneiform it was written on soft clay tablets, like the  scratching of an Ibis bird, Thoth’s second icon. And just as the Osiris story said! Horus was the completing part of the Pyramid, but not as “kinky” as the common interpretation. This new interpretation of the story of Osiris and family leads us back to the rise of Egypt, KMT and implies a dam was created and the rising of the lake was the means which was used to build the Great Pyramid and the missing apex was intended as a communication hub.  

5 jpg dam 2


and just like Isis, the water of the rising lake cocooned the outside of the Pyramid with green algae and black slime; until the Great Pyramid rose out of the water of the receding lake.

mummy isis



Such a major event why isn’t there

Historical documentation of that event?


There is however, the ancient Egyptians wanted the traditions of the  Barbarians  to hold sway rather than the Truth. However, Isaiah 19  gives an account of the draining of the Sea of Metzrayim and the arrival of the Jews and their construction of a great city around the great Pyramid called the city of Heliopolis.

Your telling me that

The Jews are connected to the Great Pyramid

boat pits


Atum was another name for the Pyramid that spoke of itself and its arrival:

“When I, Atum was alone in the waters, in a state of immobility, Before I was found anywhere to stand or sit, Before Heliopolis had been founded that I might be there in.”


If this is true

There must be overwhelming evidence?

Which there is! A book full, here are a few more examples. The historians Josephus, of the first century and a ninth century Arab Masoudi, also confirms that the flooding of the Nile Valley was used in the pyramids construction. Much more can be found in the hard cover  book Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets , by Howard West- available at



cover 4

The Aborted Attack of the SKIN WALKER







We tried to move along as quickly as possible while we were on the Indian reservations because the redskins were so friendly!


Now, I know you’re shaking your head and saying that I’m not making any sense, and you’re asking, “Why should he move on quickly if the Indians were friendly?”


The Indians were so friendly that we had no time to rest! We were camping within the boundaries of the highway fences in order to avoid trespassing on their land; and because we were so handy to anyone traveling by, we had visitors night and day! There was seldom any let-up in the flow of visitors and sometimes I’d have to tell a passel of them, “Go home now so we can rest!”


It’s funny but we often had Indians coming up to us and asking, “Why didn’t you stop ‘back there’ at my house for the night?” As though we should have known, without being told, that we were welcome to pull up into their yards and camp.


Not all of our visitors were friendly of course. One night I awoke with a start to hear Bean (my jenny burro) screaming in terror. I had tied her to the wagon on her long line and single-leg hobble and she was jerking wildly on the wagon as I reached for my boots.


I stumbled outside to see  that the moon had just came up and had illuminated a man wrapped in a white blanket standing by our back door. The sudden illumination of this ghastly figure had terrified all my Guys “Keep walking!” I commanded. “You are scaring my burros!”


A teen-ager’s voice answered me from the folds of the blanket, “I didn’t mean to scare them!”


“Keep walking!” I repeated.


He obeyed and as he moved away into the darkness, Carol and I hurried out to check on our animals. Bean was glad to see us and stopped her screaming. I could see she hadn’t been hurt.


Dean had been. When the boy in the white blanket had startled the burros they had run into the five-strand barbed-wire highway fence. Dean was tangled in it and Beef and Chaps had climbed up over Dean’s body and were on the other side of the fence!


It took us awhile to cut the barbed wire away and get Dean untangled and onto his feet, and then bring the two burros on the far side of the fence back around through a Texas gate further up the highway. It felt like an hour, but was probably only fifteen minutes before we had all six tied up side by side along the highway fence.


Carol brought the flashlight then, and we examined the team. Bean, Rags, and Chaps were unharmed. Disney’s face was cut and he had a puncture wound on his chest. Beef and Dean had numerous cuts on their legs and chests, and a long thin flap of skin had been pealed off of Dean’s face and was hanging down over his muzzle still attached at the bottom.


We cut that flap of skin off with scissors and then cleaned and anointed all the wounds, soothing and talking as we worked to keep the animals calm. We left them, tied short to the fence for the rest of the night.


I mentioned what happened to one of our visitors the nest day.


“Did he freeze you?” was the response I got.


I cocked my head over to the side and said, “What?”


“It was a Skin-walker,” the man explained. “They are thieves that come in the night to steal from you, and they have a powerful dust that they can sprinkle on you to freeze you, so that you cannot move. Then they can take what they want and you can’t stop them.”


“It was a teen-ager trying to make trouble…” I said, laughing it off. “I told him to git, and he got!”


“You can only kill them with some ashes on your bullet or ashes on your trigger finger!” the man avowed sincerely. “Yea right  an Anglo Wagoneer shoots young Indian on Navaho Indian reservation do you really thing that would be a good idea” I asked?


That night we found a nice little camp site on the crest of a hill just off the Hi-way. No sooner that we had set up camp they began to arrive. Truck loads of Indians with gifts of food and soda pop. All coming to hear the story of the aborted attack of THE SKIN WALKER”: the funny thing was  most wanted us to come home with them.  

It turned out to be a good thing we had stocked up with hay at Tuba City. We left Window Rock without any. The reason was because the hay trucks were late and the place we were waiting for them was an Indian bazaar full of children who wanted to climb under on and over my Guys I was a worried man! So I left be for the hay trucks arrived. Praying LORD JESUS I need hay.


It never pays to worry though and by noon that day I was able to flag down a hay truck and buy ten, two-string bales of alfalfa. Then I was satisfied but God wasn’t. He wanted to remind me that he was the one ultimately in control so right after we crossed the Arizona/New Mexico border God sent Lawrence Charley, a Vietnam vet, to us with five bales of grass hay in his pick-up truck.


“Thank-you,” I told him, “I’ll accept a couple, but I can’t carry all that hay!”


“You have to take it all!” Lawrence Charley responded. “I’m not taking even one stem of it back home with me. I brought it for you and I’m unloading every bit of it right here!” He proceeded to do just that!


“Thank you, Lord, it’s more than enough,” I whispered Heavenward before I stacked two bales on top of the ten I had loaded earlier, put two bales inside the sheepherder, and put one in Carol’s seat. (She would have to walk for two days.)


I believe God must have responded “Oh no it’s not! I’ll teach you to trust me!”


GOD and the Great Pyramid

Who built the Great Pyramid?  

GOD said a long time ago through Isaiah’s chapter 19:19-20

 On that day there shall be an ALTAR to the LORD, In the midst of the Land of Egypt and a PILLAR at its Border to the LORD. And it shall be a sign and for wittiness to the Lord of Host in the land of Egypt.

That is the location of the GREAT PYRAMID!

I have given the details of the connections between the God of Abraham and the Great Pyramids in my book Locked Gates. A book that has been Black Listed by those who fear the Truth, therefore don’t expect to see a show on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL about this connection to GOD.

Isaiah said in his chapter 19 that this Pillar or pile of Rocks in Egypt became visible after

And the waters shall fail from the sea (of Egypt) and the river (Nile) shall be wasted and dried up!

The Sea now called the Sea of Nun, which the geological records of the Nile River Valley show suddenly and to most unexplainable appeared about 11,000BC during a time of regional drought. An inland sea that just as suddenly drained about 2141BC, the funny thing is most Egyptologists say the Great Pyramids were built when the valley was under water according to the geological records. (Hoffman, Michael A.  Egypt Before the Pharaohs, Alfred A Knopf, 1979 New York) Do you understand? There was a huge lake there. Of course the geological record of this inland sea is never spoken of, because that does not match what God Haters want you believe!

Matthew  21:21Jesus  answered…

“If  ye shall say  unto this  mountain, Be thou removed, and  be thou cast  into  the sea ; it shall be done.”


This is a cross reference to JOB’s explanation of the building of the Great Pyramid.


9. He shoots [1]forth his power [2]against [3]the rock, he over turns the mountains from their foundation.


Therefore, he used the stones from the top of his quarry for the bottom of his new mountain his Pyramid.

10 He cuts the stone because[4] of the river perceiving the future[5] and the good that will come.

11. He dams the river that it may not overflow:And the thing that is hid [6]

Under the irrigation water of the rising lake

He might bring forth “Light”

Here is a video on the construction of that Dam and the links to Early Pharaohs and Egyptian mythology.

If you want more evidence buy the book Locked Gates.


Intellectually bigoted?

 Before Egypt was known by the Greek name Egypt,[7]  Aigu-ptis which is derived from aigialos[8]  a sea (as in Aegean), and ptoeo[9] to cause to flee away, Egypt’s ancient  Semitic name was Metz-ra-yim[10] the meaning of which is Metz[11] the wall or fence, or Mitzad[12] to capture, Ra[13] the power, and Yim[14] the river or sea.  

There is now a second sea of Egypt called Lake Nasser and it too is scheduled to be drained! Cleansing EGYPT. After that great flood  will you believe?   

Isaiah 51:9-10,

Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab,[15]The Wall is Also Known as the Aswan Dam) and wounded the dragon? [16] (The waters of Lake Nasser/ the Nile)


10 dried the sea, the waters of the great deep; (Lake Nasser) a way for the ransomed to pass over?


Psalms 89:10

10 Thou hast broken Rahab (The Wall Aka Aswan) in pieces, as one that is slain; thou hast scattered thine enemies with thy strong arm.


Ezekiel 29:2-12 2

Son of man set thy face against Pharaoh King of Egypt,


3 My (GOD’S) river is mine own, and I have made it for myself.


4 But I will put hooks in thy jaws, and I will cause the fish of thy rivers to stick unto thy scales,


5 And I will leave thee thrown into the wilderness, (The waters of lake Nasser drained) thee and all the fish of thy rivers: thou shalt fall upon the open fields; thou shalt not be brought together, nor gathered (After the dam bursts)


6 And all the inhabitants of Egypt shall know that I am the LORD,


8 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will bring a sword upon thee, and cut off man and beast out of thee.


When that huge Aswan dam is breached, a dam that is three hundred sixty four feet high, eleven thousand eight hundred and eight feet wide and holds back 125,600,000 cubic acre-feet of water what will be left of Egypt?

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